More X-Men AU no one asked for?

Doing a few more Mtmte characters and some idw characters in general. Next post will be TFP. Also, feel free to ask me about other characters!

First Aid: He has a much simpler ability than you’d think. Also known as Keys(a ‘clever’ joke from Pharma) he can tell you exactly where something is as long as he’s seen it before. He never loses a damn thing and it’s aggravating when this little kid looking fucker knows exactly where your shit is. “where’s my water bottle?” “Cabinet by the fridge in the break room” “motherfucker”

Drift: Better known as Fast Cat(thank you Rodimus) his ability is quite noticeable. Taking on a more beast like look, deep golden eyes with slit pupils, thick fur, fangs, claws, and dog like hind legs, he’s been curse to look like a predator for the rest of his life. He has keen sight, above average speed, super human endurance, and super human agility. He used to be a top rank Decepticon mutant until he found a friend and mentor in Wing. Has taken up Wiccan.

Brainstorm: He can travel through time, though only a week or so, his powers are not yet controlled. If he were to gain control it’s possible he could go thousands of years either way. It can also come with a huge cost, both to him and the things around him. Does not use his power unless it may safe lives.

Tarn: Known as Faces before he became Tarn, it’s a name he gets furious about. His ability is shape shifting. He can change his voice to match anyone’s and his body right along with it. He’s quite a manipulative man, he’s been known to get people killed simply by pretending to be them. The leader of a small group of mutants affiliated under the Decepticons. Before he was Tarn, when he was called Faces, he had no real control over his power and would shape shift into people in front of their eyes or cause problems by taking on another person’s voice. He was white hated.

Tesarus: No other name, his ability is through physical touch alone. He can cause people to just explode. It’s quite messy, quite disgusting, and one of his favorite things. He quite enjoys watching hi victims explode. He has no control over his power and never has, he has to keep every inch of his skin covered unless about to use his ability, obviously. He thinks it’s a drag.

Helex: No other name, his ability is through physical touch alone. He can melt a person from the inside out as long as he’s touching them. His favorite way to do such is by grabbing either side of their head and looking them in the eyes. Before he had no control and would often kill people on accident, he has much better control of it now and uses it to his pleasure.

Adding on to Kaon, The Pet is actually a human experiment gone quite terribly. The Pet was once a mutant known as Dominus (or to some as Lobo due to his Mexican heritage and ability). He could physically shape shift into a wolf. When it was found out the government began a serious of harsh tests on him (not the DJD). Eventually his bodies ability shut down, leaving him as little more than a dog. He was found that way when the DJD attacked the 'pharmacy’ and was then adopted by Kaon. They are aware of The Pets previous position and the fact that he is stuck this way, it was found in his papers.

Windblade: Her ability is quite adorable as well as beautiful. She has thin membrane wings, like a pixie, and can shrink down to sit comfortably in another person’s hand. She’s been called many things, but her favorite was Angel and Pixie. Her ability comes in handy when you need to be a fly on the wall. She’s great at intelligence.

Starscream: Also known as Harpy (he hates it) he was born with his ability, being wings across his back. His parents tried to cut them off, but they simply grew back. He has much lighter bones and a thinner frame than normal human being. He also needs to eat much more than the average person. He ran away with his brothers, fearing his parents would kill them all, and came to be under Megatron along the way.

Thundercracker: Born with the same ability as his brother along with a shriek so powerful it will bust windows, cause deafness, and can even go so far as to cause blindness in victims. He is better known as Screech or Screech owl his ability is quite the hardship. He’s completely deaf in his right ear and most likely going to get there soon in his left. He was already deaf in his right ear when he ran away from home. He uses his ability much less now, due to the fear of going completely deaf or hurting his hearing dog, Buster’s, ears.

Skywarp: The only one out of the triplets born without wings, however he can teleport to any location, on the same planet, as long as he’s seen it before. Physically or through a picture, neither matters. It’s possible he could learn to teleport anywhere without the visual aid, one day. When they ran away together it was only possible thanks to his ability, it was the first time he’d teleported anyone other than himself. He cried and it hurt all three of them.

Optimus Prime: Never had an ability at all, his mutant Gene was forcefully activated and caused him to develop one. He is telepathic and was taught control over it by Senator Shockwave. He regularly gets painful migraines and often becomes overwhelmed with the voices he can hear. Simply called Orion by most.

Senator Shockwave: think of him as Professor X. He had no ability of his own, unless being in the wrong place at the wrong time and hot headed counts, but he saw these children suffering and used his status to give them a home. Took Optimus Prime as his protege and, when he was capture for crimes he did not commit, gave him the leadership roll.

thezerada  asked:

Heya. How would bots and/or cons react if their human was scared of heights? ((Cute blog btw. Makes me smile every time.))


He would be very respectful and avoid situations that would place you in high places unexpectedly or against your will, all the while he would encourage you to beat your fear on your own terms and would help you do so in any way that he could.


He apologises repeatedly for any time that he even remotely made you go any height above six feet. He would become hypersensitive to height and sometimes blows things out of proportion in his head on what you can handle or not, wanting to make sure that you’re not uncomfortable.


Gives a casual ‘My bad’ about any incident involving the both of you and heights and moves on not treating it like a big deal, simply choosing to avoid future situations. To make you feel better about it he would tell you about a phobia of his own.


Instantaneously accepts it and acts accordingly when he can. Look, he will do his best to avoid anything that makes you uncomfortable, but if you’re injured he’s going put you on his med bay table regardless if you like it or not, though he would probably apologise after if it caused you distress.


He would be really confused at first and it would take him a long time to figure out what you can and cannot handle, usually thinking that you can tolerate more than you can, not because he’s careless, but because what a Cybertonian considers high and what a human considers high are very different. Each time he makes a mistake he would really beat himself up about it.


He would playfully tease you about it, and on rare occasion use it against you in a prank, but other than that he would try to avoid situations with extreme heights when he can and he would stop offering to let you drive the Jackhammer.

Ultra Magnus

He would talk to you and ask you what you are and are not okay with and move on from there. He would adjust to these specifications is normal terms but he would also offer you a schedule which plans out a long-term plan on how you could slowly get over your fear.


He would think it’s adorable, but he’s not going to tell you that. Instead, he’ll simply stop carrying you around and threaten all the others to back off as well.


Would refuse to accept it, he is a seeker and seekers fly, the idea of you not being able to enjoy that with him is… unthinkable to him. While he would be mindful at least to not purposely put you in situations where you’ll be somewhere high, he won’t avoid it either.


He has had suspicions about this for a while, but now that he knows for certain that you are afraid of heights, he will make you feel as safe as he can. Basically, because he’s him, you are never going to face a time where you have to be somewhere high against your will. He’s also willing to help you get over your fear but only if you ask him.

Knock Out

He would be chill about it, choosing to chuckle and just chat with you about both of your fears and pet peeves, it’s simply not a big deal to him.


He doesn’t really care, it’s just is as it is. He’ll be aware of it but he wouldn’t treat it like its super important, its just a little phobia, we all have one, we can’t go around avoiding it to the rest of our lives.


To him, it just makes you another layer of precious and delicate. He would be super respectful to you about it to you… most of the time.  He’s going to playfully joke with you time to time.


The predacon part of him that instinctually loves to fly would baulk at the concept, but the protective part of him would overrule that part so he would accept it reasonably well and avoid heights while he is with you. He would still have trouble though from time to time because of how much flight and therefor heights mean to him.