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Star Wars worlds : Jakku 
Jakku was a desert planet located in a remote section of the Western Reaches. Though considered by many within the galaxy to be distant and relatively worthless, the planet became home to important events that would shape galactic history. Twenty-nine years after the Battle of Jakku, wreckage from the battle would still be strewn across the desert in the aptly named Starship Graveyard, with Niima the Hutt establishing Niima Outpost sometime earlier in an effort to scavenge leftover wreckage from the destructive battle.

Name: Mololod

Type: Cruiser

Affiliation: Lom

Captain: Chief Designate Obol

Background: Starship of the Lom, sent to meet the Enterprise in orbit of Endrella, a planet they were engineering a nuclear winter to cull the local population in what they perceived to be the only way to save both the planet and native Endrellans. It went against the Federation’s non-interference directive and both parties hoped to resolve it peacefully.  Obol met with Picard to explain their position as well as send them data to help the injured Lom that was recuperating on the ship. After examining the Lom medical data the Enterprise crew uncovered a congenital defect that would eradicate the Lom in a thousand years, forcing them to reevaluate their position. Obol agreed to remove their installation and returned to Lom space with the new information. 

Appeared in Star Trek: Unlimited #1, Marvel Comics

Name: U.S.S. Salk

Registry: NCC-761

Type: Daedalus-class Starship (modified)

Year: 2269 (approx.)

Background: Starfleet Medical Ship, responded to the Enterprise’s request for medical assistance in offloading the seventy survivors of Starbase 14.

Appeared in Star Trek #79, DC-V2. The “neck” connecting the sphere to the secondary hull seems to be missing and the deflector dish is on the sphere rather than on the drive section

Okay but, Tom picking both of them up from school in his flaming carriage.

Marco makes Star apologize for telling the Dead Horse it was dead.

They go on really weird alternate dimension dates and Star and Tom are totally chill about it but MARCO FLIPS OUT HALF THE TIME.


Marshmallow really likes Marco and hides in his hoodie all the time. Tom finds out monster fighting is a great way to get out repressed anger.

Name: Pley’ta

Affiliation: Shirn Alliance

Year: 2372

Background: Shirn Alliance Flagship. Monitoring a manned test flight through an artificially constructed anomaly that could theoretically allow them to travel safely through time and space. The conduit was unstable and collapsed when the Defiant scanned it. They and two other Shirn warships locked on the Defiant with a tractor beam and arrested Captain Sisko, charging him with murder.

Appeared in Star Trek #6-7, Marvel Comics

fic rec friday

Topic of the Day: Star Trek AUs. Because I am tired and predictable and just want to keep reading Star Trek fic. And these exist and make me happy :) Of course there are a bunch of others out there I’m sure. Here is my last Sci-Fi rec list, too.

Walking in a Winter Wonderland - T - 3.5k - luninosity

Starship Captain Charles Xavier grew up on a lonely space station and has never seen snow. Executive Officer Erik Lehnsherr is very good at strategic planning, surprises, and kissing Charles. Plus there’s a starship named after Charles Darwin, new uses for Erik’s espionage past, and the possibility of lizard people.

Note: this is so good. the dynamic between all the characters works so well and fits the world and :)

It’s Only Xenobiology, Darling - G - .6k - brilligspoons

Prompt: Starfleet!AU - Human!Erik thinks Charles is the worst Vulcan ever. In which Erik is distressed by a Vulcan shaking hands with him and then very blatantly inviting him to *cough* observe his nocturnal habits. (Takes place in the 2009 movie timeline.)

Notes: this is short and sweet and perfect. Charles is amazing and the whole set up is very well executed.

sensory deprivation for drones - E - 3k - ninemoons42

There is a ship, and it’s far away from its system of origin, and one of the things that it needs to do to get home is cross a nebula that emits powerful poisonous radiation.

Luckily, there is one crew member who can live in these deadly conditions, at least in the physical sense - so everyone else puts their lives in his hands.

Now, the question is, can he survive with his mind intact?

Notes: There’s so much great worldbuilding and character insight in here and some lovely heartfelt smut to top it off!

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A Deestracting conversation

( @mutedrmccoy )

*The Spaceport of, AquaStar. One of 6 Planets in this region that had this ‘Star’ motif in its name. The StarShip Enterprise needed a few supplies, and the Officials of this Planet boasted quality goods at affordable prices. The Enterprise was the Largest ship currently docked at the Spaceport, all the other Ships around looking to be more along the lines of Personal transport*

*A number of varied aliens were going about their business, but the most plentiful ones running around were the beings identified as, ‘Dees’. All the Dees looked almost exactly the same, and had plain looking faces without mouths. The Dees were the ones doing all the work, repairing a few ships, & Cleaning most of them. One particularly Eager Dee, armed with A Sponge mop & a bucket of water, starts running towards the Enterprise, only to be stopped when a Doo barks a Command*

{Doo} “KranuNAko!” *Doos. clearly in some sort of symbiotic relationship with the Dees, the Doos possessed only 1 large eye as an identifying feature on their face. There is a good deal less Doos than Dees around here, and they seem to be managing the lot of them. keeping them focused on their respective tasks, as Dees seem to be easy to distract/get out of hand* *Doos also have speech capabilities, and a Few are also serving as ‘Customer Service’, talking in Common speech to various Visitors*

Name: I.K.S. K’Tang

Type: Vor’cha-class attack cruiser

Affiliation: Klingon Empire

Captain: Krek

Year: 2370

Crew Complement: 200

Background: Left DS9 for a scientific mission in the Gamma Quadrant. After beaming an expedition on Keltera and resupplying on Caldonia they were headed for an area known as The Abyss, where several starships had disappeared. They were attacked by they believed to be a Cardassian ship, which accused them of crimes against the Union. They were a victim of sabotage and could not withstand the onslaught and rather than be caught Krek authorized a self-destruct. In reality they had been destroyed by a Romulan warbird and made it look like the Cardassians were involved.

Appeared in Star Trek: DS9 #9, Malibu Comics. A prologue to the Hearts and Minds miniseries.