After conceding the goal, Ter Stegen started shouting: ‘We never die! We’re Barcelona!’ Shouting: ‘All of you! Go into the attacking areas! Don’t worry about me!’ He kept shouting: ’We will win! We will win!’ At one point I told Busi that Marc wasn’t okay. - Javier Mascherano 

Happy 25th Birthday, Marc-Andre ter Stegen! (April 30, 1992)


Alright guys, so here’s a few spoilers from @crewefox‘s next chapter in Star of Ceartais, which he will be posting later on today! Be sure to check it out when he posts it. Things get REALLY intense in this chapter like holy crap. I honestly can’t wait to read it. Hope you enjoy the comic in the meantime to leave you guys on a cliff hanger! 

Oh also before I forget, if you haven’t read the story and are wondering why these two look a little, well -different-, it’s because they are HYBRIDS. So yeah they’re supposed to look like that. Byeee