“You’re Puerto Rican? But you don’t act like it!”

“I’m practically Puerto Rican because I always eat rice! Don’t you?”

“You don’t know any Spanish? What kind of Puerto Rican are you?”

“You act too white to be Puerto Rican.”

“Mind if I call you mami? It’s okay because you’re Hispanic.”

“Stop stealing our jobs, ew. No I’m just kidding, haha it’s supposed to be funny.”

Why don’t you shut the fuck up.

oiiiiiiiii christian

a. do you even think i can AFFORD gucci sneakers really how much money do you think i have do you know how much those things cost?

and b

when is the last time you saw me wear sneakers 


starserum replied to your postI’m not kidding when I say I’m going to next year’s SDCC as Chel. And you are coming with me, missy! I don’t care what you say. You are coming. I will pay for your flight if I have to. I’m dead serious. You may be sitting there, smirking, thinking “Yeah right.” But I’m gonna make you smile like there is no tomorrow because we are going to Comic Con AND Disneyland. As a present for you being YOU. The awesome you that you are. Transmission completed.

Comic Con is in San Diego. California. IN THE SUMMER TIME. HOW CAN IT BE COLD I WAS FUCKING HOT WHEN I WAS THERE. And I will take you everywhere and show you off and WHO WILL YOU COSPLAY AS????

yes i know where it is do not use that tone with me but excuse you air conditioning 

ahhhhhhhhhh by the time next year i hope to have my cosplay for marco bodt from snk to be ready and since i have no idea how far you are in snk now lemme remind you with

External image


and flavio 

which i’ve told you about

and how all i need is the wig and a white blazer

/slaps you wake up christina 


My mother insisted on doing these pictures for my 20th birthday. I was hesitant, and it was a freezing cold day. But I decided to do it. I have problems with accepting my body and my heritage. But when I posed for these photos, I couldn’t have felt more proud of myself. I struggle to this day, even as I write this, but I at least know that I have potential.

If I can start learning to accept myself, then it’s possible for anyone. So treat yourself as the beautiful gem you are.