this is super last minute but i really wanted to make it to show my gratitude and appreciation for all the people that fill my dash with nice things and make this website tolerable. i loved seeing all of you on my dash this year and hope to see you all throughout 2017! i really hope 2017 is good to all of you! thank you again, you are all amazing and ily 💕

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*bokuto voice* hey hey hey!!!!

time for another follow forever!!!! yall might be sick of these but i really wanted to make one to conclude this year. hope your 2016s have been good, and your 2017s better.

mutuals bolded; would like to thank all of you especially for still being with my blog after so long. you guys have all really made my time on this site something special <33

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(header cred) this year has been a Fucking but yall have been great as usual!! and honestly if youve stuck with me through possibly my whiniest year yet you deserve more than a mention you deserve a medal :’) mutuals bolded

|| people ive probably spoken to twice and now i think we’re best friends or something ||
@acesuperman​  ☆ @brucebanenr​  ☆ @casssianbodhi​  ☆ @frostgiants​  ☆ @jackfryst​  ☆ @jamesrbarnes​  ☆ @jvedi​  ☆ @kenobie​  ☆  @lunas-diego​  ☆  @mistyknjght​  ☆ @newtscqmander​  ☆  @poetdameron​  ☆ @pvedameron​  ☆  @steverogiers​  ☆ @translars​  ☆ @wallacewezt​  ☆ @witchbarnes​  ☆ @yenefer​​

|| other cool peeps ||
@agentnatasha  ☆ @ahdromeda  ☆ @andorcassion @avengher  ☆ @bhrnes  ☆ @blaakwidow  ☆ @blxckwidow  ☆ @chrisbck  ☆ @chuckhansen  @credencbarebone  ☆ @cznery  ☆ @dracobaby  ☆ @fadebucky  ☆ @ffinn  ☆ @gravespercy   @greyjoyvs  @hayleykiyuko  ☆ @hcathledger  @herocassian  @jabbaluna  ☆ @jedianakin  ☆ @jimkirktxt  ☆ @kyloren  @leosmccoy  ☆ @lovelyfrodo  ☆ @lukeshea   @murdockmatthew  ☆ @murdux@mvrddock @mythohs  ☆ @neils-josten @patrochilles  @poedameron  ☆ @saturnisms  ☆ @scamanader  ☆ @scarehoe  ☆ @softkirk  ☆ @spacemccoys  ☆ @starshipenterprize  @stoneified  @transuperboy  @ussmccoy  @wookieepedias  @xaveire

this is only 26% of everyone i follow so theres definitely people im missing!! as always, full list in my blogroll :)