starship: act 2


Some of my Wicked the Musical :Act 2 drawings plus the extra scenes. 

I don’t think that I will be able to finish the act 2 of this version. I just lost my drawing files because my external hard drive got broken few weeks ago. Still trying to find a way to recover the files but I’m already working on the newer versions of my first batch of act 1. well, life goes on~ 

Falsettos thoughts Act 2

January 7th 8pm Falsettos Act 2

Falsettoland: My sexuality is Brandon Uranowitx gesturing in my direction while singing homosexuals! This song was great and the whole shattering as the blocks fell was so cool.Mendel pointing to his ring as he says teeny tiny band! This adorable human! I live for the Lesbians!

Year of the Child was a bop! I love Peyton but I feel Anthony is more better at the whole awkward but adorable as spastic dancing. Peyton was so cute though! I had my eyes glued to Christian Borle bc his dancing is so funny and he did that ridiculous hip swivel and i was cracking up! 

I cannot deal with Jason in miracle of Judaism like ever. This small angel child should not be thinking of anyone like tHAT (but also same Jason girls are hot)

I can just imagine Jason having to explain who all those people cheering him on are to his team like oh thats my mom and my dad and mom and mom and dad and oh look my ex dad showed up to be my dad once again awesome. and Christian being adorable and hiding while fixing his hair when Whizzer shows up. And Whizzer is so suave and is like ah yes this shit again Marvin why are you like this stop comparing me to donuts but also go on. Then the lesbians! Cordelia was just constantly trying not to laugh at how ridiculous Marvin and Whizzer were being and Charlotte was like for the love of god stop toughing his hair Marvin it’s not cute (even though it was the cutest thing!)

A Day in Falsettoland is my jam! And Betsy as Caroline was so so funny! The exercise clothes are so hilarious and wow! Also same Mendel I true do not get people at all. The lesbians! I am in love with them so much can they adopt me! When Charlotte did her line “ I save young people old people” Cordelia was just quietly like “yeah you do” and it was so cute!!!!! And then Charlotte being all touchy when Cordelia is feeling insecure and ahhhh! Whizzer’s short and bulge…need I say more! Also that part where Marvin lays on the ground and Whizzer stands over him, well this night Whizzer took his racket and kind of used it to push Marvin;s legs open before he stood over him and I died

Everyone hates his parents was perfect! I live for Mendel’s side comments of “do you trust me? don’t answer that” and “call the Applebaums and work it out” just too funny to me. Mendel and Jason once again made me smile so much.

What more can I say? Marvin did the whole looking under the covers thing and I cracked up then at the end He and Whizzer kissed quickly before they cuddled! Also his voice went lover when he said Dammit in the song instead of higher like he usually does so his voice didn’t crack but it was still v good

Something Bad! Tracie Thoms is so gorgeous and I could listen to her all day! She messed up a lyric in this song. It goes “Something stinks, something immoral” but she did “Something stinks, something im-uh mazing” but she pulled it back and just let it be then said it correctly the next verse. Still such a great number! and her and Betsy interacting and being these happy women in love! More Racquetball was heart breaking. Like usually Andrew like drops and reaches for the racquet and falls but he just straight up stumbled and fell trying to get to Marvin and ahhhhh his little “I’m sorry” was so pitiful and Christian looked so in love and honestly same.

Holding to the ground more like just start throwing Tonys at SJB like woah. Just a reminder that I haven’t stopped crying since I Never wanted to Love You and at this point I don;t know if I’ll ever stop. Just seeing Whizzer so pitiful is awful and Andrew needs to stop because when he looks sad I am sad and I cannot handle it. Then Marvin and Whizzer just lay in the bed and hold each other and I am dead

Days like this is the most upbeat song about false hope and putting on a brave face and it hurts. Whizzer seems so grateful for everyone being there but in his head is like why even bother it won’t work. But he smiles and tries to enjoy the time he has with them. Marvin and Whizzer cuddle more as the song goes to Canceling the Bar mitzvah. So sad

Mendel and Trina look so helpless and out of their depth trying to explain Whizzer’s inevitable demise to their precious child. Mendel is so good with Jason!

Unlikely Lovers! If I wasn’t sobbing before I sure was now! They cuddled then acted all sad and in love then Whizzer does this shift on the bed so he’s in the perfect position for Marvin to be the little spoon then they laugh like are you kidding me as Cordelia and Charlotte come in. V cute. As they leave they get whizzer out from under the cover and Christian pulled down the ends on Andre’s pants back around his ankles then fixed his hat and kissed his forehead while Jason does his reprise of Miracle of Judaism and it is so sad….

Charlotte stopped Marvin on his way out to tell him the news in her reprise and Marvin looks so defeated and accepting of his potential fate but also like doesn’t seem like he is processing her words bc all he can think about is saving Whizzer.

You gotta die sometime was my emotion during this sing. I just accepted I would never be all right again. Andrew acts being sick way too well and it scared me. I was so scared for Whizzer and ugh I wanted to hug him so badly. 

Jason’s Bar Mitzvah- aka the funeral no one wanted. Lesbians kiss during it! Marvin is constantly checking on Whizzer, Cordelia is adorable, Trina is so tragically faking being okay. Mendel just wants things to be okay. Jason is so worried and hates the champagne and when Whizzer toasts Jason ugh I cannot deal with any more emotions. Then his exit and everything segues so swiftly into the next song. 

What would I do? Christian Borle is trying to kill me. It was flawless. Let’s give him a Tony as well bc wow. His voice cracking on “we’re just gonna skip that stage” made me audibly make and whining noise. 

Brandon’s Falsettoland reprise digs into my soul. Just the act starting out with him saying homosexuals and getting laughs to then end where he says it and we sob. Then god they put the cube together and they take out the piece for Whizzer’s tombstone and Jason puts the chess piece on it and I can feel the cast collectively dying inside as well as the audience. It hurts a lot. I’m still not over this fucking gorgeous musical.