Mass Relays • The mass transit devices scattered throughout the galaxy, usually located within star systems. They form an enormous network allowing interstellar travel. Hailed as one of the greatest achievements of the extinct Protheans, a mass relay can transport starships instantaneously to another relay within the network, allowing for journeys that would otherwise take years or even centuries with only FTL drives. 

Drama - [MonstaX] Boyfie!Minhyuk

[A/N] I have this buried in my ‘to be published’-stack because I was divorcing Wonho. LOL *not gonna happen*

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Help everyone.

Because you never know whom you’ll help. No.
Because you’re a good person, like that. And that’s probably why you’re blessed with a partner like Minhyuk. He is pretty much a giant-sized baby, without the diapers of course. And he reciprocates to any act of affection and doesn’t cry in the middle of the night for no reason. Only different was, there are six others, just like him.

And they are all in one place. To which you are heading to, right now. It’s almost 10am, and by definition, means wake up call for Minhyuk, since he’s always the one wailing for one. Wonho answered the door with cookie crumble residue around his mouth, looking surprised. ‘Morning!’ You chirped.

'He’s still sleeping.’ He spatters the crumble out his mouth. 'My goodness, where’s your mommy, little child…’ You prompted, regarding Kihyun, who was supposed to be up and take care of this child. 'Laundry.’ The crumbles pooled at his feet and you walked in, regardless. 'And Shownu?’ You glanced around looking for a six foot tall giant, but he wasn’t anywhere near you.

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Well, if I remember it correctly, it’s not only my niece’s birthday today, but also a special someone that is @judai-yuki


I have never drawn Judai or Yusei before, but damn have I wanted to draw starshipping! And this was the greatest reason to do it. So thanks Jaden ;w;

I totally blame him for making me ship this and it’s not fair, I didn’t need more shippings dammit


Madelyn Livingston;

You are the logic to my Vulcan

You are the stun to my phaser

You are the energize to my make it

So you are the 7 to my 9

You are the purr to my terrible

You are the fantasy to my holodeck

You are the guardian to my forever

You are the great bird to my galaxy

You are the bridge to my enterprise

You are the captain to my Starship      

Will you marry me?

With this proposal Madelyn traded 50% of her computer for Jackie.

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( The message hones in on Megatron's bridge, saving the rest of the planet but filling the room with the imposing voice. ) Are we to understand that you are the sole ruling body of this planet? Then you will listen to us. Your planet is to immediately surrender, and then you will make the choice for your place in the Hierarchy. You will pledge your race to Fealty, and allow us to encase your world within our Slave Shield, or you may join our ranks as Battle Thralls and maintain your starships.

The voice was oppressive, and even the warlord winced, but he stood firm. 

::We will do no such thing. I have no reason to listen to a race that hides behind broadcasts and empty threats. Speak to me in person, or flee this planet now, at full speed. Those are your only choices.::