I need more empath friends, to talk with, and learn from. Or teach and help (both ways!).

I have kik, Cherry_darlingg . I will NOT respond to sex, or anything of that sort. If you are not going to message me strictly about Empathy (be it friends, or curiosity) then don’t bother. Anything sexual will be blocked.

Some things:

  • I’m a Christian. I don’t judge, nor will I point out how “wrong” any person of any other faith (or no faith) is. I’m very capable of co-existing if you are. I reject no one. <3
  • I want to learn things. If you’re an experienced Empath, please contact me. What things those are, I don’t know yet. I feel I’m missing out on things, or I am out of control of my emotions.
  • I would also love to speak to Indigo Children, or Starseeds.

I hope to hear from someone! :D However, if you message me, and I don’t respond, please don’t be offended, I do work a lot, so I don’t always have time to reply instantly.

Thank you!