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Some scenarios with a chubby mc?


♡   He thinks it’s literally the cutest thing
♡ MC is so darling to him that her weight doesn’t bother him even in the slightest
♡ In fact he loves kissing all over her and cuddling and telling her how beautiful she is
♡ Her weight never even crosses his mind
♡ Because she’s so beautiful to him no matter what
♡ Though he’d be lying if he said he didn’t think about her beautiful curves during specifically boring tests


♡  Strong boyfriend will literally pummel ANYONE who thinks they can make fun of HIS babe
♡ An angel? Beautiful? Perfect bod? Super cute?
♡ Could MC get any better?
♡ The answer was no.
♡ He loves to pick her up and twirl around with her in his arms and laugh and kiss all over her face.
♡ And he loves to squeeze her thighs when they’re cuddling.
♡ Nothing more pleasing than to feel her warmth under his fingers
♡ The guy adores showering her in never ending praise and never letting her for even a second think lower of herself


♡  Jumin Han? More like “Jumin get your Han(d) off my ass”
♡ He can’t help it, poor guy
♡ He’s so in love with everything about MC and he’s absolutely in love with the idea of being allowed to touch her everywhere and anywhere
♡ His favorite pastime is whispering sweet nothings into her ear
♡  And tracing thoughtless loops against her skin
♡ Just in general he loves to tell her how she’s so gorgeous and how lucky he is
♡ His only issue is that he loves her a bit too much
♡ And can’t keep his hands off of her


♡  Honestly….
♡  Jaehee loves to rest her head on MC’s chest
♡  While watching movies
♡  And just breathe in her soft scent and hold her hand
♡  Nothing intense, just watching Zen act with only the most beautiful woman ever
♡  Jaehee is always there when MC feels insecure
♡  Because she also gets the same way
♡  They can comfort each other when they’re feeling insecure
♡  And always resolve things with another movie marathon.


♡  He’s not exactly as thin as a rod either
♡ He’s got a bit of chub around his hips from all that godly HBC
♡ And you know who’s perfect for cuddling?
♡ MC!!!!!!
♡ Saeyoung loves to absolutely smother her in his arms and press overzealous kisses all over her face
♡ And just laugh with her and hold her flush against his body

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I just want to say that Starshine absolutely blew me away, like I can't ever comprehend it right now. The way you described everything (the sex scene too) was just a absolutely gob smacking. Like it was elegant, it was beauty and it felt like pure romance. I don't think I've ever read something so heartwarming and emotional in all my years. Just, thank you for that 💕💕

Awwww, sweetheart, thank you so much for this! Starshine is my baby, and I’m always especially happy when someone says nice things about it ☺️

Starshine (Steve x Reader)

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(1/4)Here’s some Jason: he's a great kid, right? He watches his mouth in school and does really well, his grades are great, but for a while after he moves into the manor, some of the off-handed things people say about him (he's a streetrat etc.) at school and elsewhere start to get to him. He never says anything, just bottles it all up because he's a tough kid and thinks he can just push all that negativity down, & Bruce is happy like "this is so great Jason's doing really well and seems happy,”

(2/4)but after a notably awful day when he’s around 12, & probs a stressful patrol, they get back home & Jason just has a mega SUPREME meltdown that seems completely unannounced. So he’s screaming & crying & Bruce is completely baffled & unsettled by it, like good lord we just released the ragemonster, but then is just heartbroken when J is still falling apart after like 2hrs. & J keeps crying that he wants Alfred but he’s not there for whatever reason and Bruce is mortified

(¾)So by now it’s like 4 in the morning & they’re both exhausted & Bruce is still at a loss because Jason /won’t just tell him what’s wrong how is he supposed to fix it??/ But after each has a brief phone chat with Alfred, Bruce gradually coaxes out what set this all off & all the stress Jason’s been feeling over the past few months with expectations & whatnot, & by this point the poor thing’s so cried out that his eyes are nearly swollen shut and he’s basically asleep on his feet.

(4/4) So Bruce gives him a bath, puts him to bed, & pets his hair until he falls asleep. And after falling asleep as soon as his head hits the pillow, Bruce wakes up in his own bed late the next morning with Jason curled around his arm. They get up past noon & help each other make breakfast; Jason’s eyes are still puffy, but he’s pretty much bounced back to normal. They spend the rest of the afternoon playing catch in the yard and reading together in the library until Alfred gets home.

please protect your baby bruce please please please~~~

Love the idea of Jason always trying to act and be tough. And, as unhealthy a practice as it is, just bottling it all up and being a fierce lil ball of hate and anger and then EXPLODING and just crashing and Bruce is just so gentle with him, even though he has NO clue what he’s doing or how to dad.

baby jason crying. my weakness, ugh. let me hold your chubby little cheeks and wipe your tears starshine~~~

bruce and baby cuddlin’. bruce and jason bonding. jason reading to bruce and bruce helping him with some of the big words. I’m so happy, these are happy tears, happy heart eyes, happy sighing.