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You Need a Maid? Chapter 16

Fandom: Avengers / Marvel
Rating: G / PG13 / R
Disclaimer: I don’t own Marvel, blah legal stuff. Don’t sue me, I’m poor.
Songs: Good Girls Go Bad - Cobra Starship

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With Spring came the sunshine and warmth, and as you spent your time in nature your health seemed to improve. Your anxiety attacks lessened, and as your wounds healed you began to come out of your shell more and become more like the old you. The team began to relax, and it seemed like things would finally return to normal.

By Summer all of your wounds had healed, leaving only a few scars, and your anxiety attacks were almost nonexistent. Good weather headed your way, Tony decided a party was in order, and the crew gathered outside for an old-fashioned pool party. Clint had shown up, this time not threatening you with an arrow upon arrival, and Thor was even visiting, making it for a more enjoyable time.

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Me thinking about st**ship ent. and how my two ult. groups are in their company, and the fact that one of them is about to disband, their senior boy group hasn’t had a proper comeback in a while, and who knows what will happen to the rest of their groups//artist after this…..

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Star Wars worlds : Jakku 
Jakku was a desert planet located in a remote section of the Western Reaches. Though considered by many within the galaxy to be distant and relatively worthless, the planet became home to important events that would shape galactic history. Twenty-nine years after the Battle of Jakku, wreckage from the battle would still be strewn across the desert in the aptly named Starship Graveyard, with Niima the Hutt establishing Niima Outpost sometime earlier in an effort to scavenge leftover wreckage from the destructive battle.