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"A Drop In the Ocean" - Ron Pope (muse of your choice)

Send me a song and I’ll write you a starter in the mood or from the lyrics of that song.

“Cause you are my heaven.”

          Bedrest was the worst. But Bones insisted. The man was almost keeping round-the-clock watch and Jamie really couldn’t blame him. He hid it well but she knew Bones well enough; he was scared.

          They all were. Though they’d never say it and Jamie wasn’t going to call them out on it.

          Bedrest was nice when the visitors came, though. She had missed her crew. They were safe. They were all safe. Things were gonna be okay.

          Seeing Scotty slowly enter the room, a wide smile spread across Jamie’s lips. Because despite ignoring his advice and letting him resign and knocking him out to save him…he was still here. They were ALL still here.

          “ Scotty, she sighed happily, adjusting herself more into a sitting position.  You’re a sight for sore eyes.

Star Trek Beyond

Much space. Such final frontier voyage of starship Enterprise. So BIG action, constant action, ALL the action! Darkest new Star Trek movie yet, much works for movie. Lots fun ride through multi character adventure. Best part Bones/Spock interactions, funniest parts of movie. Much long wait for villain reasons why, kinda bland when get to it, still interesting enough, but not as big as Into Darkness reveals (both the character one and the later tie to star fleet one). Still lots fun through actions, explosions, camera twists, crazy flying adventure. Being ranked third in great franchise modern franchise, still much fun. Eh, as long as better than Nemesis then we still good. Much continue to love cast. Great tributes to Nimoy through plot, and appropriate Yelchin dedication, sure more in 4th movie. Just lots fun if not more traditional, great for casual and hardcore Star Trek fans. 3 Paws up. 

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Also, do you have face claims for your Shepards?

Face Claims

I sincerely am super grateful for you sending me asks today and just talking with me in general today. Especially after the news I received this morning. It means a lot.


No actually. For her I just tried to make her look like me as much as I could. Dark makeup, short black hair, extremely pale. I can never ever get face shapes to look like me because I have an odd shaped face (not bad… just odd).


I originally had his face claim as Italian model Mehdi Mahdloo:

But it was extremely hard to recreate this beautiful Italian God in the Mass Effect 1 character creation, so I kind of was like “Fuck it.” And just created him to look like a typical Italian

Kathryn J

As her name suggests, she was modeled after the illustrious Kathryn Janeway of the Starship Voyager, only the other most amazing space faring woman in all of science fiction (aside from Torres and Seven of Nine). I think I did pretty well with this one!!