Okay so I recently saw this post that talked about a world where everyone knew their soulmate’s name from birth so here’s what I think some WOF dragon’s reactions would be to the names


Moon: Winter? That’s a pretty name. Sounds like an Icewing though….How will I ever find him?!

Qibli: Uh….what is this. WHAT IS THIS?! I HAVE…LIKE…3 DIFFERENT SOULMATES?! Moonwatcher, Winter, and Umber…THEY ALL SOUND HOT

Umber: Qibli. Three moons that name sounds amazing and i need to find this dragon now

Turtle: A Rainwing? Seriously? Kinka…Kinkayoo…no…Kinkajoo….wait hold on I got this

Kinkajou: Turtle! Turtle Turtle Turtle! Oooo I can’t wait to meet him!

Clay: Peril? Sound kind of dangerous. Should I be worried

Starflight: Fatespeaker? Why not Sunny? I like Sunny. I really like Sunny. How about I just go with Sunny


Glory: I could live with a dragon named Deathbringer. He sounds cool. Deathbringer. Yep. Wait isn’t that a Nightwing name

Sunny: ….#forever alone

wings of fire fandom things
  • everyone’s oc is a hybrid and that’s okay
  • the fanfics are either meme nonsense or FULL ANGST
  • the fanart is…..really really good??
  • everyone ships trash ships and that’s okay
  • the problematic faves (admit it u have one): morrowseer, whirlpool, scarlet, darkstalker + all the sandwing sisters
  • tui gave up on dragon heights and ages so we did too
  • we somehow unanimously agreed that darkstalker has brendon urie’s voice??
  • protect whiteout
  • no one really knows whats going on in the series and thats okay
  • like wtf is even up with the palm thing and why is everyone ignoring it
  • Umbli vs Qinter vs Winterwatcher vs Moonbli vs Moonturtle vs Pertle vs Turtlejou vs Kinkamoon vs Darkmoon vs Clearstalker vs Fathomstalker vs (IT NEVER ENDS)
  • making fun of the warriors fandom but secretly being jealous of it
  • no one talks about how messed up some of the war stuff in the series is (pfft morality whats that??)
  • “this is how morrowseer can still be alive…”
  • the fanfiction archive is empty and that’s okay
  • first arc vs second arc discourse
  • hating squid
  • hating fatespeaker but then changing your mind after seeing that one cute video
  • sunnyflight vs starspeaker flashbacks
  • seeing the graphic novel cover
  • “woohoo graphic novel???”
  • where is webs? no one cares. even tui does not care. no one will ever care.
  • nightwing discourse
  • everyone loves glorybringer and has no idea why
  • darkstalker is evil but no one wants to acknowledge it
  • looking forward to a big plot twist that you saw coming
  • being disappointed by the plot twist because you saw it coming
  • “this is how darkstalker can be redeemed…”
  • dragon cursing
  • oc tribes
  • “no, THIS main character is going to die!”
  • none of the main characters die
  • no one knows what the plural for animus is
  • talons = hands even tho that doesn’t make sense in real life
  • scarlet will never get a backstory
  • character development?? whats that???
  • all headcanons are true
  • all theories are wrong
  • fandom seems small but secretly everyone is in it
  • everyone is obsessed with a childrens book series and that’s okay

@ All the people complaining about Anenome x Tamarin being a thing:

-They’re not too young. Dragons in Wof seem to have an 11 year age difference from their current age in relation to ours, since Tui is an American author and dragons are stated to be mature at 7 years of age (if we’re comparing the whole American ‘18 years’ is when they’re legally considered an adult). Anenome is 3 and Tamarin is 4, so if we convert it through dragon years that means that if they were humans, they’d be 14 and 15. That’s not too young. I was aware I wasn’t straight when I was 11. I started dating when I was 14. That’s about the right age for romantic stuff to start happening (not to mention them knowing they’re lesbians isn’t even a big deal in Wof because homophobia isn’t a thing in that universe so they probably don’t even have to go through a questioning phase). I mean, if that’s still not in your comfort zone, whatever, but they’re not too young to start out with really simple dates like reading to each other or whatever.
-Anenome didn’t even really show up until a couple books ago, about the time when Darkstalker popped out of the ground like the great big charming nightmare that he is. Of COURSE you’re not gonna have heard about her interests in wooing Tamarin, she was too busy head-over-heels (enchanted-over-heels) about the new animus to stop to talk about her crush. Besides, why the fuck would she talk about who she likes to a bunch of dragons irrelevant to her? She’s an heiress. Showing her soft side like that would be a really, really bad idea.
-Tamarin barely showed up so we haven’t had a chance to see her side of the story at all
-It was literally one paragraph of casual chatter between two friends that it was mentioned in. That means it’s probably not going to be very relevant in future books. Why is it such a big deal then? We’ve literally had a huge fucking ship war with the whole Winter - Moon - Qibli triangle and yet I haven’t seen as much complaints about the outcome of that than I have about Anenome x Tamarin. Jesus fucking Christ, priorities, much?
-You don’t /have/ to ship it. Goddamn. I have maybe three ships in Wings of Fire that I’m actively interested in, none of which are the big main ones like Starspeaker, Sunnyflight, Cleril, Glorybringer, or whatever, but that doesn’t mean I complain about it. A lot of ships in Wings of Fire make no sense or are boring, shallow, and repetative to me and yet /I don’t fucking complain about it/. The fact that there is so much complaining over literally ONE FUCKING PARAGRAPH of canon content is really pissing me off.
-'Just because it’s gay doesn’t mean it’s good’ I’m aware, Karen, but what’s most important about this ship is that we get canon positive wlw content in a children’s book that’s actually in the main series, not an off-series ebook. That type of representation is fucking important for young queer kids, even if the characters are mismatched or whatever they’re doing a world of good more than any dime-a-dozen hetero couple ever would. And I would much rather see Anenome end up with someone kind and soft-spoken like Tamarin instead of an obsessed, aggressive dragon like Pike, who was hinted/thought to be her love interest in Moon Rising, if anyone forgot.
-'But if Anenome gets with Tamarin then the animus line in the SeaWing royal family will die out’ Anenome was a made animus, not a born one like Turtle was. She doesn’t have the genes. Plus, that’s also completely ignoring the problem that is Turtle x Kinkajou?? Turtle is the real SeaWing animus, so shouldn’t it be more problematic that he’s getting with a RainWing instead of Anenome?? I mean, he has a fuckton of brothers so at least /one/ of them must be a carrier of the gene, but the fact that there’s been no protests about Turtle x Kinkajou but a fuckton about Anemome x Tamarin is…suspicious.
-Anenome liking girls isn’t the end of the fucking book series, come on guys, this is worse than the fucking 'is Umber really gay???’ discourse that happened when Moon Rising came out. There’s a lot of other ships in WoF that are more problematic and forced than Anemome and Tamarin. Go find a different bone to pick, leave these canon lesbians alone.

20 Things to Remember If You Love a Person with ADHD

This nifty little (article?) was posted in my ADHD doctor’s office! It’s pretty validating!! It was hard to get all of the points in pictures and legible, so I’ll list them down here. 

It’s nice for a lot of these things to be written down, especially because a lot of people think ADHD is fake or some hyper 12 year old in a Walmart who won’t shut up. 

I’ll be changing ADD to ADHD since ADD is kind of a dated term.

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Okay, there’s something I really gotta talk about.

Popular artists and Big Name Fans are REAL PEOPLE

Okay, so I’ve seen it a lot recently, and it’s been making me really uncomfortable. Whenever people become fans of someone, especially younger kids, they can act really inappropriate. There are a few things that fans need to realize before they talk to someone they’re a fan of:

1) They’re people, and have boundaries, just like you or me. There are some things you should or should not do:

  • Do not message them, exclaiming your undying love for them, or generally talking about how much you love them. You would feel uncomfortable if a random stranger came and hit on you, so don’t do it to them just because they’re popular.
  • Consider the person’s age before you contact them. If you’re a younger person, you should be cautious messaging an older artist. You might put them in an uncomfortable situation, and it may just end with you getting hurt.
  • Do not, under any circumstances, attempt to make contact with the artist or BnF out of a tumblr or internet setting. This could border on actual illegal activities, and could end with you in actually legal trouble. If you have permission, or there is a con or some sort of official setting, this is okay, but do no attempt to invade their real life and personal space.

2) You have to understand that the person’s life does not revolve around their content, nor does it revolve around you. If they do not answer your ask, or draw your request, do not get offended. They probably have a good reason for not responding. Be glad that you get to consume their content, and get over it.

The gist of this entire post is:

Respect the personal space, privacy, and boundaries of artists and BnFs.

datexotho  asked:

Admins! I have run out of fanfics to read! >-< Could you recommend some Exo fanfics?

KYAAA. You can’t ask me this omg I read a stupid amount of fics ;-; And it depends on what ships you want to read about?

Let me just rec you a whole bunch of my favourite fics from certain ships. this is gonna be really long omgosh and i dont read hunhan/taoris/baekyeol/kaisoo fics so yeah you wont find them here unless they’re like side pairings im also complete sucker for angst so sorry in advance


- Admin K

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