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so if you guys wanted to know what I did over winter break

An updated look of Rubywing! You won’t see this version until a bit into the comic, but you will see this version a much more in my future art!

This reference and design is mainly for my fan project/fan universe, but I will probably take inspiration from this design when it comes to giving the other Rubywing’s a more unique look.

BIO under the cut!

Reblogs are very appreciated!! ♥

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sunstorm scares me; he absorbs all energy directed at him and radiates it back at you. don’t tell him i said this, but he’s a horrible suck up. he’s always kissing everyone’s exhaust port. he inherited starscream’s sycophantic tendencies. not that i’m calling starscream a sycophant; i would never talk about him behind his back! please don’t hurt me!—skywarp (the allspark almanac)

for @lieutenantshockwave

Why I don’t see TFP Bulkhead as a gentle giant at all... and love him even more for it.

I’ve been meaning to write this for about a month and a half now, so here we go. Something I see a lot, through fan chatter and fanart and the Wiki page, and even hear on the TFP DVDs with commentary, is this descriptor used towards Bulkhead: gentle giant. We all know what that is, it’s the big huge guy that’s really tough but actually loves kittens and carries umbrellas for little old ladies. The big-but-sweet guy. That. Yeah. People use that term all the time to describe Bulkhead… and I couldn’t disagree more. He is not, in my perspective, a “gentle giant” at all, in spite of the bundle of sweetness that was his Transformers: Animated origins…

And actually, I like him a lot better that way.

Fair warning, ya’all, this is going to be a long one…

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Random Transformers Prime Bloopers!

Disclaimer: Transformers Prime, and its characters are trademarks of Hasbro and Discovery Family(Formally the Hub). All rights go to them. The bloopers are fan-made by me! Also M.B. is short for Micheal Bay,(Because he was the only director I could think of.) 

1. Optimus: That…was not why….I had you…retrieve the Fork…
Smokescreen: Uhhhhh…
Optimus: (Realizes what he said) DOGGONE-IT! FORGE!!!!!
M.B.: (Laughing) Okay…pfffft haha…C-CUT!!!!

2.  Ratchet: But Optimus, I don’t need my T-Cog, not like…wait what’s his name again?
Optimus: Bumblebee?
Ratchet: That’s it!

3. Jack: Wait, Why isn’t Optimus here?
Arcee: Primes don’t potty..PARTY!!
Jack: 😂😂😂😂😂
Arcee: Wooo…haha…can I try that again…?

4. Starscream: Lord Knockout sir…
Megatron:(Confused) …..
Starscream: D***IT!
Megatron: WOAH Starscream watch your language this is a kids show!

5. Knockout: (looking at his reflection) Look at this handsome devil, Wooo baby I’m rocking this red color, I am HOT!
M.B: Uh Knockout, the camera’s been rolling this whole time…
M.B: All of it….

6. Ratchet: (Transforms into robot mode) “Then tell you what….we….Scrap Wait, that was wrong….
M.B: CUTTTT! Okay from the top!

7.  (TAKE TWO)Ratchet: Then tell me what we can-(Transforms, but hits a large heavy box in the process, and it lands on his foot) Ratchet: 0_0 ”….My foot….“

8. Starscream’s Clone: “My Leige, we have failed you.”
Starscream: “I know.”
Clone: “H-How did you…?”
Starscream: “Just a hunch, and this throbbing pain in my…(Trips down steps) ….side….”
M.B: “Starscream, are you okay over there?”
Starscream:(In tears) “….I..can’t feel my left leg…”

9. Knockout: “Did you tell lord Megatron?”
Starscream: “He was… otherwise engaged….”
Knockout: “That’s your problem Starscream, you’re always letting Megatron step all over you, well now is your time to fess up, and tell him, tell him all about how we-blahbluhblah…I don’t know what I’m doing….”

10. Raph:(After Ratchet show him the Synthetic Energon.) “Awesome it works, Bumblebee!”
Ratchet: “No, no, the Synthergon needs….(realizes what he said and starts laughing)”
Raph: “Bwahahahahahaha!”
Ratchet:(Still laughing) “Forget the synthetic energon, I need a pair of glasses!”

11. (Ratchet comes back through portal to base)
Raphael: “Hey Ratchet look!”(points to monitor)
Computer Moniter: (Gets blue screen of death.)
Both: “S*** NOT AGAIN!!!!”
M.B.:(sarcastically) “The iMacs were too expensive, they said, we’ll use a Windows 8 computer, they’re just as reliable, and they never get the blue screen!!!!”

12.  Wheeljack: (Hits Soundwave and shatters his visor.) “There I go again shattering expectations.”
Soundwave: (Stumbles back and puts hand over face.)
Wheeljack: “Any last words!?”
Wheeljack:“Strong silent type, that’s right.”(braces for attack)
Soundwave: (Turns the other way still holding hand on face)
Wheeljack: “Dude are you alright?”
Soundwave: (Turns back around and reveals he’s bleeding badly.)
Wheeljack: “WE NEED A TOWEL OVER HERE!!!!!!!!”

andrered15  asked:

Hello there ! How are you today ? I have seen the little discussion about favorite bot and con and well I want to share my little opinion too 😄 Favorite bot : Tfa Blurr , Tfp And Tfa Bumbelebee , Favorite con : Tfa Starscream and his clones , Tfp Knockout and Breakdown Hope you are doing okay budddy , remember stay optimistic and determined !

Hey friend, I’m doing a lot better today! Ahhh Bumblebee is a honey darling in every continuity~~~ Thanks for the encouragement, sweetie u3u 

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designing acidspray’s alt mode and i can’t help but think of the time someone called me out about meret looking like a starscream clone and that i shouldn’t have to be as ‘shameless’ as hasbro for reusing body type designs because my ocs wouldn’t stick out among the others if i did that…

and while i agree that making them look different would make them stick out more by making up a frame, i also want to make their design logical so they can look like the vehicle they turn into?? it drives me nuts when people make ocs that have no logical way to turn into their altmode. and let’s be honest, it takes a LOT of spatial awareness to make tf toys because you need to know where the parts go when they transform!

meret unfortunately was a character who was not meant to be super original and was made on the fly for fun because of some shenanigans that happened years ago, so i really shouldn’t let this get under my skin… but it does, and i’m worried that i’ll get called out again about it.

i shouldn’t have replied to that guy! i knew i should have ignored him but his comment made me really angry, especially after he actually faved some stuff in my gallery (besides the pic of meret i had up of course) like… i don’t want my art in your favorites after you basically insulted me go away

((I’ve noticed a couple things about Sentinel’s “victory parade”

First that he put Blitzwing right up in front so he’d be the first one all the Autobots see rather than the two Starscream clones. Blitzwing has got to be a very recognizable decepticon. Being a triple changer (which is RARE in tfa but also one of Megatron’s best soldiers). He’s right up there in front rather than standing beside the clones. Like he’s some big prize that’s been won. 

And he also says that he will catch the “TRAITOR Shockwave”. Rather than “SPY”. Everyone has already pointed out that he never admits that Shockwave was Longarm Prime. But I think that fact speaks in greater volumes than that. He wants everyone to believe it was an Autobot who betrayed them rather than admit their government had been fooled. And fooled for a very long time. And that really says something about the way that Autobots work to me. They want everyone to believe that it’s more possible for their own kind to turn on them than for their enemy to outsmart them. They’re just as deceitful as Decepticons just in different ways. And by saying that shockwave was an Autobot who betrayed them it would make everyone want to be even more loyal to the Autobots so no one will think they’re a traitor too. 

TLDR: Sentinel is a smug, sneaky asswipe 

nolongerherex  asked:

ugh, i couldnt finish the post with breakdown killing the starscream clone. i cant fucking believe that they decided to show his death from first-person pov of being pummeled to death. that shit is triggery.

((It is and scrap! I forgot to tag it for anything besides length… Unfortunately that depiction is just part of how gleefully the writers and animators reveled and wallowed in Starscream’s fear, pain, and suffering, and the sheer brutality they subjected him to, whether or not he did anything wrong at any given time. There is a lot of “action” violence with other characters in Prime, as it is an action show, but so often Starscream is subjected to violence outside of fights, either when he is not fighting, or when he simply sucks at fighting (for some inexplicable reason!). Either way, he is shown to be helpless at the hands of anyone who wants to hurt him, and it’s relentless throughout the series, escalating through Season 3, and let’s not even talk about Predacons Rising! 

One of the worst parts for me is, along with it being horrible that they think his pain is so entertaining, the way they show it so much makes the ending of Predacons Rising really hard for me to take - there are images in my mind already from the show of him being helpless and hurt and afraid, and it’s horrific to imagine him like that as the Predacons rip him apart. It’s just sad. The cruelty towards him, not just from Megatron, but from the writers, whom he can neither confront nor avoid, is systematic and deliberate, and it’s really disturbing that they seem to think it’s not only ok, but even rewarding somehow. Oh yeah, and funny.))

The Clone Fic, Pt. 1 (Megatron/Starscream, Megatron/Starscream clone, dub-con, sticky)

So here it is, the first part of the Megatron/Starscream fic involving Megatron doing things to Starscream’s clone and watching Starscream react.

Nonexplicit in this part, will be sticky. Dub-con, a bit of gore.

Thanks to weallscreamforstarscream for beta!

More coming soon! Please let me know if y'all like it.

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