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Hello there, a request in light of winter (Well yeah winter because Alaska) being very close. Maybe a blizzard is raging outside and the power ends up going out, and it up to the bots or cons to help the human s/o not be afraid of the power outage/dark? Transformers Prime please. Characters in particular: Wheeljack, Knockout, and Starscream? Also you make very good headcannons and your stories make me grin from ear to ear. Keep doing what you do :)

There are about 20 things in my ask box and I’m panicking because some of them have been there for weeks so if you’re one of those people who submitted something way back and are only getting it now then I’m super sorry and I love and thank you for putting up with me!!!!

Also, please excuse the large amount of cheese in this. Seriously, there’s enough in here to feed a village.



  • You weren’t usually scared of the dark, in fact, you loved it
  • The only problem was that the last time there was a storm this powerful, which caused a power outage, was when the dark Cybertronion god Unicron himself tried to rise from the centre of your planet and obliterate all existence
  • And considering you had almost lost some of your closest friends in said escapade, you weren’t exactly thrilled when the entire base suddenly went dark
  • “WHEELJACK!!!!!”
  • Having to explain to him why you’re scared
  • Seriously this guy must love you, like…a lot
  • When you get to the point of actually shaking because you’re so scared then he starts to realise exactly how scared you really are
  • Actually grabs Ratchet by the shoulders and commands him to bring back the power
  • Ratchet trying to explain why that just isn’t possible
  • “Well then make it possible.”
  • You two start talking about Cybertron
  • What it was like before the war
  • What his favourite thing to do was
  • How many times he blew up a lab
  • When the power finally comes back on you’ve fallen asleep
  • And the best part is that you’re calm and relaxed
  • Because you’ve got your best friend, the love of your life, looking after you


  • You weren’t exactly terrified of the dark, no, but it still made your skin crawl
  • It had been happening ever since you were six, when the person babysitting you decided to put on a horror movie
  • And made you watch it
  • Needless to say they were fired by your parents
  • But you were still mentally scarred
  • As you grew older, you became less frightened by the empty darkness that nighttime brings
  • Nonetheless, you still slept with a nightlight
  • So when the Nemesis suddenly lost power (don’t worry it was still flying, it was just dark) you let out an awful screech
  • This resulted in Knockout having to spend hours on end explaining to you that a small possessed children’s toy was not going to suddenly appear out of the dark and kill you
  • Especially because this was a ship full of evil giant robots
  • “If you want to be scared of anything, there’s always….scraplets”
  • Now it was your turn to convince him that he was not going to be eaten alive by robots the size of chinchillas
  • This went back and forth for hours until you both simultaneously realised the power had come on
  • “Now, that wasn’t so bad was it?”
  • “I still can’t believe that you’re scared of these”
  • Don’t worry, you aren’t actually holding a scraplet, but it was funny watching the flash of fear on his face


  • You’re scared of the dark? Well so is he!
  • You can scream together then
  • “Literally”
  • “WHAT?”
  • “Nothing…”
  • You two huddle in the corner, unfortunately talking about the stuff of nightmares
  • “What if a zombie comes around the corner?”
  • “He’d suck out of energon!”
  • “Uh…Screams….I’m human…”
  • “Oh my god what about Chucky!?”
  • “Who?”
  • “CHUCKY”
  • You’d probably grab your phone and start watching the damn movie
  • You both can’t sleep that night

Takes a bow. There you go. I’m about to go on a four hour train journey that has no wifi or anything like that and I’m probably going to come back a changed woman

Remember me how I was

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Imagine though, one day after many weeks of being their "son" Jack makes the mistake to snap at them. "Stop it! Just.. stop this charade! You're not my real dads, you never will be! We're not even the same species!" etc. And ho boy, KO and BD are MAD! KO mostly mad, BD mostly hurt and sad... which makes KO even madder! They're just so angry at Jack. They want to have this little (dysfunctional) family on the side of the war that's going on. They later remind him of the threat of hurting his mom.

Jack knew he had made a mistake the instant the words left his mouth.  The oppressive silence that followed hung in the air around the three figures present like a dense fog.  For a moment, all Jack could hear were his own shaky breaths and the pounding of his blood in his ears.  His fists remain tightly clenched and trembling down at his sides as he sucked in air through clenched teeth.

Neither of the two mechs had moved.  Breakdown’s hand still hovered awkwardly in mid-air, reaching out to pull Jack in for another embrace, another brush of his hair, another sickening display of affection that Jack simply couldn’t stomach anymore.  Breakdown looked as though he had been slapped.

Knock Out loomed over Jack in the dim, shadowy light of the habsuite.  His gleaming, red optics burned like hellfire in the gloom as his gaze bored into Jack with an intense, barely contained fury.  When he spoke, his voice was frighteningly calm.

“Apologize,” he said.

Jack swallowed heavily, forcing himself to meet the burning red eyes with quiet defiance.  Breakdown’s optics briefly flickered over to his partner before focusing once again on the trembling boy.

Knock Out took a few, purposeful, menacing steps towards Jack.  The corners of his mouth and optics twitched slightly as his thin veneer of control started to slip.  “Jack,” Knock Out growled, his eyes boring into Jack’s own with a cold fury that made him shudder in fear as well as anger.  “Apologize to your father and me.  Right.  Now…”

Jack remained rooted to the spot.  He stared up at the monstrous creature before him with a mixture of absolute terror and loathing.  He was shaking so violently that his breaths were coming through in harsh, ragged gasps.  His eyes stung with un-shed, hot, angry tears and there was a tightness in his throat that made it difficult for him to speak.  There was a heavy, tension-filled paused that engulfed the two of them for a brief moment before Jack felt his anger and wounded pride overwhelm his sense of self-preservation.

“You’re not my parents,” he hissed with all the venom he had been holding back since this nightmare began.  “You never will be.”

Knock Out’s eyes flashed in primal rage as he lunged for Jack with a guttural snarl.  Breakdown cried out in protest as the deadly sharp talons closed around Jack’s lanky frame, lifting him into the air to meet Knock Out’s poisonous gaze.  Jack hissed in pain as he struggled against the constricting hold of the vice-like claws.  

“Need I remind you what’s at stake here for you, boy?” Knock Out snarled, the usual oily smoothness of  his tone replaced by a harsh, animalistic growl.  His grip around Jack tightened, causing the boy to gasp for air.  “We made a deal, Jack!  You better start holding up your end of the bargain!  Or do I need to pay a visit to that precious mother of yours?!”

Knock Out stormed over to the opposite side of the room, brushing past Breakdown who merely stepped out of his way with a look of fearful apprehension.  Knock Out reached for the bottom drawer of his desk, yanking it open with a growl of frustration.  He roughly tossed Jack inside, causing him to hit the metal bottom with a dull thud.  Jack scrambled away from him, gazing back up at his captor with frightened, tear-filled eyes.  Knock Out loomed over the opening of the drawer, the sinister purple light of the habsuite outlining his frame and shrouding his face in shadow.  The only thing Jack could make out were his piercing, blood red optics as he continued to bore down at him with a predatory-like intensity.

“You can come out when you’ve learned to be a loving son,” Knock Out hissed, slamming the drawer closed and trapping Jack in complete darkness.

Breakdown watched warily as Knock Out strode across the room again, still fuming as his engine began to give off a low, frustrated rumble.  Knock Out crossed over into the adjoining bedroom and flopped himself down into a chair, picking up a discarded novel and pretending to be invested in it.

Breakdown followed him, hovering just outside the doorway as he leaned against the wall with one massive shoulder.  He eyed his partner with a slight air of concern.  “That was kind of cold, KO,” he said softly, folding his arms over his chest.  Knock Out continued to avoid making optic contact.

“You can’t be too lenient with children, dear.  It spoils them,” he replied smoothly, the calmness of his voice failing to disguise the flickering waves of hurt and anger coursing through his EM field.

Breakdown cast a sympathetic look over his shoulder at the abandoned desk, as Knock Out scrolled through his datapad with an aggrivated flick of his talons.  A suffocating, awkward silence followed.  “I think he’s crying,” Breakdown whispered after a moment.

“Let him cry then,” Knock Out sneered, tossing aside his datapad in frustration.  He strode towards Breakdown, the corners of his mouth twitching upwards ever so slightly in a cruel, humorless smirk.  “He can come out when he’s finally learned his lesson.”

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Cons turning into a cat anon here! Some headcanons for it please :3

“Hello! Can you do something for TFP Megatron,Starscream,Knock Out,Breakdown,and Soundwave being turned into a cat for a week and their human friend or s/o taking care of them (like petting,feeding,and playing with them) until they turn back,and their reactions once they turn back?”

There we go, much better, thank you! <3


-Megatron is a fat fluffy grey Persian. He sheds a lot. He’ll need to be brushed everyday.

-He’s not very playful, but he does like the laser pointer.

-His favorite place to be pet is under his chin

-Once he turns back, he’s a little disoriented. He also has a hankering for tuna.


-Starscream is a grey Peterbald cat, thin and wiry. He loses a lot of fur.

-He likes to hang out on the tops of your bookshelves. That’s where you’ll find him if you attempt to give him anything except for his absolute favorite food.

-He lays on your keyboard for attention.

-When he turns back, he’s grateful. He never wants to be stuck in an organic body again.


-Knockout is a slender Savannah cat. He likes to show off his spots.

-His favorite way to be pet is straight down the back, and over the tail. Never mess up his fur.

-He hates chicken. Do not give him chicken.

-When he’s him again, he just thinks he was tripping. He tries not to think about it.


-Breakdown is a large grey Maine Coon with a big fluffy tail. He likes to hit your legs with it.

-When he plays, he bites. Hard. Watch you fingers.

-He likes to lay on your stomach on his back, while you dangle a mouse toy over him.

-He changes back, and he’s grateful, but he did have a good time.


-Soundwave is a Bombay cat, with large green eyes. He squints a lot.

-He likes to lay on your keyboards. Not for attention, like Starscream. Just because he can.

-He doesn’t play very much, but he will lay with you. Don’t try to cuddle him, though. He likes to scratch.

-He changes back, and looks around a moment, before returning to his duties. No time to dwell. He’s a week behind schedule.


Introduced my cats to my Starscream toy. Please excuse my dying computer in the background…

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:D Hi ! Could you do TFP Megatron,Starscream,Knock Out,Breakdown,and Soundwave being turned into a cat for a week and their human friend or s/o taking care of them (like petting,feeding,and playing with them) until they turn back,and their reactions once they turn back?

Hello~! :D Okay so this is really funny and I had a good time coming up with these reponses. I decided to do a human friend and instead of them turning into a cat  at separate times, they all turn at once because wouldn’t that be hilarious?

Poor human. :’))) Let’s assume they truly act like cats okay? I hope this makes you smile sugar~!


  • The snootiest cat the human has ever been around, probably one of those pure bred expensive cats. He flicks his tail at the human when he’s displeased with them and they swear he’s turning his nose up at them too?? Knockout cat is a very clean kitty, whether through grooming himself or demanding the human keep him clean. Which does mean he doesn’t get irritated when the human has to brush his fur and trim his nails so that’s nice. He’s also very particular about what the human feeds him and if he doesn’t like it, he’ll knock the bowl over or just refuse to eat.


  • So yeah, he’s spoiled rotten in his time being a cat because the human can’t deal with all the sass from these Deceptikitties. He ignores all the other cats (including Starscream who does NOT like being ignored) except for Breakdown cat, who Knockout cat is very affectionate with. These two are often seen playing together or sleeping together and the human can’t get over how damn adorable it is.


  • When he changes back, Knockout is equally relieved and disappointed. He’s glad to be big and not furry again but it was nice for a while to not have to be bossed around by Starscream or Megatron. The only things he had to worry about as a cat were the human not doing what he wanted. Still, behind closed doors he’s much more cuddly with Breakdown than he was before. As for the human, they’re a good friend now. :)


  • Breakdown kitty is the best behaved at least in terms of how he treats the human. He likes them a lot and is always begging for attention or curling up with them to take a cat nap. When he’s not with the human, he’s with his cat partner in crime, Knockout and the two have a lot of fun being goofballs. Breakdown cat sometimes like to mess with the other cats by jumping on them when they’re sleeping but it’s all in good fun. The kitty that eats the most and is always up for a treat!

  • He’s an adventurous kitty who will get himself stuck in the weirdest places and then meow loudly when he can’t get down. He also gets really excited for toys and can be entertained easily. He’s protective over the human and has bitten Starscream cat a few times for being rude to them. But he’s even more protective over Knockout cat and when they’re together, if anyone tries anything, he’ll get up and hiss at them with all his fur standing on end and will claw their face up. The other cats eventually stopped messing with the Knockout and Breakdown kitties.


  • When Breakdown turns back, he’s also disappointed. He thought being a cat was amusing and he enjoyed it a lot. He wants to go back to running around and just having a good time with Knockout! The two have grown even closer through this incident and Breakdown considers the human a close friend now too. He’s also the only one to actually thank the human for taking care of him.


  • The worst cat out of all of them. He’s one of those cats that is just out to get everyone and is a grumpy butthead but you can’t help loving him anyway? He’s rude though and doesn’t want anything to do with the human when he’s a kitty. He likes to knock over stuff simply for the sheer pleasure of seeing the human annoyed. But then when the human stops trying to pet him or play with him (because he’s being a jerk!) and move on to the other cats, he gets SUPER jealous and will attack the cats.


  • He will claw at the human anytime they do anything he doesn’t like, which can be as simple as walking by him. By the time he turns back, the human is Not Happy™ and covered in scratches. As a cat, Starscream is just as obsessed with Megatron cat and keeps trying to knock him off of perches. He’s the cat that will hide and then swipe out a claw or jump on Megatron, but Megatron cat always sees it coming.


  • When Starscream finally turns back, it takes him a little to get used to being back in his body, though he’s definitely glad for it. Being a cat was kind of fun but he was so small and squishy so he didn’t like it much. He probably tells off his human friend for giving the others too much attention. But a few weeks after the incident, the human notices that Starscream got a cat (that he keeps in his room) and the cat is just as rude as him. ;P


  • Megatron cat is pretty much the same as when he was a giant robot warlord. He rules over the kitties or at least he tries to, but when they’re all cats they’re not that scared of him. They’ll regret that when they turn back though. :/ He’s also a mean kitty who doesn’t tolerate the human at all and will scratch at them if they attempt to bother him. Just put food and water in his cat bowls, change his litter and leave him alone human! Unlike Starscream though, he doesn’t go out of his way to annoy or hurt them because he can’t be bothered. He only lets them pet him when he’s tired and falling asleep.


  • When  Starscream cat tries to fuck with Megatron cat, he gets annoyed and is always one step ahead. The human thinks it’s hilarious to watch Starscream try to scare or claw Megatron and Megatron just bats him away like he’s a fly. He has once or twice been rough with Starscream when the other cat was pushing his buttons and the human has had to step in and break it up. Aside from that though, he doesn’t cause trouble. Megatron cat’s favorite activity is to sit in a window and look out contemplatively, watching the world go by. The only cat he likes (and the only one who can sit with them on the windowsill) is Soundwave kitty. Sometimes they’ll meow quietly at each other and the human gets the distinct feeling that they’re planning something??

  • When he turns back, he is immediately glad to be back in his body and rid of that annoying organic one. He doesn’t miss it all or think back  on the situation. He was not pleased about having to be cared for by a human. However, he does recognize that they did good and rewards them. Though it’s not obvious to anyone but Soundwave, Megatron has developed a soft spot for the human from the experience.


  • Soundwave is just as sneaky of a cat as he was when he was a giant robot. He doesn’t move so much as slink around the ship and has a tendency to wander off for hours on end. But he always comes back and though the human has no idea what he was doing, they’re glad to see him. This is because he never causes any trouble for the human and in fact tries to keep the other cats in line. He’s especially protective of Megatron cat and so when he’s not off wandering, will spend his time with him. He does occasionally like to be petted but only when he chooses, by approaching the human and laying at their feet.


  • Because he’s so quiet and likes to be up at night when everyone else is sleeping, the human has been scared by him more than once. He always apologizes with a purr and a brush against their legs though. He doesn’t like toys much but he does like treats surprisingly. The human kept having to hide them because Soundwave would get into the treats. But he can always find them, no matter where the human hides them?? How does he do that??


  • When he’s turned back, he’s got mixed feelings on the whole matter. In the end he’s glad to be back in his body and of service to Megatron once more but does admit to himself that it was nice while it lasted. Though he doesn’t thank the human out loud, he’s come to think of them fondly. His way of thanking them is to help them out around base when he can and always has Laserbeak following them for company and to make sure they don’t get hurt.