SOS Dinobots

We stay in the rocky general surroundings as usual because drawing backgrounds in cartoon shows costs money, but we get a random trippy hologram and, of course, another goddamn waterfall based power plant. In this episode, Wheeljack and Ratchet play God (or parents), Starscream is severely unimpressed with everything, Bumblebee doesn’t do what he’s told and we meet new characters who will actually stay around this time! 

Next time, we leave for different locations again, Spike meets a girl, magic is a thing apparently and another landscape is completely ruined. 

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@peachcanwrite - I said I’d do it. I did it.  Took a while. But it was a must-draw.

In response to this post. Starscream in flaming heels. You know it makes sense.

Note: My questionable perspective guides fooled me into believing Starscream’s other wings would be concealed behind his head… I don’t know whether to ignore the laws of perspective and just stick the spoke bit above his helm?