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No se si se ve
Me da miedo pintarlo
Ma’ son starshine (?
Very mucho bad English (?

Arte por @taidear

Izi responde:

Panel 1:

Splat: Dat’s nat da Only thing da i can do little Buddy!

Panel 4: 

Splat: Ya know wat am i?

Panel 5:

Splat:Is da Best Hiden Secret

Panel 6:

Splat: I am a Naked Puppet

.~*~. ~*~. ~*~. ~*~. ~*~. ~*~.

A tu enano le hice el Iluminaty (?)

Here, have this thing of mine…or something:
Well, my headcannon is that Leonard would have moments where he thinks out loud on accident.
Of course, he can always just lie or just say something completely different from what he actually said.
But there are moments where he just…can’t.
And this is an example of that with Leonard saying something pretty weird in front of (Pig)Red on accident.

Art: me
Angry Birds: Rovio

Yayyy finally something from me. I’ve been kinda in small hiatus. Well I’ve been drawing stuff, but couldn’t post anything for some reason. I also had tons of school stuff before my vacation started so I simply didn’t have time to open my computer.
Now than I’m in vacation I should have more time and motivation to be more active here so I thought that I post something.

Aaand again here’s some Starshine legacy fan art for you guys xD. I’m just so keen to this game and I’ve been liking this over ten years now. I just have to do art of it. Other than that I hope you like it and enjoy the art n_n!

+ I made a speedpaint

Alex and Tin can © Penny girl, Stabenfeldt
art © me