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The "Fabulous creature" in the "throw some glitter on it" gif is Raja Gemini, winner of Rupaul's Drag race Season 3, if you care to know. That's one of her best moments.

Thank you!  I’ll add the info.  Tumblr’s interesting, because the contextless stuff has a sort of extra meaning for folks who know (it’s the pleasure of recognizing it, I think?  I feel like that sometimes) and yet when stuff has meaning to the folks who *don’t* know what the image is from, the meaning they may take from it can vary wildly from the authorial intent.  And yet, how were they to know?  In sum, this website is hell of postmodern and I’m sure some academic is going to come along and write something about it and get tenure, the bastards.

That started going somewhere totally different so I’m gonna wrap this up now.



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I don’t use any Nyx products, I find them really overrated, actually. The only pencil product I use is NYC pencil eyeliner for my waterline. I’ve been using Makeup Forever eyeshadows from Sephora. Expensive ($20 each), but worth it.

Ugh, same.  I got a white and a green NYX pencil since everyone was talking about them, but no matter what I do they crease and smear.  I use the white immediately under my brow–it is good for that–but don’t have much use for it otherwise.  Makeup Forever has a really good reputation!  I bought an orange from them a while back and like it.  I’m mostly using Urban Decay now since I bought a zillion colors when they were all marked down to $6.  That and some MAC.  I feel like they do the job pretty well, but the lure of pretty colors is hard to resist sometimes.  It’s hard not to try other brands.

NARS gets a lot of attention but I’ve not been very happy with what I’ve tried from them, and their cream eyeshadow pencils wore off immediately when I tried them on my hand last night.  Never really set.  By contrast, the UD cream pencil stayed put even though it was right under my cuff.  Go figure.

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I have to deal with unwanted advances a lot when I’m out in drag and, as an entertainer, I’m fairly obligated to be polite and accommodating. Being unabashedly inclined toward polyamory complicates things further. Thanks for sharing your story.

Oh wow I bet you do get advances–hell, I overheard a fellow in the vintage shop talking about using the dress he was buying for a drag performance, and I wanted to strike up a conversation just because wow, that’s really nifty.  Then I realized I actually had nothing to add to the conversation and I was eavesdropping anyway, which is Rude.  *cackle*  But yeah, I’m not surprised!  And of course there’s a whole subset of interactions people can choose to have in which both are on the market and looking to hook up, in which case the etiquette is probably completely different.

Oh hey I was meaning to ask you–you use Nyx eyeshadow pencils, right?  I thought you’d mentioned that before?  I’m having a hell of a time sharpening my white one, since my cheapie sharpener is a smidge too large, and damn if I’m going to randomly buy sharpeners until I find one that works, because $$.  It’s a silly question in a way, but do you have a brand recommendation by any chance?