ive been classifying fandoms like this for a while and my friends told me to make a chart or something. feel free to add more fandoms, i made a thing so that you dont have to remake the chart under the cut

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Can’t wait for the new Star Wars movie


Then the boy fell asleep
and one or two embers in the fading ashes of the fire
flared up in the shape of a beloved face

Dreaming many thousands of dreams
spreading across the land
Your silver gray eyes shine their light
like stars falling down from the night sky

Even though countless of years
turn so many prayers back to earth

I will keep praying
somehow, love for this child please
kissing the joined hands

    Translation: Rananieida

“It was the first thing my dad taught me, you know..”

Hannibal watched him as Will approached his space, sat between his legs and basically made him his bed, just because he can. Will could feel the smile radiating off Hannibal’s face.

“..that here in the sea, the stars are your comrades.”

He lazily points a finger upward, following a train of stars.

“These two are your friends.” Will says as  he pauses and shifts to a constellation opposite. “Spring up, fall down.”

He points to one star, directly above him. “And that’s your best friend.”

“Polaris.” Hannibal supplies. “The star that would always take you home.”

Will smiled to himself. “I used to call bullshit on it. One star couldn’t just be able to miraculously substitute directions.” Hannibal felt his body getting heavier, along with an audible sigh. Will closes his eyes.

"But maybe… I take it back.”

Silence hung in the air. Will hadn’t felt this comfortable in years.

Hanniversary request for @imlostinthedream who wanted Will and Hannibal cuddling under the night sky. I’m sorry I used a stock photo for the stars (I collect too many of them ||orz||), but this one was so PRETTY.

There are secrets behind the moon. There are secrets in your dreams. “There is hope in falling stars,” whisper angels on the breeze, “In the footprints in the sand. In the symbols of old names.”… and lo’ the stars fall down like rain. Look what death the comet brings! A herald of our passing time; of plague; of feud; and soulless night. And now the angels turn on us! With flaming sword and spinning scythe they cut us down without mercy, leaving poisons on the breeze. And now our hope lies with the snake. It has held the seeds in its mouth - to grow the tree which bears the fruit that gives us strength to face the stars.