stars will pour out


acotar character doodles: rhysand → high lord of the night court

“There is the darkness of lovers, and the darkness of assassins. It becomes what the bearer wishes it to be, needs it to be. It is not wholly bad or good.” 

Quotes Representing The Major Arcana 🔮🌙

The Fool: “First you jump off the cliff and you build your wings on the way down”- Ray Bradbury

The Magician: “As your desire is, so is your will. As your will, so is your deed. As your deed, so is your destiny.”- Brihadaramyaka Upanishad

The High Priestess: “There are mysteries within the soul which no hypothesis can uncover and no guess can reveal”-Kahlil Gibran

The Empress: “Be fruitful and multiply”-Genesis

The Emperor: “Set all things in their own particular place, and know that order is the greatest grace”-John Dryden

The Hierophant: “We are all teachers, the question is not whether we will teach, but what”- Anonymous

The Lovers: “Arms wide, we bend toward each other, and a passing angel passes for a moment, standing imponderably on the air, to witness our embrace”- P. L. Travers

The Chariot: “Climb high, climb far. Your goal the sky, your aim the star.” -Inscription at Williams College

Strength: “He who reigns within himself and rules his passions, desires, and fears is more than a king.” John Milton

The Hermit: “Be ye lamps unto yourselves”- Buddah

Wheel Of Fortune: Everything goes, everything returns; eternally rolls the wheel of being”- Nietzsche

Justice: “To be perfectly just is an attribute of the divine nature; to be so to the utmost of our abilities is the glory of man”- Joseph Addison

The Hanged Man: “Humility that low sweet root, from which all heavenly virtues shoot”- Sir Thomas Moore

Death: “There is no death! What seems so is a transition”- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Temperance: “You carry all the ingredients to turn your existence into joy. Mix them! Mix Them!” -Hafiz

The Devil: “If thou hast not seen the devil, look at thine own self”- Rumi

The Tower: “We turn to God for help when our foundations are shaking, only to learn it is God who is shaking them”- Charles C. West

The Star: “It is the nature of the goodness to pour itself out”- St. Thomas Aquinas

The Moon: “Behold, this dreamer cometh”- Genesis

The Sun: “Life is a pure flame and we are lit by an invisible sun within us”- Sir Thomas Browne

Judgement: “God had sounded through them as though through trumpets”- Marsilio Ficino

The World: “Give me beauty in the inward soul, may the outward and the inward be as one”- Socrates

Movies were meant to stay on the screen, flat and large and colorful, gathering you up into their sweep of story, carrying you rollicking along to the end, then releasing you back into your unchanged life. But this movie (Star Wars) misbehaved. It leaked out of the theater, poured off the screen, affected a lot of people so deeply that they required endless talismans and artifacts to stay connected to it.

You’re the part of outer space. No one understands. Yet, everyone is trying to explore There wasn’t a beginning, Or end, to you. Stars poured out of your soul. Supplying a little twinkle to all who pass. Every planet you obtain, Are homes you’ve retained Most forsaken They’re your getaways. There’s a light comparable to our sun, Without out a doubt you shine exceedingly. It keeps them steady When you feel like blowing up. It’s easy for you to just be, But complicated when people make a home in you. You don’t want them to explore your beauties. Your nebulas could only be compared to Orion, Carina, and triffid, The constellations that were beautifully brought into existence, better than Canis Major, Ursa Major, and Hercules., All of the galaxies formed inside of you. For only a few to ever see. Hiding these parts. So no one can hurt you.
—  kingvanleer 

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Go write! Or if you insist on procrastinating, I'll take an angsty fic rec list. 💔

oh i love me some angst! i feel like everything i read is angst ahaha, but if you want it, i will provide you with a tiny list of it! (i’ll write after this…….. maybe)

Angsty Fics

honestly i tried to keep this list short but i think i got carried away

find more fic recs here

scarlet benoit does not care about wearing clothes “for her body type.” all clothes are for her body type. she wears crop tops and shorts and sweatshirts and skinny jeans and patterns and dresses and sweatpants and anything else you can imagine. she holds hands with her husband in the streets. her huge, scary-looking, husband who gets looks of terror and threats in the streets. she shuts down every single comment that comes their way. she holds and organizes protest for genetically modified wolf soldiers to be recognized as human beings. scarlet alternates between wanting to be held and wanting to be left alone. between feeling things crawling through her skin or feeling her finger that is not there and feeling like herself again. between sleeping soundly, tangled in wolf’s arms under their layers of blankets, to begging, pleading, screaming for the torture to stop; pushing wolfs worrying hands away from her because don’t fucking touch me right now. scarlet sings while she cooks dinner, wolf humming or whistling under her mediocre tunes. she hugs her friends every time she sees them, knowing that in the blink of an eye those she cares so deeply about can be gone. scarlet loves having her shoulders rubbed, melting into wolf as he tries to help her relieve stress after a long day. she never complains about her work, only feeling truly at ease out in the garden with the vegetables her grandmother loved so much. scarlet knows she’s rough, she knows she’s strong and tough and everything the media portrays her to be, but she wishes, just once, that people could allow her to be soft sometimes. that she didn’t have to be a role model all the time. that she could be insecure, that she could cry, that she could be everything she feels in her head. scarlet vents to winter. she loves wolf, but stars it feels so good to pour her heart out to someone who just understands what it’s like to feel so crazy sometimes. winter feels like the only one who can understand what it’s like to have a head filled with trauma, with illusions, with awful images. scarlet loves her friends so much. so much. scarlet has a huge heart, a heart that seems as if it should burst with how much love contained in it, but she just keeps loving.

Club Soda and Whiskey

Characters:  Dean x reader, Sam

Summary:  Dean meets reader at a rock show.

Word Count:  3317

Warnings:  Language, sex, slightly angsty 

As aways, feedback is welcomed and appreciated. Tags are at the bottom. There is still room on my new Forever Tag list! Add yourself here

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Club Soda and Whiskey

Sipping your drink, you sit on the stool at the bar. As far as venues go, this one isn’t too bad. It smells of beer, but not in a funky, sweaty man and stale cigarette kind of way. It’s not smoky and the crowd seems cool. The band has played in far worse conditions. Like that time at that dive bar in LA. That was a night that you’d never forget. A biker gang had decided the middle of the set would be the perfect time for an all out brawl. One thing was for sure, there was never a dull moment to be had.

You fiddle with the slice of lime garnishing the rim of your glass while you watch the crowd. A tall, handsome man threads his way through the crowd. He’s rugged and sexy, broad shouldered. You notice by his gait that he’s bow-legged. He sidles up next to you at the bar and gives you a broad grin. Damn, he’s one good-looking son of a bitch. Probably a total douche, though. Most of the guys you meet in these clubs are.

Lifting a finger to the bartender, the man says smoothly, “I’ll have whatever she’s having.”

You stifle a giggle as the bartender replies, “You want a club soda?”

The light catches his eyes as his lips turn up into a grin. They are a brilliant shade of green. He chuckles, “Scratch that. I’ll take a whiskey.”

The bartender nods and turns to pull a bottle off the glass shelf. Tall-and-handsome turns to you, extending his hand. “Hi there, I’m Dean.”

“Hey,” you respond, taking his hand and grasping firmly. Christ, he’s strong. “I’m (Y/N).”

“Have you seen this band before?” he asks casually.

“Yeah, I’ve been to all their shows.”

“Wow, that’s dedication! I’m just in town for a few days and thought I’d catch a show. I’d never heard of them until today.”

“Well, Dean, you are in for a treat,” you say, smiling up at him. Dean looks just past your shoulder and you turn to see the hulking form behind you. It’s Clint, head of security for the band. Clint is big and looks menacing, but he’s a teddy bear at heart. Clint leans and whispers in your ear and you nod in response.

“Sorry, Dean, that’s my cue. I have to get going”

“Wait…are you with the band?” Dean asks.

“Uh, yeah…I’m the tour manager,” you reply.

“Really? Awesome!”

You give him a wave and start to follow after Clint, before turning back to Dean. “Hey, what do you say to a backstage pass?”

“For real?” The expression on his face is like a kid in a candy store. “Man, I’d love that. But I’m here with my brother…”

“What’s his name?”


“Okay, when you find your brother, go talk to Clint. He’ll be to the left of the stage. Give him your names and he’ll bring you backstage.”

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Auston Matthews - “Buttercup”

Heya! Could you do an auston matthews one where (y/n) is his gf who is visiting from like England and she is at the warm ups before game start and she chirps one of the other team members? And he’s like real proud of some things she says? Thank ya!

After a very long trip you were finally standing in the players tunnel at Air Canada Centre. You had made a surprise visit to see your boyfriend for two years Auston Matthews play against the Dallas Stars. 

Before long the players door opened and out poured the Leafs one by one. The smile on your boyfriends face when he saw you was priceless and worth the countless hours of travel from North Wales to Toronto.

“Why are you doing here?” Auston said picking you up and hugging you tight. 

“I came to see my boyfriend beat the snot out of the Dallas Shits…I’m Dallas Stars.” You joked. “Plus I missed you loads. Good surprise?” You asked kiss his lips.

“Great surprise. God I can’t wait till after the game.” He said wiggling his eyebrows. 

“You’re such a man.” You laughed. “ Good luck babe.” 

With one more kiss and a butt grab Auston was on his way to the ice. You made you way to your seat behind the boys and watched the Leafs and the Stars warm-up. 

“It’s a good thing you’re pretty, cause you can’t play for crap.” You yelled out at number 91 on the Stars. Tyler smiled as he looked back.

“Wait, till you see what I do in the sheets.” He tossed back with a wink.

“Well if it’s anything like you do out there am sure a lot of girls go home upset.” You smiled back.

“Ouch, beautiful and firey. How about we test this theory out after the game buttercup?” He asked with a shit eating grin.

“Not sure my boyfriend would like that idea, but I can ask him if ya want.” You joked smiling at Auston who looked like he was loving every minute of this. 

Tyler acted like he was looking around before saying “Boyfriend? I don’t see any boyfriend?” 

“That’s cause the game hasn’t started yet, buttercup.” You said taking off you jacket to show your Matthews jersey.


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Nessian Part Seventeen by L.J. LaFleur


The Night Court forest was vast, pines for hundreds of miles. It was one of our greatest defenses. Even with a compass or magic, foreigners would still lose their sense of direction. But now, standing here, it was haunting me. These woods that I grew up in, that I loved—were tainted by the screams of Nesta.

I released myself from my brothers, stepping forward with great effort. I bit down on my chapped lips; trapping the cry that threatened to escape.

I had been through worse, I reminded myself. Split open on one battlefield only to be torn apart on another, but I made it. Each time, I had fought through the hurdles; dripping with sweat and blood stained but victorious nonetheless.     

Scanning over everything, from the surrounding pines to the ancient boulders, I was unsure of where to focus first.

Breathe…Rhys pushed into my mind.

I looked over my shoulder, giving him a short nod as I inhaled. It felt like an arrow to my chest as her scent barreled through me.

Nesta, Nesta, Nesta…

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A year older than he ever got to be.

“What place would you advise me to visit now?” he asked.

“The planet Earth,” replied the geographer. 

“It has a good reputation.”

“Oh, where I live,” said the little prince, “it is not very interesting. It is all so small. I have three volcanoes. Two volcanoes are active and the other is extinct. But one never knows.”

“I don’t believe you! Flowers are weak creatures. They are naďve. They reassure themselves as best they can. They believe that their thorns are terrible weapons …”

“You know, it will be very nice. I, too, shall look at the stars. All the stars will be wells with a rusty pulley. All the stars will pour out fresh water for me to drink …”

I said nothing.

“That will be so amusing! You will have five hundred million little bells, and I shall have five hundred million springs of fresh water …" 

To you, I am nothing more than a fox like a hundred thousand other foxes. But if you tame me, then we shall need each other. To me, you will be unique in all the world. To you, I shall be unique in all the world …

The wheat fields have nothing to say to me. And that is sad. But you have hair that is the color of gold. Think how wonderful that will be when you have tamed me! The grain, which is also golden, will bring me back the thought of you. And I shall love to listen to the wind in the wheat …

Men have forgotten this truth,” said the fox. “But you must not forget it. You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed. You are responsible for your rose …

"In one of the stars I shall be living. In one of them I shall be laughing. And so it will be as if all the stars were laughing, when you look at the sky at night … You–only you–will have stars that can laugh!”

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Can you do another algee and Keith imagine. Pls. And I love ur blog 😍😍😍

Gifs & Pictures are not mine

Warning: Major FLUFF, you’ve been warned

Word Count: Keith’s Imagine: 4.0k & Algee’s Imagine: 3.2k

A/N: I hope you all enjoy the imagines, I hope it meets up to your expectations & thank you so much for saying that it warms my heart and makes me really happy.- XX basicKassandra

Keiths Imagine:

Dating Keith wasn’t easy for multiple reasons, he was ALWAYS late to every date because of work, ALWAYS gets stopped by fans but of course thats one of the reasons you loved him but importantly he was ALWAYS getting hit on by other women in the industry because you and him were a secret. Everyone in the media just saw you two as childhood friends, and it wasn’t a complete lie because you’d known Keith since he was 8 and you were 6 years old but it’d hurt because friendship doesn’t mean anything in the glam world. You were just a regular person, who went to school and worked your everyday 9-5 at the music store and he was super star hottie who had the voice that belonged to the angels above, it’s true that he could have any women he wanted and you never understood why he chose you but you stopped second guessing it sometimes. It was hard for you both to do romantic things without being caught by media, so you both settled for small things like you visiting him at the recording studio which you did every Friday but this Friday was a special one because today was April 28th which just so happened to be you and Keith’s 2 year anniversary and you knew he had completely forgotten but you couldn’t blame him because of how busy he was, so you brought his a couple of snacks and a gift that would make his day a bit brighter. You walked into the recording studio and just as you were about to step into the booth you heard voices “Keith, how come you aren’t off the market yet? You’re young, handsome, talented and most importantly famous.”you heard a female voice through the doors you imagined her paws all over Keith which sent your body into heated mood “Maybe because I’m not looking for anyone now, just being free for a while before I think of settling.” You heard Keith say in a smooth tone not letting her previous comment rattle him and even though you know his statement was false it still hurt you to hear him say the words, you gave the door a weak knock before hearing Keith respond “Come in!” you opened the door smiling at Keith causing the unnamed women to roll her eyes and sway her way out of the room closing the door behind her loudly “How much did you hear?” Keith said wrapping his arms around you which cause you to become nervous and start questioning how he knew you were listening to him the whole time “Baby, your face. I’ve been studying it for 16 years so I know when something is bothering you,” he said pulling you into his arms trying to bury you deep inside his chest but you were so affected by his words that you squirmed your way out of his strong embrace “Enough to know that you enjoy being free and aren’t thinking about settling… Is that why you haven’t mentioned me? Because you want to be free?” you said feeling the tears run down your face “Baby you can’t be serious right now.” he said letting out a frustrated sigh as he began to move his hands trying to calm his nerves before getting up. He slowly walked over to you and he grabbed you wrapping you in his arms holding you tight. “Baby, I didn’t mean anything I said and you should know that. I’ve loved you for 16 whole years, not a day goes by where I don’t think about you. I don’t put you out there because I don’t want people to know I’m happily taken, I don’t put you out there because the media and fans will and can do vicious things to ruin us or even hurt you and if something like that ever happened I don’t think I would be able to live with myself. Today marks 2 years in our amazing relationship, you loved me before all the fame and glory and you’re still with me now which means none of that matters to you and I would be a damn fool if I let you go. Plus I find our secret relationship very sexy don’t you?” he said laughing as he looked down at you kissing your forehead. You laughed and smiled “This is one of the reason why I love you, you goofball.” you say as you tip toe to reach his mouth and kiss him softly.

Algee Smith

Finally you made it to the big leagues as they say in the reporter industry, you were at the BET Awards and trying to get the latest scoop on all the hot celebrities that everyone has been raving about but every reporter on this carpet was hoping to get the perfect interview with one of the cast members for “New Edition Story” it was a story everyone was after tonight and hopefully if you played your cards right that reporter would be you. You were wearing a plain black dress with slits on the side, plain doesn’t always mean ugly. You set up your microphones to make sure they were ready and working because of a busy carpet like this you never know what would happen and just as the stars were about to pour out your bladder hit you like a truck, it was so bad to the point where you couldn’t hold it and it made you so nervous because what if you missed you big moment you would never live that down. “Just go (Y/N). I’ll man the fort don’t worry.” The camera guy Phil said smiling at you while you nodded and rushed elegantly off to the bathroom, and once you had relieved yourself and started walking back you realized you left your phone in the stall causing you to hurry back, once you retrieved the phone and made sure you didn’t leave anything else behind you heard a voice echo down the hall “Well you look rather lovely.” The voice said causing you to freeze in your tracks only one name passed through your head. Algee Smith. You turned slowly facing him and looking at how his white suit contradicted with your black dress “You don’t look so bad yourself.” You say giggling a little once he noticed your reporter passed he became very wary “You’re far to pretty to be a cruel and heartless reporter.” He said in a sad tone “Well who said I was cruel and heartless , I’ll have you know I’ve been called quiet the opposite.” You say raising an eyebrow at him. He laughed holding out his hand gesturing you to take it “Be careful you wouldn’t want the cruel and heartless reporter to cut out your heart would you?“ You say teasing him and you accepted his hand causing both of you to laugh “As long as you keep it somewhere safe that’s always near you , I don’t think I’d mind that much.” He said smoothly looking ahead “Quite the smooth talker huh?” you ask looking at his face to see a slight smirk appear on his face “Maybe you’re a witch in disguise as a beautiful young heartless and cruel reporter, cause it seems like you’re taking my breath away.” He says stopping before the door “Here we must part.” you say walking towards the door and just as your about to open it you feel Algee’s lips skim your ear “I’ll let you interview me under one condition.” he said lowly so only you could hear which caused shivers to run down your spine you nodded slightly hanging on to his every word “We do the interview over a private dinner, don’t look for me tonight because I’ll find you Cinderella before the clock strikes 12.” he said opening the door for you allowing you to return to your spot in the reporter section as you watched him wink in your direction as he walked by ignoring all the other reporters. Your smirked devilishly and began to think “Sorry ladies and gentlemen but that one is mine.”

yoongi scenario | d is for dalliance

dalliance  /‘dalɪəns/  noun.  a brief involvement with someone; amorous play

genre: angst, fluff
word count: 1k
warnings: hints at sex
a stand-alone in the ‘synonymous with love’ series // d is for…

“We were dazzling – resplendent in the night’s sky. We lit up the city with our passion; every street was kindling for our fire. But the problem with stars is that they die in the end. And we were no exception.”

Those words, though repeated a thousand times, still taste dulcet on your tongue. They are delicate things, but they make you feel at ease – repeating the mantra till it throbs through you. This way you won’t forget what you are. It reminds you of the fleeting seconds you spent with him - Min Yoongi, your star boy, a sky away from you - it reminds you of the dalliance you had, great and glorious, it will repeat, it has to.

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When we touch
We combust
As if Vesuvius
Were to erupt
Like the stars
In the sky,
Bright as day,
Dark as night
Your galaxies
Pour out light
Pulling me in,
Holding me tight,
As I orbit around
Your solar system
Belts of stars,
And constellations
Time will freeze
Then continue
You are my universe
I’ll explore space with you
—  J. DeLissio, day 153, “the universe within us”

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Do you have any fluffy/happy fic recommendations?


Pour out the stars, tell me a tale by @nea-writes, a modern magic AU (OT4 oneshot)

chut, je rêve also by nea-writes, centered on Allen and Timothy, consistently but not constantly fluff (oneshot collection)

siblings, probably by Scarlet66, centered on Kanda and Lenalee, oneshot collection

Fun in the sun by nea-writes again, OT4 + Alma, modern AU pool fic (oneshot)

in the circus by metisket; not unadulterated but I wouldn’t say it hurts either. Post-war, the OT4 join the circus for Reasons.

To Tea or Not to Tea by @elreyexorcista, silly qpp Kanda and Allen, oneshot

your smile is so bright by Irascent Lotus, Kanda and Tiedoll apprenticeship oneshot

The Art of Folding by Momosportif is another of these

Kanda: The Littlest Elf by Takanami. Rise of the Guardians crossover. Silly!


Shelter by @howardlinkedin, which I rec at every opportunity (two part childhood-friends-to-lovers series)

dulce de leche by @hurryupfic, a canonverse oneshot that still makes me smile every time I think of it

A many-splendored thing by nea-writes, modern AU oneshot, snugglefic

Warm on a cold night by nea-writes, modern AU, college era, oneshot

petsitting by haloud, modern AU, Link and Allen flirt over Allen’s cat


Nine in the Afternoon by nea-writes, 4 AM Yullen shopping fic, modern AU, oneshot

Hard Living by metisket, Kanda and Allen grow old together. In a manner of speaking.

Beansprout Garden by limyth-unknownymous, Yullen, college AU

Falling in Love In Ten Days Flat by Novelist Pup, Poker Pair, modern AU

(Denise, how have I never realized just how much fluff you write?)

she is the ocean;

She is the Ocean.

A beautiful mystery,

And like the river,

I can’t help but flow to her.

Her eyes are shining, liquid blue

Like the sea and the stars combined,

She even enchanted the gods;

Each night the moon pours out too much of herself

Until the Ocean is made of silver and sapphire.

Beauty and kindness spill from her in waves and

The sound of her voice sends ripples down my spine

I am sure that inside her are magnificent wonders,

That her soul is embroidered with pearls,

She is shimmering and soft and I’d let her drown me

Just to sleep on her sea-bed

But I’ll ignore the tsunamis flooding my brain, begging me to ask

If she likes girls

Because even if she does,

She could never like me, for

she is the Ocean

And I am just a river

Flowing back to her every time. 

{constellations and ink, #13}

Darth Vader after finding out Luke Skywalker is his son, searching for any records the Empire can supply, any information that can be dug up by other means, any old holos anyone may have filmed over the years that show a glimpse of his child. Learning any tiny scrap of fact that he can about Luke. Staring repeatedly at an old, grainy holo that shows a younger Luke, sun bleached hair, the chin of his father and Padme’s smile. Staring in wondrous disbelief that his child survived and had the chance to grow up. That the swell of Padme’s rounded belly could turn into this boy, this man. 

How he’s already missed so much.