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this is the blessed monsta x post. reblog this to help mx get their first win in 2017 so they can get their phones back and changkyun can call him mom whenever he likes


Inspired by this video. I missed Mass Effect a little when I watched it, so I made my own.

Behind the Scenes of Monsta X’s Fighter MV

StarShip: All right guys are you all ready to come back again?

Minhyuk: Yes! I especially want to know what happened to mine and Hyungwon’s characters. It’ll be great to get some clarity.

Hyungwon: Same. “Stuck” was good but we really didn’t do anything except keep the fans waiting.


StarShip: ….so…. is that a bad thing?

Jooheon: Please tell me that you’re planning to start connecting dots to all of these theories!

Minhyuk: Yeah just let us know!

StarShip: *hesitates* Okay.

StarShip: I planning am connecting to dots theory all these of.

Monsta X:

StarShip: Give me a break!  I said the words didn’t I??

I.M: He’s kinda got a point.

Kihyun: Shut up.

StarShip: Anyways moving on, I have come up with an AMAZING concept for this MV. Do you want to hear it?

Hyungwon: Not rea—

StarShip: So picture this guys! Jooheon with Teddy Bear bodyguards, a medical license, and a cool sword!

Jooheon: But none of those things go togeth–

StarShip: Kihyun dragging around a dead body in a bag that he uses to fertilize his flower garden.

Kihyun:  I actually have no complaints at this time, so continue.

StarShip: I.M. with MORE teddy bears of all sizes and a game boy or something, I don’t know, something you would want.

I.M.: Screen time.

StarShip: Minhyuk and Hyungwon in straight jackets just looking hella blazed and pretty.

Minhyuk: I don’t feel comfortable doing something like th—

Hyungwon: *presses index finger to Minhyuk’s lips*

Hyungwon: *whispers* Just go with it.

StarShip: Shownu, I’m thinking that you should punch a wall and do ballet in a jail cell.

Shownu: But why?


StarShip: I liked you better before you learned how to express yourself to be honest.

Shownu: *whispers * Me too.

StarShip: And Wonho, actually for you I wanted to have you dress lik-

Wonho: NO! It was okay at first but now I am really through with how much skin I reveal and how this company treats my body.

Jooheon: Wow

I.M.: That was unexpected.

Kihyun: Who are you? And what did you do with Wonho??

StarShip: You know what you’re perfectly right Wonho. We do tend to over expose you and use you to boost views and sales. We’re very sorry and we’ll find a new way to draw in fans.

Wonho: Woahhhh hold on! I’m not mad because I feel “over exposed”. I feel under exposed! When are you going to let me just be basically naked?! You know my skin is allergic to clothing, right??  If I could just only wear an apron every day I would. Clothing is a pain in my tattooed and muscular ass.

Kihyun: Never mind he’s still here.

StarShip: Bless you Wonho.

Hyungwon: So let me get this straight. We aren’t going to clear up anything?

StarShip: Nope

Minhyuk: And we’ll actually be introducing MORE questions and theories?

StarShip: Yep… You know for such a muscle bound group ya’ll are smarter than I thought.

I.M.: Thank you.

StarShip: I just need to figure out how we’ll open and close the video, special effects wise. I’ll probs just go home and watch Netflix, pass out and get inspired in my sleep.

Hyungwon: Well people have done stranger things to find ideas.



Hyungwon: …Umm Stranger Things?


Hyungwon: Anyone else get the feeling that they may have accidentally contributed to breaking copyright laws some kind of way?

Wonho: I always thought my face probably broke some copyright laws *laughs and looks for approval*






Wonho: I’ll stop talking now.

Kihyun: Yeah that’s probably best.


MEANWHILE ON KOTOR a slightly manlier playthrough is occurring for the sake of science- since unlike the first game it turns out this changes things significantly!

This time! People vastly underestimate my boundless disinterest in shacking up with crewmates, undue dignity is assigned to Revan’s choices in life, Atton continues to present a strong competition for Least Chill, and I delight in the heights of space-fashion.

Now I just need to decide between my completely irrational distrust of Mical and my strong side-eye toward Brianna The Underwear Jedi.


Cosmic Girls: It’s a song that reminds you of your first love during school. When people who dream of destined love listens to the song, they’ll feel like they’re walking on clouds.

Park Ji Yoon: Is there anyone who’s disappointed that their part is so short?

Cosmic Girls: I think everyone feels that way. We want to go on ‘1 Night 2 Days’ as a group. I think it’ll be great if we could be the morning angels. We can go in ice water and even sleep outside.