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Star Wars worlds : Jakku 
Jakku was a desert planet located in a remote section of the Western Reaches. Though considered by many within the galaxy to be distant and relatively worthless, the planet became home to important events that would shape galactic history. Twenty-nine years after the Battle of Jakku, wreckage from the battle would still be strewn across the desert in the aptly named Starship Graveyard, with Niima the Hutt establishing Niima Outpost sometime earlier in an effort to scavenge leftover wreckage from the destructive battle.

Clarification of Wonho’s name and birthdate

I made a post months ago and stated that Wonho’s real name is Lee Hoseok and he is born in ‘92. I claimed that this was according to a post Hyungwon made on the fancafe. This was rumour that I had reiterated that had been spreading in the monbebe community on twitter without any real proof. I deeply apologise for the damage that my post has caused and hope to clarify what has really happened. I had no intention of hurting or damaging the reputation of monsta x and hope everyone can be more informed of what has really happened. I deleted the post when I found it was a rumour, but nevertheless it should not have been something I should have posted in the first place. I am extremely sorry, and will try to address the issue.

According to Starship, Wonho’s real name is Shin Hoseok and is born in 930301. MONSTAXTRANS addressed this issue here. They explained that more than a year ago someone had started spreading false facts about Wonho (since no mercy). As Wonho is born in early 1993, he went to school earlier, thus associating and going to school with those who are born in 1992. Monstaxtrans also checked his name ‘lee hoseok’ on the official monsta x fancafe and naver, and the incident had never come up. Six fansites have also said that wonho’s real name is Shin Hoseok, and was born in 1993.
When wonho was 18 years old (not a trainee, celebrity etc) he was trying to be a part of ulzzang generation and his nametag is “Shin Hoseok”. (video)

I hope some people have more conviction and understanding of this situation, and I am very sorry for the confusion that I have caused. Wonho’s name is Shin Hoseok and is born on 930301, as there is no proof disclosing otherwise. I have opened my messaging, so if you have any more questions, please talk to me off anon, and I will do my best to reply asap.

Okay but, Tom picking both of them up from school in his flaming carriage.

Marco makes Star apologize for telling the Dead Horse it was dead.

They go on really weird alternate dimension dates and Star and Tom are totally chill about it but MARCO FLIPS OUT HALF THE TIME.


Marshmallow really likes Marco and hides in his hoodie all the time. Tom finds out monster fighting is a great way to get out repressed anger.