anonymous asked:

*slides into the askbox* sup? Could I request nyo axis dating head cannons??

*Slides in to request box* hiya *Slips and fall* Ah ya wee bugga!

Nyo Germany:

  • This girl is built AF! and will often ask her s/o to sit on her back when she’s doing push-ups.
  • because she is so built she eats alot and cooks huge meals with her s/o 
  • In public she doesn’t show too much affection.
  • But BOII she struts her stuff. 
  • She wants you to touch her hair Touch. Her. Hair 

Nyo Italy:

  • This girl will babble on all day about anything and everything she can think of.
  • She is a very outgoing person and loves to go on adventures around the world.
  • Often gets bruises and cuts from said adventures, her s/o will have to take car of her after she breaks an arm.
  • Will sit on her s/o lap and press her boobies in their face just to get some cuddle time. 
  • This is often done in public, surrounded people
  • Cooks 5-star meals every-night.

Nyo Japan:

  • The most polite person you will ever date
  • She asks you before she does anything with you, even if its just lightly tapping your shoulder to tell you dinner is ready.
  • Seems like she can’t harm a fly…until someone else touches you THEN NINJA NYO JAPAN COMES OUT WITH A KATANA AND NINJA STARS
  • Girl gotta protect her s/o
  • Loves to just listen to rain and cuddle with her s/o
  • Buys the cutest matching outfits for her and her s/o

Nyo Romano:

  • and on the other side of the polite spectrum is dis ball of sass
  • She Loves cuddles but she won’t admit it (little angry muffin)
  • She does the same as her sister except she is even MORE extreme
  • In public she clings to her s/o like here life depends on it
  • Loves to garden with her s/o, she spends hours in the garden and hopes her s/o will join her on occasion 
  • The sass levels on this girl is over 9000

Nyo Prussia:

  • Her milkshake brings all zhe boys
  • Loves to show her body off (in an attempt to get her s/o jelly)
  • Will tackle her s/o down to the ground to cuddle
  • Comes up with the craziest ideas, for example: “OI S/O! ZHE AWESOME ME IS GONNA RIDE MEIN MOTORBIKE OVER THAT CLIFF!”
  • Her s/o needs to be able to deal with her being in hospital every few months 
  • On the bright side the girl never fails to make her s/o laugh,