Stars Earn Stripes.

Let me quickly explain why that show is shit.

Because you don’t earn anything by flying around in a helicopter, and shooting an assault rifle. That’s like saying children who “play war” and pretend they are army men are earning Military expirence too. Only your guns are real.

Because it fails to address the serious problems Active Duty Military Members face, and veterans after they have served. It perpetrates a “hero” mentality that very few experienced service members actually feel. Because Heroes are welcomed and helped by society, not tossed to the side struggling to make ends meet, unable to find treatment, employment, and community when they leave the service (or in some cases, while they’re still in. I will reblog a post from Anna in a second she did a great job with sources, statistics and links.)

Because those oblivious celebrities were asking questions like “have you ever killed someone?” And after one measly “mission” of climbing under some wire in the mud, they were going on and on about how they really “understand what our guys go through.” (Don’t even get me started on the exclusion of female military members.) Because you can obviously equate months long missions overseas to 1 or 2 “missions” on a reality TV show.

Because I get this creepy feeling down my spine that this show was created to sell us War. At a time when support for the War in Afghanistan is at its all time lowest, we now have a new prime time reality TV show that is all about our “heroes” and celebrities trying to “connect” with them. All wrapped up with the promise to donate a measly $100,000 to a veteran’s foundation (how much did this show cost to produce I wonder?) It’s showing us “Look! War is a game! War is fun! Be a patriot and watch our show!”

War is not a game for celebrities in high heels and v neck tees to play at. War is a tragic circumstance of the human race. War is not fun. Veterans should not be turned into profit making machines when so many of them are left starving in the streets. So before you start up a new reality tv show obsession.. Think about what it’s trying to teach you. If you want to connect with the Military, google your local veteran’s center, and see if they need a volunteer.

Stars Earn Stripes

Maybe I’m a little too hard on the media, but I hate this kind of trivialization of the military.  I’ve never served, and I’m quite liberal about things.  I think being fully educated and aware of the world is important for those contributing to public discourse.  So to me the “military” is more than a collection of tough men and women who can run “x” distance or hit something with a tank mounted .50.   To me the armed services are about a collection of men and women who have the unenviable task of making decisions that mean someone else actually dies.  I want to to see Todd Palin try to figure out if calling in a JDAM strike on house will take out an actual insurgent, or just an unlucky family.  I want to see Dean Cain triage a couple of IED victims.  I want to see Laila Ali knowingly drive a MRAP into what is in all likelihood a ambush.

The show seems so trivial to me, boiling down the work that is done to a series of Circus of the Stars type competitions, followed by some fawning “thanks for all you do” moments.  Then its cut to commercial.  The US has spent a decade at war and most people give more thought to their morning latte than the fact that people are conducting a war on their behalf.  

Sorry for the rant, but I’ve got friends who were embedded in Iraq and Afghanistan and though only journalists, still wake regularly with cold sweats.   Another friend lost her son in Somalia, he was stoned to death by a mob.  So shows like this just seem cheap to me.

Anybody else watch this??

The first episode was on Monday night. They take celebrities and pair them with some sort of military personnel whether it be a sniper, ranger, SEAL or whatever and they have to compete against each other in military missions. Needless to say it is awesome to watch(airs Monday nights) and I think all my SOs would really like it :) Even if you’re not a MilSO check it out, its pretty awesome to see these celebrities unable to complete missions that our very own do on a daily basis. Makes me very proud of my Marine<3


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Eve wins Stars Earn Stripes!

In an emotional episode of Stars Earn Stripes, WWE Diva, Eve Torres, managed to make emerge victorious!

After dominating the competition from the beginning, Eve had a very emotional beginning to the competition, having some issues to the shoot out - however, she managed to pull through it and came in fourth, meaning that Nick Lachey was eliminated.

In the next mission, Eve, partnered with Dean, won, leaving Picabo and Todd in the shoo tout, in which Todd was eliminated.

In the final mission, Eve won - and it’s be a crime to say that she wasn’t amazing.

Eve definitely deserved to win this competition, earning $100,000 for her chosen charity, the USO, and her amazing partner, Grady Powell, winning F150 Ford Truck.

#TeamLongHairDontCare nailed it, and I couldn’t be more proud of Eve and Grady, and all the other celebrities and their partners who took part in the competition.

As an Army girlfriend, Stars Earn Stripes really pisses me off.

They’re facing the same challenges as our military? Yeah, except our men and women are facing real bullets, real grenades, real IEDs, with people actually trying to kill them. They can’t call ‘Time-out every time they break a nail. When their buddy is ‘KIA,’ that’s it. They’re not waiting on the sidelines for the mission to be over. No, Stars Earn Stripes is NOTHING like the challenges they face. >.>