Camilla takes the stage!!

Hello good morning! Panzer here again with another fantastic robot golf pilot to brighten your day! I’d like to introduce you to Camilla, the brightest star to ever shine on team Yes! Let’s Drive for Par!

(character art by Soaps!)

Though the show has been cancelled for several years now, it’s hard to remove the mark that Yes! Let’s Drive for Par left on the world. The first enormous robot sports reality show broke ratings records with every exciting episode. Only a show as tremendous as Yes! Let’s Drive for Par would be fit for the amazing Camilla to step into the public eye. As everyone’s favorite dazzling socialite, Camilla wowed audiences with her impeccable charm and insatiable ambition to be the best.

Born and raised in Louisiana, Camilla boasts a lengthy heritage with one of the most wealthy families in the nation. However, a quiet life of wealth was not enough for this southern belle, and she turned her sights to robot golf stardom. No one is quite sure where this elegant personality gained her impressive skills in the cockpit, but one thing is sure: Camilla is a force to be reckoned with.

(robot art by Doug!)

Camilla is known by her signature custom pink beauty of a bot, Sweet Tea. Her robot is of quite unusual construction, though, and many questions have been raised of which manufacturer was hired for its construction. Many robot construction yards have claimed ownership over the masterpiece of machinery, but Camilla has failed to confirm the truth of any of them. Where Sweet Tea truly originated still remains a mystery…

If you want to learn more about Camilla and her rise to stardom in Yes! Let’s Drive for Par, make sure you check out 100ft Robot Golf’s story driven campaign mode! It’s gonna be a hoot, probably! Speaking of the story, we’re taking pre-orders for this story related T-shirt over in the No Goblin store! It’s pretty good!

Bonus section!!
I’m extremely excited to announce our calendar manager and man handling extraordinaire Glenda will be playing the role of Camilla! She’s really brought some incredible southern grace and charm to this production. Check out the first clip of Camilla’s voice right here!!

Do I Wanna Know (Bucky x Reader)

Do I Wanna Know

Warnings: cursing, heartbreak

Part I : i hate u, i love u

(A/N: I got a bit carried away with this.)

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Bucky revved up his motorcycle, but then froze in place. He didn’t have a freaking clue about what he was about to do, what he was going to say, how his eyes will meet yours.

He took a sharp breath, hands on the handlebars. He let the air in his lungs, wincing as if it was glass. His heart was drumming in his chest.

He looked at the sky. It was dark. The stars weren’t shining in the night sky. It was just a deep dark blue. Bucky ran his fingers through his hair and let out a sigh. It was now or never. And his soul couldn’t bear it anymore.

The motor echoed as he let his memory guide him to the place he knew so well. To the place he called home, a year ago. To the person that he had found peace.

A loud knock woke you up from your dreamless sleep. You groaned as you dragged your feet to the cold floor. The knock repeated itself and you wondered who could it be at this goddamn time. Oh, it must be Sam trying to get you into jogging again.

You opened the door while you were rubbing your eyes. “Sam, look. I told you jogging is not fo-“

You froze. Instead of the warm chocolate eyes of your best friend, your eyes met a familiar pair of ice blue pools.

What was he doing here? At that hour. In the door of your apartment.

You felt the blood leaving your limbs, but you stood your ground.

“Bucky?” You said more like a statement than a question.

Bucky felt his heart wanting to break. His palm was sweating and he could swear that his metal hand would soon do the same.

He felt as if the whole world was on a crazy ride and spun around you. But, you remained steady, crystal clear.

He soon found that words were foreign to him that moment. His mouth dry and his throat had a big knot, stopping him from speaking. His face had surely lost any colour, only his eyes remained that piercing blue.

He opened his mouth, but no voice came out. He took a breath in despair but he choked on it.

You looked at him with worry as you saw him in this state. He was coughing and choking on thin air. His eyes wore a pair of purple eye bags underneath them, but he looked like he hadn’t changed at all.

“What do you want here, Bucky?” you spat, full of venom as buried memories started arising, cutting your heart in the same places that Bucky had, a year ago.

He had stopped coughing now but he still didn’t and couldn’t phrase a word.

“What do you want in my door at one in the morning?” you demanded. “What do you want and you show up in this state?’’

“(Y/N).” he finally spoke, your name rolled from his lips, sending shivers down your spine. You hated the control he had over your body even after that long.

“I am-I-” he closed his eyes shut. He exhaled and he made you think that he was in pain. His tone. He used that tone when he was back after a mission gone a bit out of hand and he had earned some cuts and stitches.

“I am sorry.” He whispered. He knew that his voice would crack and he would break down if he spoke any louder.

It pained him. Watching you and knowing that you weren’t his.

“About?” you said, your worry had been replaced with bubbling rage.

“About, uh, I dunno, perhaps, breaking up with me in the worst of ways?” you yelled at him.

“About shoving me away? About saying that you didn’t need me? About what, James?” your tone was threatening and in your eyes fire jumped around.

“I was a jerk. I know but-“

You slammed the door on his face. You turned around and your back swiped down to the door until you were sitting on the floor, trying not to sob, trying not to give him the pleasure knowing how he affected you.

“(Y/N), please open the door.” His voice pleading you as it tore away every progress you had made this whole year.

You heard him sigh. You held your breath, hoping he would leave, but instead he sat in the same way as you on the other side of the door.

“I recall this night every day when I wake up and every night when I fall asleep. The distance between you and the lack of eye contact gave Bucky his courage back, as he began talking.

“I still can’t figure out how I could be such an asshole to the best thing that happened in my life. I know that you only wanted to help.”

Tears wetted your eyes as the memory of the night that he broke up with you returned to your mind.

“James, open the door.” He had locked himself in the bathroom for over an hour now and the silence inside the room was deafening.

You kicked the door, hoping that he wasn’t behind it and broke it. The sound of wood hitting the floor snapped Bucky’s attention. He was a mess.

He growled to you as soon as your eyes met. He got up from the floor and shoved you out of the bathroom.

Your eyes were wide and you couldn’t control your body. “Get out. Out of here. Leave.”

You were scared. You hadn’t seen Bucky in that state ever again.

“J-James?” you muttered.

“Leave me, woman. I don’t need you. Leave. Forget about me.” He growled to your face. Your eyes were now full of tears.

You left. And he cursed the second the words left his mouth.

You got up and opened the door. Bucky stood there and his eyes widened as he saw you again, eyes puffy and tears cupping your cheeks.

You raised your hand and slapped his cheek.

He only closed his eyes, feeling the soft skin already reddening.

“You have a girlfriend. You left me a year ago. Why are you here, NOW?” you asked.

“She is nothing like you. She was more like a babysitter than a girlfriend. She left me. She saw through me, she knew I was yours. I will always be. It took me a year to find the courage to come to your door because I knew what I did to you. How big the scar that I cause to you was, I knew.”

“It took me so much time to regain only a small part of myself. And now you are back. I can’t do this. We can’t do this. Breaking each other and then crawl back.” You stated, emotion was absent from your voice.

He simply nodded, his eyes leaving yours as he looked at the floor.

“Let me have a last kiss. Please?” he begged. You knew this could end you.

“I-you can’t have this, I am sorry.” You said meeting his eyes, that now were desperately searching for yours.

He took a deep breath and looked to the ceiling. He was ready to leave when he felt your soft hand grabbing his.

Before he could even realize it your lips were on his. He was hungry for that kiss. His chapped lips met your soft ones and moved angrily, demanding. You hopped and wrapped your legs around his waist.

Too invested to the kiss, he didn’t realize that had moved in the house. You closed the door, freeing one of your hands from his hair.

He smelled like you remembered. He tasted of faint mint. Your lips roamed to his neck as you heard him moan, he waited for this forever.

His hands were on your back, fingers tracing patterns as he kissed every part of your face that he could reach.

Your breaths were uneven as your bodies touched, melting in the kiss.

He placed you on the couch and broke the kiss looking at you. Your eyes were glimmering. “I will always crawl back to you.” He said pressing his lips to yours as soft moans left your mouth.

“You are mine, doll. And I am yours.” He said breaking the kiss again, leaving you wanting for more. “If you dare to leave me again, I will cut your ass off.” You warned.

He chuckled and dived to your lips once more.

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I love your smile makes me think I'm the luckiest person to seen pearly whites like yours.. You eyes makes me think of the stars, they shine so bright. I love you no matter what.. I admire you for who you are. Please don't change and I hope I made you blush cause right now you're on my mind making my me blush.

Ganto ako rn, de joke. Anyway, thank you anon. Napangiti talaga ako dito, di ko alam kung bakit. Pero tbh, minsan lang ako ngumiti kasi ayoko ng ngumingiti kaya sinasabihan ako ng suplado at masungit haha. I love you, mwa.

I’m in love with the stars
shining up above
in the silent, cold galaxy
where they can’t feel my love.
I watch them from afar
counting billions every night
making sense of what they are
tiny crystals made of light.
I dream of joining them
and embelishing the sky
but I wake up in my bed
with a desolated cry.
—  Stars