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Thundercracker had a Legend class toy in Wave 1 and a Leader class that came out a month or two ago. He's actually the first of the Seekers to get his toys first this time around,

Oh really? Cool! Thanks for the info. I do wish I can start collecting some TF toys. Maybe in the future when I have income to enjoy such a fun hobby… ;w;


Transport To Oblivion

In Episode 4 of the original Transformers cartoon, we get more punching robots, Shockwave earns the Most Loyal Baby award, the Decepticons still don’t know how to enter through a door and Megatron gets all the screen time and even more abilities he’ll never use again. And a space bridge is built.

What are the Cons gonna do, now that Starscream is the leader? We’ll see in the next scientifically accurate episode. Hopefully, these comics will start looking slightly better then.

Meet Knock Out and Moonracer in this exclusive preview of Windblade #4 out this Wednesday. The new story arc begins here.

Written by Mairghread Scott (Me)
Art by Corin Howell @rinpin
Colors by Teyowisonte Thomas Deer
Letters by Tom B. Long
Edited by John Barber
With amazing covers by Priscilla Tramontano aka pr1p5,Sara Pitre-Durocher aka spewpew, Casey Coller and Naoto Tsushima.

Thanks to my awesome team!