Among a Crowd of Faces

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Summary: she glanced at the monster before her; his eyes pierced knives into her soul, made her terrified and lost in that sea of endless red and brutality, his wounds all but invisible– yet she had never seen a being so beautiful, so inviting. It didn’t take much more for her to fall, too.

Rating: T because it’s Bakugou and BNHA. Non AU. 

Word count: *drum roll* 21,181 words. Sweet kacchako hell, everyone goodbye. Don’t feel intimidated though, it’s easy to read (I think)

Author’s note: LOOK AT THIS MESS GUYS IT’S KINDA decent? Like for it being my first try it’s pretty damn decent. I’m a usual fanfic writer but this people’s dynamic is so unique and working with Bakugou is so delightful! I’ll definitely write more about him because he’s an awesome character and making him develop is all kinds of fun. Forgive me if there are any mistakes tho, I’m new here so I’m not used to his character.

Credit to @kacchanswife because this baby deserves love and kindness and a starshower? @liltootbrush is also so beautiful and adorkableAlso the countless dorks who commented on my tag dumpster because this fandom is so cute, supportive and awesome and I love it. I’LL GIVE MORE CREDIT LATER, I’m sunburnt but I’m crying and feeling all the butterfly shit in my stomach. I fear this may not live to the hype and the support GUYS FORGIVE M EEEE

Warnings: I could’ve gone with a single fic because this could be focused so much more but in the end I did the whole thing. And my ability to write fighting scenes is cringy as fuck, cope if you can cope. All advice is welcome! And please do realize that I’ll write a shit ton more of these. So, uh, beware. My writing’s not the best but I did my best and my first <3

I just hope Mic. Word hasn’t munched nothing of this fic or left words out.

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