today in HL fandom: SAGs edition … let’s take a journey through the past few days, shall we?? 

+ since rupes announced his attendance, quinn trash has been hype AF

+ then @peytonsawyir saw that claire and rupes were going to be seated next to each other, which set off a new wave of excitement

+ as we approached the event, we reworked schedules, like @ktOM0810

+ for the actual event, we maximized technology, like @martilinski

+ when we finally caught sight of our trash prince, we rejoiced. his hair! his tux! @katdzenjammer and @perenniallyfascinating really liked his facial hair…

+ @elviiraros wondered about his cologne

+ of course, we collectively swooned over rupes and aimee. when some media referred to aimee as “his date,” many of us were quick to correct, like @thatsoundsabourright

+ but other media made us smile with a @quinnlives reference … huge props to @starshifters!!

+ alas, there weren’t other claire-and-rupes pics #tragic, but katie couric got lucky and represented the fangirl in all of us!!

… other highlights: filming delayed until august (via @joanlockian), more proof that quinn is alive (via @blue_flows), and best of all #woowoo (via @regalkinghiddles)!