here is what i am thankful for this year

I am thankful for haley, who puts up with me and my dancing around all the time because she is a cool roommate and an infinitely cooler person

I am thankful for katy, who can’t see this because she is probably doing a million other amazing things to make other people happy because she is very selfless and sweet person and has helped me in ways i can never repay

I am thankful for bexi, who is a dear friend and is creative and supportive and makes the room glow around her because of how positively beautiful she is and has made me feel hecka cool when i was down

I am thankful for ness, who is a rad babe and will talk for hours with me about the fall out babes and is so strong and beautiful and everything you could ever want in a friend, really, even if she lives in texas ;)

I am thankful for claire, aussie goddess that she is who supports my bandom fic addiction as i support hers and is a wealth of knowledge about how to deal with cute girls, hard times and basically being a total bird genius

I am thankful for paisley, who is much much MUCH better at french than i am and is okay with being my one phone call during class and even though i just met her i feel like she’s one hella cool babe with great taste in movies, poetry and musical babes

I am thankful for hannah, who is a blessing wrapped in bad cooking skills and a great fox mulder costume and is one of the best friends i could ever ask for as she is supportive, kind and funny as heckie. the mulder to my scully for sure

I am thankful for brittany, who is never afraid to challenge my explosive harry potter opinions and will talk with me well into the night about all manner of things because she is probably one of the most brilliant people i have ever met

I am thankful for mel, who is so passionate and kind, even when the chips are down, and has been a friend for a long time and has helped me deal with dumpster trash stuff and basically is hecka rad person who deserves everything nice in the world you know?

I am thankful for stacy, who has been my friend since high school musical came out and has been a solid source of support for me like no one else and while dealing with her own gross life things was an incredibly strong person that i will always look up to

I am thankful for marissa, the soft grunge dweeb queen who has my fealty for life because of her rad music taste, adherence to the sunglasses emoji lifestyle and all together clever, intelligent and beautiful style that makes her a one in a million dweebina

I am also very very very thankful for my creepy twin friend, my jaeger co-pilot, the patrick to my pete, toni, who i would probably be in a sinking pit of my own sadness without but instead we’re flying higher than eva and probably will be forever because she’s a creative and untameable babe who can do anything in the world

and yo, i’m thankful for everyone i’ve met on this website, even if we only talked a few times. i’m thankful for kiki, addie, carson, katie, alec, jacque and all you other hella rad babes out there who have made my year the best it could have been. i can’t wait to spend a ton of my life getting to know you all better. happy thanksgiving

ladyofthesunset  asked:

Dear *anyone*,

Dear Miranda and Bex,

You are the best roommates I could have ever gotten, ever. We get along, we make each other laugh, and we understand each other. When asked who I should address this letter to you both responded with resounding “Make it a letter to me!”  which was entertaining and not surprising at all. I am glad to call you both my friends and to have y'all in my life. I don’t know what I would do without you guys. You both drive me nuts in the best way possible.

Love, Haley