Your smile evokes starshowers in my chest.
—  Nils Brandstädter - excerpts from a love letter
my hands are tied. [t.h]

pairing: tom holland x reader
w.c: 1.4k
a/n: lmao i love zac efron

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You know I want you
It’s not a secret I try to hide
I know you want me
So don’t keep saying our hands are tied
You claim it’s not in the cards
But fate is pulling you miles away
And out of reach from me
But you’re here in my heart
So who can stop me if I decide
That you’re my destiny?

Tom sighed as a hand went through his hair as he calmly watched you pace around the front of your shared bedroom. It was barely a shared bedroom, in all honesty, since you were a simple house maiden and he was the King. Tom looked up at you, hoping you would stop the nervous pacing.

“You know I want you,” Tom pointed out as you nodded in agreement knowing very well that he did want you. He told you every time he was alone with you and if he didn’t have a spare moment he would write a sweet letter and hide it in your small compact bedroom. “I know you want me too.” He was right. You did, you wanted to be with him more than anything in the world and God forbid you never being with him, rather it was in secret or not.

“I know, but… Tom, it got out to the public they’re going to try and rip your title away!” You muttered as you stopped, looking at yourself in the mirror, close your eyes. “You’re a King and I’m the Head maiden.” You whispered softly, moving your head to the side before pursing your lips together.

“Love,” Tom whispered and got up from the edge of the bed, grabbing your wrist to turn you to face him, placing his hand on your cheek. “Don’t tell me our hands are tired. Fate is pulling us miles apart, but who is fate to stop me from deciding you’re my destiny?”

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anonymous asked:

Can we just take a moment and talk about Jungkook's special love for all his hyungs? He said many times that in the past he was a cold, greedy and shy person. He couldn't talk to anyone and the members said he always cried. He joined his company because he thought Namjoon was cool and saw his like a role model. He said he changed thanks to his hyungs and he even said that what hurts him the most is seeing his hyungs in pain or under pressure. He loves them so much, their bond is beautiful.

He’s a kind boy, and he loves his hyungs. Maybe he doesn’t show it often as he says, but you just can see it when he looks at them. gif credit

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endlessvoidofrandomness  asked:

are there any new multi chapter betty x jughead fics?

YES! I am finally getting to this ask. I am SO sorry for the delay. It’s kind of a intensive question - and I wanted to give you a big list of WIPs - that not everyone would already be subscribed to (but that they should subscribe to right this second). Really, I just went and looked through my own All Mail folder to see which fics I’ve been reviewing a ton of lately and grabbed a bunch to share. Of course, as always - this is not an exhaustive list. I just stopped opening additional browser windows when I felt I had enough. 

Please Read and Review - and Enjoy! Happy Reading!

The Missing and Extended Moments by @litladyloveshp (39/?) - T

Summary:  Starting before the beginning of the series. Looking over crucial moments in the friendship between Archie and Jughead (in the first couple chapters) and the romantic relationship between Betty and Jughead. Shifts between Jughead and Betty POV

Strong by @allskynostars (5/?) - M

Summary: Betty Cooper swore she only signed up to tutor a young girl from South Side High, and definitely not for what followed.And Jughead Jones didn’t sign up for anything.

Snapshots by @elegantmoonchild (10/?) - M

Summary:  An afternoon of reading old diaries and manuscripts turns into a lifetime of memories played before Betty and Jughead as they dig through the past. What were the moments leading up to the romance of sophomore year that stood out to Betty in her diaries, Jughead in the manuscript he wrote about his story with the girl-next-door? How did their epic love story play out for the couple beyond the events of Jason Blossom’s murder that shook the bedrock of Riverdale?

(don’t need no minister) to give you my heart by @lessoleilscouchants (4/?) - NR

Summary: It’s been years since Jughead wondered if Betty was too good for him, years since he felt insecure - she’s his, he’s hers, they’re it - but nonetheless, he wishes they could just make it official already.Or: A wedding, several proposals, and one serious case of baby fever.

Nothing Was the Same by @findingbetty (1/?) - NR

Summary:  Beneath that story, there was another story.

Call Me A Safe Bet, I’m Betting I’m Not by@anactualcaseofthetruth (2/?) - T

Summary: “Even though scientists are still quite baffled after multiple millennia of medical and technological advances of exactly how the soulmarks work, there has been enough research and study that we now know when and how to expect them… There has yet to be one soulmate coupling occur before the female has experienced a menstrual cycle and the male to begin producing sperm. In short, soulmarks have never appeared before entering puberty…There are many, many more cases in which two people have insisted they are soulmates only to not mark with one another. All in all, only about 3% of couplings are correct in predicting they are soulmates before marks form.” *** Betty Cooper is four years old when she meets Jughead Jones.
She knows he is her soulmate, he’s not so sure.

Jughead and Betty’s Epic Detour by @rust-and-stardust27 (2/?) - T

Summary:  Jughead and Betty take the road trip that Archie and Jughead were supposed to take together. Title taken from “Roger and Amy’s Epic Detour” by Morgan Matson but that’s as far as it goes.

There’s evil in your heart (it wants out to play) by @juggydunes (7/10) - M

Summary: “I look down at my hands, they’re coated in blood. I instantly know it’s not mine, it never is.“ When a new type of evil hits Riverdale, Betty finds herself right in the middle. With the help of two FBI agents, will they be able to solve it in time?

fade into you (strange you never knew) by @sopaloma (2/4) - M

Summary: On the night of his first gallery show, Jughead Jones is about to see Betty Cooper for the first time in six years.A 90s AU.

Shirley Temple by @mistressofmalplaquet (3/?) - M

Summary:  Jughead thought he could teach the blond girl a thing or two, but he’s the one who gets schooled.

take me home by @sylwrites (9/?) - M

Summary:  When Jughead used to imagine living in New York, it was always Manhattan - not a small town upstate. At least the shoot for Sweetwater is only seven months.

On Borrowed Time by @aisforr (4/9) - M

Summary: Betty took a gap year for relaxation. What she didn’t expect it to include, was a road trip around the country with her best friend in tow.The fact that he was on the waiting list for a heart transplant and that she’s in love with him may have factored into her decision making. Just a little bit.

Wanderlust by @thesecretfandom (3/?) - T

Summary: "Some tourists think Amsterdam is a city of sin, but in truth it is a city of freedom. And in freedom, most people find sin.” –John Green, The Fault in Our StarsHow well will Jughead and Betty get to know each other in the few short days they have in Amsterdam?

Growing Up by @mysummerdress (3/?) - M

Summary: Betty is moving to New York from Riverdale for schooling.
Veronica and Betty agree to move in together, however, all doesn’t go exactly according to plan. Betty places an ad in the local paper; with a few ‘rules’ - she meets Jughead.Unlike anyone she has met before… Betty’s life is about to be completely turned upside down and she’s the least bit prepared.

From Italy, With Love by @rust-and-stardust27 (6/?) - T

Summary:  Betty gets the opportunity of a lifetime when she is chosen to renovate a villa in Italy. She’s ready for a new start until her ex-boyfriend shows up at her doorstep to finish his second novel. There’s just some things you can’t change.

Cat Paws and Love Laws by @bettyluvsjuggie (3/?) - T

Summary:  Jughead Jones first meets Betty Cooper when her difficult kitty Caramel finds her way into his apartment. Betty might just grow as fond of him as her cat is.

96 Hours by @shakinnmovin (5/6) - M

Summary:  Betty and Jughead were close friends who maintained a good relationship since they were kids. One mistaken night of passion after high school and Jughead uses every occasion to bring it up. Now that Jughead has transferred colleges and is the same one as Betty, she needs to get him to stop teasing her. Forever. THE DEAL- 4 day weekend, just the two of them and he’ll “forget” that passionate night ever happened. But what happens when Betty admits that she had feelings for the boy and starts to realize that she still might have them? Jughead reveals some truths as well.

When the Night Falls(It’s Magic) by @it-happened-one-starry-night (5/?) - M

Summary:  Betty and Jughead go camping to get away from it all. Feelings are laid bare.

HEAVENS… this was a much longer list than I thought. And it could have been longer… Sorry for the gigantic list on your dash, people. <3 Jandy