starscream killed him

Has there ever been an explanation as to why Megatron keeps Starscream around? I mean, I know he’s a main character and all that so, you know, he sticks around for the plot, but other than that.

When Megatron came back in RID (The comic) he just kind of drags Starscream around. Why? Starscream had constantly tried to overthrow him, and now that he doesn’t even want to collaborate with Megatron, he just drags him around anyways? I don’t understand the logic. is Megatron using him as a constant example of how not to try to overthrow Him?

In the Ramjet (spotlight? I’m not sure.) Megatron was told Ramjet was conspiring against him and Megatron kills him IMMEDIATLY no hesitation. He shot him, tore him apart. After one instance of Ramjet trying to go up against him

Then we have Starscream. who is doing that pretty much constantly. So why does Megatron keep him around? Even forces him to stick around (on only one or two occasions I can recall. But still. One is enough)

Now, granted, I’m only four Volumes into the IDW collection, and four Volumes into RID. I’ve only seen all of Prime and G1, and none of the animes or Beast anything. So, there are clearly pieces I’ve missed (even though all of those series might not be in the position to help me)

But even in Prime Megatron kills the guy who’s about to kill Starscream and tells him to not make him regret the decision. THEN STARSCREAM CLEARLY DOES BECAUSE THIS FUCKER NEVER LEARNS. and STILL Megatron doesn’t kill him.

Today I was thinking of one of my favorite quotes from Schindler’s List, and, strangely, is made me understand in full force why Megatron never killed Starscream. (Or at least one of the reasons) 

“Power is when we have every justification to kill, but we don’t” 

- Thomas Keneally 

I know there’s a lot to this quote, and it doesn’t exactly follow the lines I associated it with, but it made me think about it. Megatron was perfectly capable of killing Starscream, and, in some cases, he had justifiable cause to do so as leader (Like when Starscream tries to kill him. But really that’s the only time) Megatron could have. he never did. can you imagine that hanging over someone’s head? Megatron not killing Starscream was a power play, one he very continually won. 

anonymous asked:

Can the tfa starscream do politics like his prime and idw counterparts?

Hmmm, that’s a good question. A lot of what we don’t see from tfa Starscream is the fact that he’s been trying to kill Megatron for 4 million years before the show starts and Megatron only figures it out after the attempt in the first episode. When Megs finds out that Starscream tried to kill him he feels like honestly betrayed and questions both Blitzwing and Lugnut’s loyalty before trusting to contact them in his vulnerable state. He also you know turns around and kills Starscream in cold blood. Because as far as Megatron knows, that’s the first time that Starscream has ever seriously betrayed him. It’s no secret that their relationship was already in a poor place by the start of the show, but no one had betrayed the other yet. 

This, which is hard to overlook given how aggressive Starscream is during the rest of the show, actually paints a pretty good picture of how sneaky he can be when he wants/needs to. He was flying under the radar there for four million years. That is a lot of years to still maintain someones trust when you’re actively trying to assassinate them, and Megatron’s no idiot either. So I think if tfa Star really put his mind to it he could do politics pretty well. He’s got some hella notoriety but everything’s fair in politics there’s no saying that he couldn’t overcome that as long as he kept his temper in check. 

That being said, I do believe that Starscream got a lot more aggressive/unstable/desperate after losing his spark, so I don’t think he’d be so good at it then.