stars when they were younger

ADHD Lance HCs

-Lance loves tactile stims

-Hand flapper

-He bouncy he leg!

-Auditory processing issues be like:
someone: Hey can you get the things?
Lance: whut?
Someone: I asked if you could-
Lance: Oh ya just gimme a sec

-His pockets always have at least three different Stim toys?
Keith once stole his jacket because honestly the fabric is the best?! but when he shoved his lil hands into the pockets he was like ?!?!? :O
(Lanced started sharing his stim toys once he learnt that Keith had left all of his on Earth) (Keith loves chewing R.I.P all the pens he’s ever used)

-Executive dysfunction af

-He always seems to break his Tangles. He isn’t even that rough with them but one minute they’ll be fine then next it’s all in pieces? H O W
(Hunk learnt how to fix them tho so it’s all good :D )

-Has so many Spinner rings?!?! where does he store them all? but no he loves them all (His favorite is the one Hunk bought him when they were younger that has stars on it and still doesn’t fit quite right )

-If you think that my sweet lil sinnamon roll would NOT have RSD (rejection sensitive dysphoria) you are wrong
(Please protect him from himself)

-Cannot handle things around his throat unless it is loose and soft
unforunatly that means no choker necklaces.(He mourns this fact. LET HIM WEAR CHOKERS)

-He also can’t wear certain socks because the seam rubs against his toe beans the wrong way


Lucifer x Reader

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A/N: My Mick fic seemed to get more attention than I thought it would, so I thought I’d post some more of my stuff and see what you guys think. If there’s anything specific you guys want to see, my ask box is open! I didn’t edit this, so I apologise for any incorrect spelling and/or grammar.

Warnings: none. 

Word count: 1,644.


If there was anything you loved most in the world, it was stars. When you were much younger, you’d found a way onto the roof from your attic bedroom and it wasn’t uncommon to find you in a blanket staring into the sky when you should’ve been sleeping.

Even years later, the fascination you held never went away. Sam and Dean never truly understood your love for the night sky, but they found themselves grateful that for all you’d seen in the world, you could still appreciate something so simple as stars.

It had become routine now for you to wander off to bed for a nap in the early evening. Sam would grab a thick blanket for you and Dean would slip some snacks into a small basket for you before they woke you and you would either sneak back to bed when the sun had risen or they would find you asleep outside.

They’d all joined you at some point or other. Sam and Dean sat with you when sleep was scarce. Castiel taught you all you know about stars and the constellations and even Chuck had sat with you, admiring your love for one of his favourite creations.

Arriving home from a hunt, you allowed yourself a full night’s sleep whilst you avoided your most recent house guest.

Lucifer had been returned to Nick’s vessel by Chuck after the threat of the Darkness was resolved. Not wanting to put him back in the cage, he limited Lucifer’s powers and asked you and the Winchester’s to essentially babysit the fallen angel.

He’d been incredibly hostile the first few weeks until eventually his situation seemed to sink in. Now he sat quietly, reading mostly and only breaking his silence to give snarky comments.

That lead you to now, as the clock struck 7pm you closed the book on blood drinking creatures and stood, stretching slightly.

“Alright, I’m gonna head to bed,” you mentioned to the group. Sam gave you a smile whilst Dean set his watch to beep at the next hour so he could wake you up. You kissed Sam on the head and Dean and Cas on the cheek before saying goodnight.

Lucifer didn’t even bat an eye as you walked out, the Winchester’s and his little brother echoing a goodnight to you.

By now, he’d learned that you always left around this time to sleep and then you would be woken up and you would spend the rest of your night outside for whatever ridiculous reason.

He often caught you sneaking in after the sun had risen or one of the Winchester’s would carry you to your bed.

He ignored the curiosity niggling at him and resumed reading in the quiet of the library.

Eventually Dean’s watch began to beep and suddenly everyone was in motion. Sam stood and walked into the hallway with Dean whilst Castiel walked towards the stairs and the door.

Lucifer watched them all leave, once again ignoring his curiosity.

You were shaken awake gently.

“Hey, c’mon sweetheart, time to get up,” Dean muttered to you as he slowly helped you sit up. The tiredness was clear in your eyes and as strong shelled as Dean usually came off, he felt himself soften and he ran a hand through your hair.

“Why don’t you sleep a bit longer,” he insisted but you shook your head and shakily stood from his grasp. He chuckled and stood with you.

“I’ll probably fall asleep outside again,” you told him honestly.

Dean crossed to your dresser and pulled open a drawer, rooting around for the fluffiest pair of socks you owned.

“Not without these you’re not,” he said, handing them to you. You laughed and thanked him before walking through the bunker into the war room.

Sam looked up from his book and shook his head as you tiredly stumbled into the room. You smiled sleepily at him as he stood from his chair, taking over from Dean.

“Thanks, Sammy.”

At the top of the stairs stood your basket, filled with blankets and 2 pillows on top.

“It’s not so cold out tonight, but if it gets too much, come inside,” Sam told you, trying to be stern about it but the smile on your face told him you wouldn’t listen either way.

You gave him a quick hug and wished him a good night before closing the door behind you. The crisp, cool air felt nice and you took a deep breath.

The sky was just beginning to go dark and you crossed the gravel quickly before hopping the fence into the field opposite the bunker.

When Lucifer next looked up from the book in front of him, the Winchester’s had long since gone to bed and Castiel had disappeared to wherever he went to. He was more than content to keep reading but the urge to know just what it was the Winchester’s pet did during the late hours became overwhelming.

He sighed and stood, swiftly making his way to the bunker door. Stepping out and closing it behind him, he walked up the steps into the open space. Lucifer’s eyes picked up the glow of a light a bit further off in the distance. The faint sound of wings was unmissable in the silence of the night but you didn’t seem to notice him appear close to you.

Instead, your head was against a pillow, eyes staring up into the night sky and a cozy blanket covered you. Lucifer took a moment to watch you, to see you in what looked to be your safe place.

There was a small, unconscious smile on your face and the stars in the sky seemed to reflect in your eyes and for a second, Lucifer was overcome with an emotion he wasn’t familiar with.

“You know they’re just burning planets, don’t you.”

You barely flinched, but the flicker of panic in your eyes told him you were unaware of his presence. You pushed yourself to sit up and you frowned.

“Yes, I know. That doesn’t mean I can’t look at them,” you replied before asking the question you desperately wanted the answer to.

“Lucifer, what are you doing out here?”

The archangel maintained his standing position and folded his arms and if you didn’t know any better, you’d have said it was protective mechanism.

“I just wondered what ridiculous human hobby you were partaking in.”

You sighed and moved over on your multitude of blankets and patted the space next to you. He narrowed his eyes at you and then decided to accept your unspoken offer.

The closer he came, the colder it seemed but you didn’t mind so much. You’d always been more partial to the cold.

He sat next to you stiffly and you shook your head before scooting down and laying your head on a pillow. You raised an eyebrow, challenging him to do the same.

Lucifer scowled and hesitantly matched your form.

“It’s not a ridiculous human hobby. At least, not to me. I just-” you struggled for words.

“I just like to watch, to see. Maybe it’s because it’s pretty or maybe sometimes I feel the need to remind myself just how peaceful and beautiful this world can be.”

Lucifer had always had an unseen soft spot for you. You’d been one of the only people who actually tried to understand him and watching you fumble for your words in this moment made him feel the need to understand you.

“I see awful things most days, I fight monsters. Sometimes I just want the peace and tranquillity that comes with this view.”

Lucifer was quiet and that scared you.

“I watched my father create the stars, a process that other than Gabriel and myself, no others witnessed. No doubt you would have liked it.”

You stared at the archangel next to you, your mouth agape in the shock that he was willingly sharing something so intimate with you.

“Some people believe that stars are actually windows into heaven,” you mentioned to him.

He laughed a little and you felt a pull in your chest at the sound.

“That’s a ridiculous notion,” he turned his head to look at you and for a moment you found yourself more enraptured with those cerulean blue eyes that seemed to shine brighter than any star.

“It’s a nice thought though.”

The two of you were mostly silent as the darkness in the sky slowly dripped away and the morning light began to bleed through.

You cupped your hands around the mug in your hands. It was filled with warm coffee from a thermos that Castiel had slipped into the basket, if the bee stickers were anything to go by.

Lucifer’s intimidating exterior had melted away as had the hours. He looked more peaceful now than you had ever seen him.

“Why do you suppose that is?” he questioned when you mentioned that to him.

“Well perhaps it was the company,” you joked. “But I suppose there’s a reason they call you ‘Morning Star’ and ‘Light-bringer’ isn’t there?”

Lucifer smiled and nodded, turning his eyes back to the oncoming sunset.

“Many people forget those names for me. Sometimes even I forget,” he confided to you.

You placed your cup to the side and hesitantly settled closer to him.

“I won’t let you forget,” the promise left your lips without a thought from your brain but any negative thought was removed when a cold hand slide around your waist and pulled you closer.

The two of you watched the stars fade from the sky and the orange light of dawn lit up the world before you.

You don’t remember falling asleep and you don’t remember getting to your bed, but you do remember the lingering feeling of cool lips on your forehead and you hoped that Lucifer would join you again. 

Little Star

Request: Please do another soulmate AU for Phil!!! The last one was SO CUTEEE!!!!! Perhaps a tattoo one?

Word count: 786

Warnings: None??

Soo I’m currently on holiday. Any requests that have been made before this one will be published asap but I don’t have the files on the computer I am using, so sorry about that, but they will be coming as well as any other requests made. Love y’all, enjoy this little bit of Phil!

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 You once found the tiny star tattoo on your cheekbone beautiful. When you were younger, you’d study it in the mirror, making sure that your hair was pulled out the way so people could see it. People had always complimented it, but you grew to hate it. You tried every type of make up to make sure it wasn’t visible, eventually styling your hair to cover it.

You’d had this star since you were born, of course. It was your soulmate mark. Everyone in the world had a certain tattoo unique to them and only one other person – their soulmate. It just so happened that yours was on your face. You’d never seen anyone in person with a mark on their face, and according to the internet it was very rare, but you had it better off than some of the people with huge patterns across their noses or even on their eyes.

It did make it the slightest bit easier to see if someone was your soulmate or not, though. In a previous relationship, they had no idea about the tattoo on your cheekbone, and were convinced that you were soulmates due to your custom tattoo of your favourite lyrics on your knee. Of course, this wasn’t the case, and you ended off breaking up with them, which was awkward to explain.

Everything changed one day when across the street from the coffee shop window you were sat in, someone managed to catch your eye. He was tall, around 6’2, with sweeping black hair and striking blue eyes, standing with someone around the same height and looks. You wondered why this person had somehow got your attention, when you noticed that on his knee, poking out from his shorts was the same writing you also had. You frowned, double checking it wasn’t the person from your first and last relationship, before scanning his face.

There it was – a tiny star on his left cheekbone, an exact replica of yours. Your heart jumped, before stuttering as you realised that the guy next to him had a star too, slightly bigger and on his right cheekbone instead. You jumped to your feet, completely forgetting your coffee and rushing out of the shop. You ran straight into the road, yelping when a car just missed you and the driver yelled angrily out his window. You shouted an apology, stumbling over your own feet in the process and tripping. You shouted profanities under your breath, scrambling to your feet before a car could come and jumping onto the pavement you originally started on. The man, who you had pretty much confirmed as your soulmate, cast a worried glance back at you, and you yelled out for him to wait, waving about your arms and trying to reveal the star on your cheekbone, only to forget that you had covered it in about five layers of makeup and was barely visible. His expression just became confused, and he hurried away after his friend.

Your eyes begin to fill up with hot tears, and you rubbed down your legs, your hands already beginning to bruise. You sniffed and took in a deep breath, trying not to be deterred. You crossed at the traffic lights and ran after them, your legs hurting but you knew it would be worth it in the end. They came back into sight, and you breathed in a breath of excitement, nervousness or relief, perhaps all at once, running after them still.

“Excuse me, excuse me,” You panted as you came behind them. They turned to stare at you, and you put up a finger as you rested your hands on your knees, exhausted after the excercise. “I’m so sorry for all of that, but, I…”

“It’s okay, take your time.” The guy’s friend threw in sarcastically, but the black haired guy punched him lightly on the arm.

“I have the same tattoos as you.” You finally managed to get out, revealing the tattoo on your knee and rubbing away the make up to show the star on your cheekbone. His eyes widened, turning to his brown haired friend before looking back at you.

He finally decided to throw his arms round you, scooping you into a hug. You let out a sigh of relief and wrapped your arms around him, letting him hold you. You let out a small laugh, and although you had only met this guy seconds ago, you felt at home.

“I’ve waited for you for thirty years,” He mumbled, and you began to tear up.

“I’ve waited a long time too.” When he pulled away, he gave you a soft smile and offered you to take his hand.

“So, what’s your name, little star?”

Domestic DenNor

Can we all just imagine domestic Denmark and Norway for a moment.
They’ve known each other for so long that they’re comfortable enough not to say a single word but communicate through expressions and gestures. Imagine them on rainy days with Denmark’s head in Norway’s lap, Norway stroking his hair whilst reading aloud from his favourite book. Imagine one of them waking up in the middle of the night and the other calming him down before holding him tightly until they fall asleep again. Imagine Denmark and Norway having inside jokes and one look at each other can set them off laughing. Imagine the two of them cooking together and singing along to music and slow dancing at ungodly hours of the morning when neither of them can sleep. Imagine every few weeks they go outside and watch the stars like they did when they were younger with their fingers laced together and legs tangled, talking of days past and falling asleep under the night sky.

Let’s just all imagine domestic Denmark and Norway.

Wishing On A Star

Jimin x Reader 

Genre: Fluff

A/N: This one shot was inspired by Serendipity!! Oh boy, that comeback trailer made me feel so many things. I was actually supposed to post this a few days ago, but since I’ve started university, I’ve become so busy I completely forgot to! I hope you guys enjoy this little fluffy thing I wrote! XD

The boosted bass was overpowering your ability to hear, talk or even focus. You and your roommate sat on beanbag chairs, holding onto your red solo cups filled with mixed punch. Whatever the frat boys mixed into the drink, you didn’t want to know, hence your cup was untouched ever since one of the boys offered you a cup. You promised yourself you wouldn’t get pressured into getting intoxicated by any means, so you played safe. Your roommate was gladly chugging down every drop of the punch so you gladly gave your drink to her.

“Y/N, wanna go check out the cool game room they just added in?” Your roommate asked.

Nodding excitedly, you pulled her up and shoved yourselves through the crowd of sweaty bodies swaying to the upbeat song.

You and your friends had received an invitation to attend one of the hottest frat parties at the newly renovated frat’s beach house. It was an hour away from campus, but definitely worth the trip. The boys added new wings, each consisting of a pool, billiards, a library, a lounging area, as well as the highly spoken of game room. Your inner gamer self couldn’t contain the excitement and you decided to tag along with your friends. Secretly though, deep down, the actual reason why you wanted to go to the frat party was because you were hoping to bump into your friend (and major crush) Park Jimin.

Back when you were a freshman, you met Jimin at a party through a mutual friend and you discovered that he was in the same major as you. You both exchanged your contact information, and from then on, a friendship blossomed. Slowly you started to gain feelings for the charismatic boy and since then you tried hiding your feelings from him. Knowing you, you would start blushing, and stammering whenever Jimin would do something as trivial as making slight physical contact or even stare at you. So much for trying to conceal your feelings.

As for tonight, you focused on having fun with your friends and meeting new people. You and another girl decided to verse each other on Mario Kart on one of the many plasma TV screens within the room, while your friends were all spread out checking out the different varieties of arcade games. You all spent a good 3 hours going crazy in the room when your friends pulled you aside to a quiet corner of the room smirking widely.

“Hmm Y/N, I believe I just saw your Prince Charming walk into the party.” Your friend nudged you playfully.

You gasped and looked around, and there you saw Jimin in all his glory, leaning against the door as he talked to someone.

You noticed he dyed his hair a nice blond shade. Dang that suits him. You didn’t realize you were staring at Jimin until you saw him walking towards you with a smile.

“Well, I guess that’s my cue! Bye-bye Y/N! Have fun with your boyfriend!” Your friend oozed with excitement, waving at you as she turned to leave you.

“He’s not my boyfriend, Hailee!!” You retorted.

“Who’s not your boyfriend, Y/N?”

You swirled around to the source of the voice and your eyes met with Jimin’s staring intently at you.

“Um uh… no one! Actually…” You rubbed the back of your neck nervously as you chuckled. “Hailee was just teasing me about a, um, guy I was playing Overwatch with.”

Jimin wrapped his arm around your shoulder and he raised an eyebrow. “Wanna show me who this Overwatch kid is?” He began to walk towards a group of guys who were playing the game.

Not knowing what to do, you quickly ushered him to the doors, trying to get out of the situation.

“I can’t find him anywhere here, so there’s no point trying to find him. Let’s head out to the main room?” You asked sounding really desperate to get out of the room where all your friends were looking at you two.

Jimin nodded and he walked behind you, placed his hands on your shoulders and steered you towards the main room.

“Sure, let’s go crack a few dance moves!” You laughed at his enthusiasm. “It’s been a while since we spent time together. I missed you~” Jimin pouted. You blushed at his statement. Thankfully Jimin couldn’t see you because he was walking behind you.

You entered the main room where the party goers were mingling, drinking and dancing to their hearts content. The DJ was playing your favourite song and you went out of your mind and grabbed Jimin’s hand and ran into the crowd. You started whooping and hollering the lyrics to the song while showing off some of your dance skills while Jimin just laughed and danced along with you.

“Come on Jimin! Dance with me!!” You yelled over the music. Jimin smirked took a few steps back, rolled up his sleeves and motioned for you to watch him. Within moments, he broke out some sweet dance moves, complementing the beats of the music. You immediately stopped dancing and stood there gaping at Jimin. His body moved like fluid as he continued to dance over towards you and took your hand. He twirled you around, bringing you close and flush against his body. Your breath hitched as he rested his forehead against yours, breathing heavily. The crowd surrounding you two broke out into cheers after witnessing such a beautiful performance.

“You’re not dancing Y/N?” Jimin asked humorously.

You took a step back and beamed up at him. “Jimin, you were amazing!! I swear you’ve improved your dancing so much now!”

Jimin smiled cheekily as he started dancing idiotically. You laughed and joined along with him, making up weird dance moves along the way and enjoying the music.

A few songs later, you got exhausted and were starting to feel the heat of the party overwhelming you. You motioned Jimin that you were going to head out for some fresh air by the boardwalk. Not knowing if Jimin understood or not, you slipped out of the hot crowded house and into the cool night.

It was 3:45 AM, and you were far from feeling sleepy. You strolled over onto the boardwalk and inhaled the sweet cool air. The sky was clear tonight, the moon was full and the stars were so visible you could make out some of the constellations. The ocean was lit up by the sole light coming from the moon, and you could make out the ripples in the water. The entire atmosphere was so soothing that you could live in this moment forever. Taking off those annoying ballet flats you wore to the party, you rolled up the legs of your jeans and sat down on the board and stuck your feet into the cool water, stretching your little toes in content.

“Ahh, finally I can relax. I gotta admit, this is way better than any party.” You murmured to yourself.

The cool temperature hitting your body made you shiver, but you didn’t object to it. This was a soothing sensation, and the headache you got from the loud music inside the house started to fade away.

Sitting on the boardwalk, you leaned back, placed your hands on the wood for support and looked at the night sky. You admired the view and sat there for a few minutes with a clear mind, and just enjoyed the nature around you.

A slight sound of water splashing broke you from your relaxation.

“I found you.” You heard a melodic voice to your left, recognizing that voice in an instant.


You turned your head towards him and saw him sitting next to you, holding a tray of fries and iced coffees, along with a blanket.

“You brought me food?” You clutched at your chest dramatically, reaching for the fries.

The blond-haired boy snorted and pulled the tray away from you.

“No, you idiot, this is all for me, I didn’t eat dinner at all, and I know you didn’t either so I’ll just let you suffer while I chow down all this good stuff.” He replied sarcastically.

You hit his arm and stuck your tongue out at him. “Shut up, you know you love me too much to let me starve to death.”

“Now that, I can’t disagree with.” Jimin laughed. The two of you stuffed your mouths with the warm and crispy fries dunked in ketchup and sipped on your iced coffees. It left a bad taste in your mouth, but you two were used to it due to all those all-nighters you had with each other when you would be up cramming for exams. Your late-night snacks always consisted of fresh fries and iced coffees from across the street from your dorms.

You both rambled on about funny situations that happened in your classes and cracked jokes for a while, and then later sat in complete silence. The vibe surrounding you both changed dramatically.

You shivered from having your feet in cold water for too long. Jimin pulled out the blanket and wrapped it around the both of you, you lifted your feet out of the water and sat cross legged, snuggling into the warm fleece.

“You alright? Not feeling too cold, are you?” Jimin asked worriedly.

“Nah, I’m good. It was really sweet of you to bring a blanket.” You beamed at him.

You hugged him affectionately, his warmth seeping into your skin. Jimin wrapped his arms around you, and let out a content sigh. You didn’t notice how Jimin smiled while you were too busy relaxing in his embrace.

Letting go of him, you pointed up to the sky, eyes shining with excitement. “Do you see how beautiful the sky is tonight?”

Jimin looked up and stared in awe. Throughout his time sitting outside, not once did he notice the vast sky, filled with twinkling jewels. His attention was solely on you, his twinkling star.

“Wow,” Jimin breathed, “So many of them out there.”

“I know right!” You smiled. “Do believe that wishes come true whenever you wish on one of them?”

Whaaat? Wishing on a star?” Jimin snorted, “That’s for kids!”

You pouted at him and huffed, “Well, have you ever wished on a star when you were younger?”

Jimin ran his hand through his hair and chuckled slightly.

“I have, actually.”

You grabbed his hand and scooted closer to him. Somehow, you regained your confidence and weren’t shying away or acting like a blubbery mess around him.

“Let’s make a wish!!” You grinned cheekily.

“Ah, hell no! What are you, five?”

“You know you’re always a child at heart. Now shut up, and follow my lead.” You nudged him playfully.

Jimin flicked your forehead and rolled his eyes, “Fiiine, I’ll join you.”

You looked for the brightest star in the sky, then closed your eyes.

Hmm, what should I wish for?

Your thoughts went to the boy sitting next to you, and you supressed a smile.

I wish… for Park Jimin.

You opened your eyes, and saw Jimin smirking at you.

“That took you a long time. What were you wishing for? A castle up high on a majestic hill, filled with unicorns and rainbo—“ You silenced Jimin by covering his mouth with your hand.

“I may act like a 5 year old, but I’m not crazy.” You laughed.

Jimin grabbed your wrist and pulled your hand off his mouth, not letting go of your hand. His face was several inches close to yours.

“So, what’d you wish for?” Jimin pressed on.

“You’re not supposed to reveal what you wished for, otherwise it won’t come true, idiot.”

He tilted his head slightly, eyebrow raised. “Never knew you were this serious about a childish thing.”

“It’s not childish! It’s just something I’ve always done since childhood, and its sort of like a regular thing for me to do. Geez Jimin, why you gotta be so rude?” You whined. Jimin laughed at your childish demeanor.

“Since you don’t believe in these things, why don’t you tell me what you wished for?” You asked, face burning. You faced the other way so he wouldn’t see you blushing red like a tomato.

“So, you really want to know what I wished for?” Jimin asked softly.

You nodded, still facing the other way.

“If you don’t look at me, I’m not telling you.” He smirked.

Defeatedly, you look up at him, and brows furrowed. He was still smirking at you as he motioned you to bring your ear close to him. You leaned towards him curiously, and he leaned forward, about to whisper into your ear.


Your eyes widened in realization, and you blushed furiously. Jimin turned your face toward his, his hand gently holding your chin. He was smiling dreamily, as if he were waiting for this exact moment for eons. Little did he know, you were too.

You just kept staring at him in surprise, heart still beating fast. Jimin became nervous, not knowing what you were thinking.

“Um… a-aren’t you going to say anything?” Jimin stuttered nervously.

You cleared your throat, mentally preparing yourself for what you were about to say.

“Well… should I be saying that I’ve been wishing for this to happen the entire time?” You softly replied averting your gaze shyly.

Jimin took your hand and rubbed his thumb over your knuckles. “Really, Y/N?”

You smiled sweetly, scooting closer to Jimin. You closed the gap between you two as your lips moulded against his. Jimin let go of your hand, and placed one hand on your waist as the other cupped your cheek. He deepened the kiss, his soft lips pressing against yours with more intensity. He kissed you with emotion, letting out all the feelings he had hidden in himself since who knows how long.

After a while, you both parted from each other, breathless. Realizing what just happened, the two of you burst out into laughter. You buried your face into the crook of his shoulder as you continued to laugh.

The amount of laughter coming from you two was loud enough to be heard by the people residing nearby. It was suddenly where your friendship was taken to the next level. It was unbelievable that your wish came true in a matter of a few seconds. Or, who knows? How long was Jimin harboring feelings for you?

“How long did you feel this way about me for?” You asked, finally calming down from the laughter, leaning your back against Jimin’s chest as you looked up at him.

“Mmm… let’s not go there.” Jimin blushed.

“No, seriously! How long?” You poked him lightly, wanting to know.

Jimin looked away and mumbled, “Ever since we first met at that party.”

You smiled and pulled his hand up to trace random shapes. “Well, I gotta admit this, I’ve been crushing on you a while after we first met.”

Jimin smiles sheepishly as he takes the blanket that fell onto the wooden floor, and wrapped it around your bodies.

“Now can you tell me what you wished for?” He asked, “I already told you mine!”

You shook your head, “Nope, I’m not saying anything!”

“Hey, that’s not fair!”

“It definitely is fair, you were the one not believing this.”

“Wow, okay that’s a fair play then.” Jimin pouted.

You sat up, feeling bad.

“Welllll…. I mean, I can tell you what I’m wishing for now.” You leaned towards him slowly.

Jimin rolled his eyes, not responding to you.

“Ahh, I wish that Jimin could kiss me again!” You sighed dramatically looking up to the sky. He finally looks at you, holding back a laugh.

“Why, certainly Miss. Y/N, as the ambassador of wishes, I hereby fulfill your wish!” Jimin wiggled his eyebrows, as he pulled you into him and kisses you again.

“Jimin, I’m cold.” You whined.

He pulls up the blanket and throws it atop your heads and went back to what he was before. Giggling between kisses, you were sitting under the warm blanket, and spent the rest of your time out there until the sun rose, marking the arrival of the next day. And the start of your new relationship with Park Jimin.

A/N: ok so this is my first one shot and it’s kinda crappy but yeah i hope you guys like it! XD

Coffee and Cigarettes

Hello lovely people, I am currently working on a request but thought I’d post this Fluffy piece for now! REQUESTS ARE OPEN •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• It was one of those really good fall days, the kind where all the leaves are different shades of orange, red, and yellow. The wind was slightly blowing through the streets leaving a perfect breeze in its trail. Fionn had actually woken up early this morning, it was one of the rare days where he had nothing to do at all, in fact he had nothing to do tomorrow either. It felt good for him to have some time off after Dunkirk and all the promo mixed with doing Queers, like he deserved some relaxation, the only problem being now he wasn’t too sure he knew how anymore. Making his way down the street, glasses and baseball cap on, he decided to go to the coffee shop he used to work at. Fionn was enjoying walking through the town with no one recognizing him, not that he didn’t appreciate his fans, he did, it was just that it was nice to feel normal. Entering the small shop Fionns nose is instantly filled with the scent of fresh coffee, sweet treats, and buttery croissants. “Fionn, darling is that you?” The old lady from behind the counter came around to see Fionn and give him a hug. “Hi Doris how are you?” Fionn asks as he hugs the cheerful lady back. This lady meant a lot to Fionn, she was the lady that gave him the job at the coffee shop 2 years, and this is probably the most meaningful job Fionn will ever have, it’s a job that taught him to be humble and grateful. “I’m good love, we all are just miss you round these parts is all, yeh know now that you’re a big movie star and all”. “I’m still me, I’m still the lanky boy you hired years ago, just been a little busy s’all”. Fionn smiles shyly at the kind woman. “Well can I get you anything love?” “Yea my usual please Doris”. “Sure thing, an umm there’s a sweet thing over there that you may want to say hey to”. Pointing to a small table in the corner the lady walks off to get Fionn his coffee and croissant with a side of Nutella. Fionn looks over at the table to see you with your nose in your phone, and carelessly picking bites off your croissant and dipping it in your Nutella before popping it in your mouth. Fionn smiles at his best friend that he planned on surprising later and heads over to the table for two taking the spare chair. “I’m sorry that seats taken”. Mindlessly still buried in your phone and eating you tell the person who you assume is a stranger to leave. “Really? And who would be sitting here that’s more important than me love?” You freeze for a second thinking you must be going crazy because you could have sworn that you just heard Fionn, the Fionn that’s been gone for months and you haven’t had more than a 3 second conversation with over the phone. Looking up you can see Fionn sitting across from you with a smirk on his face. The boy that you grew up with had never looked better, he looked refreshed and tanner making his freckles pop against his skin and his hair was shorter than before he left but longer than after he cut it for the movie. But the biggest change you noticed was that he wasn’t the lanky kid that left you a year ago, he had filled out and was muscular, shoulders broader, arms wider, and neck thicker. “Fionn!” You jump from your chair hoping for a hug from your best friend. Fionn gets up from his chair immediately wrapping his arms around you, burying his nose in your neck and mumbling an “I missed you” in your ear. Doris comes up to the both of you with Fionns coffee and food smiling. Fionn picks his plate and coffee up from the table, “C’mon love lets go to our table outside”. Fionn smiles and motioned his head towards the door, grabbing your plate and coffee you follow the boy to what you had declared your table years ago. Sitting down you both start eating, Fionn stops and you notice him staring at you, you stop eating and look up to see him smiling at you. “What is it ya goof, do I have something on my face?” Fionn smiles shyly down at his plate. It’s not that he feels uncomfortable around you but just that he hadn’t seen you in months and when he’s been gone from someone that long it kinda felt like starting over. It didn’t help that you somehow were even more gorgeous now than you were almost a year ago. “No, no love it’s just.. just that it’s nice that your still getting our order, coffee and a croissant with a side of Nutella, it’s nice, it’s familiar”. You smile at Fionn happy that he seems to find a comfort in being with you here. After eating Fionn grabs a cigarette from his pocket and lights it, the flames from the lighter flickering on his face, lighting up all his perfect little freckles. This is the strange thing about Fionn, if he has coffee he has to have a cigarette, now most people have a cigarette with alcohol but not Fionn nope Fionn has his with coffee. After pulling a drag the boy noticed you snickering at him, “What is it love, do I have something on my face?” Still snickering you shake your head, “No Fionn it’s just, you still have to have a cigarette with your coffee don’t you? I just never got it is all”. Fionn smiles down at the table fidgeting with the cigarette between his fingers. “I don’t know, I just like it how they taste together, relaxes me a bit”. After you both finish your coffee the both of you walk around town all day, reminiscing about all the old places you used to hang out at. It was starting to get dark and cold outside, “Well look at that Fionn looks like we spent the whole day away and it didn’t feel like more than an hour” “I know, feels like we were just at the shop”. “Fionn, you spent the whole day with me, don’t you have any other friends you want to see before your schedule picks back up again?” Fionn, with his hands buried down in his pockets looked down at the ground and shook his head? “No, not really, kinda just want to spend all my time with you s’all. Plus yea I have friends but they have friends and they have parties and I’m so awkward. It’s been nice being with you today, you haven’t once asked me about the movie or Harry’s Styles and his hair, I felt normal again”. You laugh at Fionn happy that you made him feel normal and comfortable. Fionn grabs your cold hand holding it in his warm one that was in his pocket moments ago, “So what do yeh say, wanna go see a movie?” You smile at Fionn shaking your head yes, Fionn didn’t even notice that he had held your hand all the way to the theatre until he went to pay for the tickets, you could see the blush creeping up his face. After the movie the both of you headed to your house, you made a pot of coffee and the both of you headed up to your roof were you both would spend your nights staring at the stars when you were younger. Fionn lights a cigarette while staring at the stars and mumbles something that you don’t quite catch. “What is that?” “Oh, I was just saying that…that I don’t want this to end, I had the best day in a very long time today just being here with you, you just make me feel normal something no one else can do”. You’re staring at Fionn listening to everything he’s telling you, you get lost in the thought of him and how beautiful he’s gotten and before you notice it he’s placing his lips on yours, both of your lips intertwining into a passionate, slow, gentle kiss. “I’ve been wanting to do that since I saw you in the shop this morning, I don’t know what it is Y/N but it seems that somehow you’re even more beautiful now than a year ago”. “You know Fionn, I could say the same about you, your broader, tanner, you looked reshreshed”. Fionn looks away from you looking shy again, “Y/N, I don’t know if I want to be just friends anymore, I want to be something more, I want you to be mine”. You kiss him one more time, “I feel the same way Fionn. Why don’t you spend the night with me like we used too when we were kids, you can stay in my bed”. The both of you crawl into your queen sized bed, you laying on his chest listening to his heart beat and breaths and him playing with your hair as you both fall asleep. You wake up to the smell of pancakes, your mom must have been making breakfast. “Fionn, Fionn get up my moms already up we have to get you out of here unseen. After quietly walking down the stairs and with Fionn almost out the door you hear your mom call, “Y/N will Fionn be staying for breakfast or are you just gonna wake him up and kick him out like that?” You and Fionn both walk into the kitchen slowly, Fionn a bit shy and saying hello to your mom. You both sit down and eat as your mom brings you both some coffee. After eating you both help to clean up thanking your mom for breakfast. You walk Fionn out so he can smoke, he said he wanted to go home and take a shower, that he wanted to take you on a proper date and he needed to plan it. Before he left he placed a kiss on your lips “Mmmm coffee and cigarettes, I think I’m starting to understand why you like the flavor. “Silly girl and you questioned me the entire time”.

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Heyyy I'm sorry if you don't do these things but,,,, if you ever have time maybe could you write some more killugon with Ging involved?? Your writing it to good!!

No, its okay!!! I definitely do these things haha

I’m actually not too confident with my Ging but I tried my best ^^; I hope this is okay!

This is canon universe still, the boys are 18 here! This takes place a few days after the last part of this story. Previous parts of the ‘Gon and Killua deal with an intrusive Ging Freecss’ saga: one & two

It was supposed to be a peaceful evening, just him and Killua spending the night out exploring Whale Island like they used to when they were younger- just two kids with stars in their eyes and no understanding of things like spiders and ants and separations that left holes the size of canyons in the center of their chests.

Gon had wanted to go because there was going to be a meteor shower, and it was the first really clear night since they’d arrived here. Killua hadn’t said why he’d agreed to come along besides the undeniable fact that he would follow Gon everywhere and anywhere in the world.

But Gon knew the truth: Killua wanted to get away from Ging for a few hours. And Gon honestly didn’t blame him.

Ging wasn’t…as horrible as Gon had been worried he might be upon meeting Gon’s most important person. But he wasn’t exactly making the visit easy either with the snide remarks and suggestive commentary that left both Killua and Aunt Mito shrieking.

So a change of scenery and some distance would have done some good. If not for Ging somehow magically popping out of the underbrush behind Gon and Killua’s makeshift camp halfway through the night.

“Oh.” Ging straightened as Gon gaped at his father. “Ah. Its you two…”

“Oh, god,” Killua groaned and pressed the heels of his hands to his eyes. His head was currently resting in Gon’s lap, starlight hair pushed off his forehead in a way that was just begging Gon to play with the silky strands.

“Please,” Killua begged. “Please, Gon, tell me I’m hallucinating and that’s not your father over there.”

Gon winced. “I, uh, can’t tell you that, unless I’m hallucinating, too. And I don’t think I am.”

“Then push him off the cliff.”

Ging snorted. “I’m taking it I’m not exactly wanted here?”

“No shit!” Killua spat out and Gon curled his hands in Killua’s hair to keep him from hurling himself at Ging. “Leave! How the hell did you even find us?!”

“If you think you know Whale Island better than I do, you’ve got another thing coming, kid. This place isn’t exactly a secret.”

Then, to Gon’s shock, Ging began to make his way over to their campfire. Gon watched as the older man dropped gracelessly onto the cold ground opposite them, folding his arms and legs immediatley. The disgruntled expression on his face told Gon that Ging would rather be anywhere than here.

So, why was he?

“This is a good place for star gazing,” Ging said in the tense silence.

“…that’s why we came here,” Gon said awkwardly. Killua hadn’t moved an inch away from his current position- Killua was kind of weird in the sense that he wouldn’t get embarrassed around people that irritated him, like Ging- and his thin lips were pressed together tightly. It was obvious he wasn’t going to acknowledge Ging’s presence from here on out.

Gon wasn’t too upset by that. It meant he could keep running his fingers through Killua’s incredibly soft locks without Killua voicing a word of protest. He liked it best when Killua was like this: pliant, easy, subdued. And the pink hue on Killua’s cheeks was more than enough to fill Gon’s chest with a bursting warmth.

Ging didn’t comment on their current pose. Instead, he just said, “Did you know that I used to bring Mito up here?”

Gon blinked. “You did?”

Ging nodded. He squinted up at the sky, saying, “She used to make a big fuss about it, too. She didn’t like going out at night. But she always stopped complaining the second she saw the view.”

“Did you explore Whale Island a lot with Aunt Mito?” Gon asked as he continued to play with Killua’s hair. He could feel his friend slowly relaxing under his touch and Gon couldn’t help the gentle smile that tugged at his lips. Killua’s eyes were closed, so he couldn’t see the look on Gon’s face, but that was okay.

Just being with Killua again was enough. And the fact that they were dating- that Killua belonged to him, that Killua had still chosen Gon after everything that happened, that Killua loved him- made everything ten times better.

“Nah, not too much,” Gon heard Ging said distantly in the background. “She was younger than me. That made it hard for her to do some of the things I would go after. Plus, I was stronger so I went off on my own most of the time. Still, she was pretty upset when I left.”

“Well, duh,” Killua spoke up suddenly, startling the other two. “Saying goodbye to someone you care about is never easy. How did you think she’d react?!”

Ging leaned back on his hands. “I never thought much about it, to be honest.”

“How could you not think about that?!” Killua snapped and Gon’s heart twisted. He knew what goodbye Killua was thinking about, and it wasn’t Ging’s departure with Aunt Mito.

“I just didn’t,” Ging said flatly. “I don’t think about stuff like that. I have myself and what I want to do in life; Mito has her own life, too. We’re different people with different priorities. That doesn’t mean I never thought about her, though.”

Killua seethed quietly. He looked like he was about to say more but Gon pressed his hand over Killua’s fist before he could open his mouth.

Blue eyes met brown. Gon shook his head slightly and Killua deflated with an annoyed huff.

“You’re crazy,” Killua said to Ging. “You do know that, right?”

“If I wasn’t, I wouldn’t be a Freecss,” Ging shot back.

Gon laughed out loud at that as Killua scowled. Trust Ging to be brutally honest.

They spent the rest of the night like that, exchanging banter and random facts about their lives. Ging told them several stories of his and Mito’s adventures while Killua complained about some inconveniences during his travels with Alluka around the world. Gon didn’t say much for the most part. He simply listened to the grin in Killua’s voice, the obnoxious lilt in Ging’s, and kept brushing his hands through Killua’s fluffy locks.

He didn’t remember falling asleep. But when he woke up, eyes bleary from hours-long rest and muscles sore from sitting up all night, Ging was gone.

“Where did he go?” Gon asked as Killua crouched next to the spot where Ging had sat just hours earlier.

“Dunno…oh, wait. There’s a note.”


Gon lurched to his feet and scrambled over to Killua. 

Together, they read the words written in scrawly handwriting:

Its been fun. See you two soon.

“There’s no signature,” Gon said. 

“Well its not like there’s any doubt who left it, you know?” Killua stretched his arms over his head with a yawn. Gon had to tear his gaze away from the tiny strip of white skin that appeared above Killua’s waistband as Killua’s shirt rode up. “And its Ging we’re talking about, here. Out of all the crap he’s pulled, leaving Whale Island in the middle of the night isn’t the weirdest.”

Gon grinned, cheeks warm from his blush. “True. Last night was fun, though.”

Killua shrugged but Gon could still see the hidden smile in the corner of his mouth. “I guess it wasn’t too bad.”

Happiness bubbled up inside of Gon. He was glad. Killua hadn’t hated Ging in the end, and Ging hadn’t hated Killua. Not that it would’ve mattered much, because he wasn’t going to part from Killua’s side any time soon, but still. It was nice to know that his whole family knew each other now.

“Ready to head back?” Gon asked and held out his hand.

Killua’s eyes softened. He wrapped his fingers around Gon’s and squeezed them lightly.

“Yeah. Let’s go. Maybe your aunt will have lunch made by the time we get back.”

And off they went.

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hi! for the number fanfic thing, would you do star and will/mike please? ty!

Under a blanket of inky darkness dotted with distant yellow specks, Mike felt dry grass tickling the back of his neck, scratching at his bare arms and his ankles, where his pants had hiked up past his socks. There was a dull buzzing somewhere behind his eyes and an unfamiliar giddiness welling in his stomach, but he supposed that’s what a warm beer, smuggled out of the house on a cool August night would do.

A hiccup sounded from somewhere in the tall grass beside him and a grin instantly spread across Mike’s face as he propped himself up on his elbows.

“Are you drunk, Will Byers?” he chuckled. Cheeks flushed, Will turned to look at him and shook his head, though it was not a convincing denial. 

“I blame you,” Will whispered. 

With a laugh Mike shrugged and fell back to the earth, his eyes travelling to the stars, counting out the Big Dipper. It had been a whirlwind summer was now ending with them here, in the field behind Joe Delaney’s farm, two empty cans by their sneakered feet, their bodies sprawled out across what would eventually become hay. The only sound, aside from the occasional cricket, was the steady stream of music coming from Mike’s car, parked several feet away at the edge of the field. It’s headlights washed over the them, moths dancing across the pale yellow beams that provided Mike just enough light to see the delicate curve of Will’s lips that he had grown to love.

Graduation, prom, a week spent at a run-down cabin with the rest of their friends, whispered confessions, tentative lips. And now college loomed on the horizon. Mike would be leaving Hawkins in a week’s time and wasn’t sure when he’d be back. He was afraid and longed for something simpler to hold on to. 

Pulling himself from bittersweet memories, Mike heaved a sigh. “Remember when we were younger? We used to watch the stars in my backyard?” His hand crept through the blades of grass, finding its way to Will’s, their fingers intertwining. 

“I remember,” Will murmured. Then with a giggle, he continued, “I was always watching you, though.”

“Your loss,” Mike grinned.

Will shook his head. “No. You’re my star, Mike.”

For a long moment the only sound was the music coming from Mike’s car, a mixtape Will had prepared, then Will laughed, louder than he intended. “That’s so lame. I’m sorry.” 

But Mike didn’t laugh and when Will glanced at him, concern somewhere behind the tipsiness he felt, Mike was watching him intently, dark eyes filled with tears. 

“I’m so scared, Will.”

Will tightened his grip on Mike’s hand, squeezing gently, reassuringly. “Me too.” 


Stiles x Lydia / Stiles x Sister!Reader

Warnings: Reader has a panic attack, mentions of Stiles helping reader with nightmares, sad Stilinski sibling fluff, Mentions of Void Stiles talking to the reader, super sad and angsty

Part Two

“Hey sorry, my sister said she was sleeping over here and she forgot her pillow.” Stiles said as your friends mother answered the door.

“No they’re staying at Lydia Martin’s.” She frowned at Stiles who nodded slowly.


“Sorry I must have got mixed up, studying for exams and stuff so brains kind of muddled.” Stiles rambled.

“Oh it’s fine and tell your father I said hello.” She waved as he made his way down to the road and lent on the Jeep, dialling Lydia’s number.


“Hey Stiles what’s up?” Lydia hummed, he could hear the faint tapping of her laptop in the background.


“(Y/N)’s not at yours?” He asked nervously.


“No why?” Lydia paused. “She’s at a sleep over isn’t she?”


“Apparently not.” Stiles ran a nervous hand through his hair. “I have to go find her.”

“Well let me know what happens.” Lydia muttered.

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Baby’s Breath Pt.1

Genre: Romance/Angst

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

A/N: This was inspired by Taehyung’s two different colored contacts, he looked beautiful. This first part is more like a build-up from the past to the present (Also sorry if my knowledge about Heterochromia Iridis is false, I did my best to make it sound realistic.)

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Constellation: Part Two

Requested by the wonderful @tizniz / @thatcherjoesuggimagines :) This is the second and final part. This is all in Joe’s POV. I dove well into the backstory and lore with this, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Please let me know what you think. I hope you guys like it. And have a MERRY CHRISTMAS <3

Part One

There was one thing Joe had always found odd about himself: he had never been in love. Now, to be fair, it wasn’t from a lack of trying. Quite to the contrary. He had partaken in many relations with a multitude of people. But, in the end, that’s where it stayed. Relations. Never anything more.

In his younger years, this didn’t bother him much. However, after he crossed the 25-year threshold, he began to wonder if something was wrong with him…

I’m a quarter of a century old. Surely, I would have run into my soulmate by now?

A strangely romantic thing for him to worry about it, but in the world he lived in, it was the norm. Nearly all his mates from back home had found their people already. And they were younger than he was!

The soulmate phenomenon had been around for as long as he could remember. Different cultures had different names for it, but in the village where he grew up, they called it The Spark.

Over the years, scientists had come up with thousands of technical theories for how it happened. The most likely was that it was linked to when the universe was created, energies from stars splitting in half and dispersing.

The process of spoken words appearing like tattoos on the skin of the affected could never be explained though. However, the final element of the process supported the scientists’ theory. When soulmates accepted each other, their worded tattoos would transform into mirror images of star constellations in the sky.

But everything else in between was essentially accepted as magic, fate and mumbo-jumbo.

Joe never cared so much about the how, but more about the why. When he was a kid, he always liked to think it was when kindred spirits found each other after looking for an eternity, and that it was named The Spark because the two parts were fused together again into one whole.  

His sister and he had always been fascinated by the massive events and celebrations thrown by families and neighbors whenever someone close had found their soulmate. The parties were grand and rowdy, and the atmosphere was always warm. Zoe was drawn more to the romance and wonder of it all, where Joe had always loved a good party. And, if finding his future wife meant this much fun, he was so ready.

But, his later teenage years did good work at soiling that dream.

From what he could tell, his parents had a solid relationship after their Spark. They talked, they laughed, and they loved him and Zoe to death. Sure, they’d argue, but all adults argued. He never saw a real problem. Though, he did always wonder why his dad had a word tattoo on his arm, and his mum didn’t. When questioned, they would just say her tattoo was somewhere else on her body. And, being the short attention spanned kids that they were, they never questioned it.

Though, there was no denying it the day he got back home from his lad’s holiday in Zante.

“Just tell me who it is.”

His dad’s tone made Joe’s muscles immediately lock up as soon as he walked in the front door. His mum was on the loveseat, head in her hands. Zoe sat on the steps, hand covering her mouth. His dad stood in the middle of the room, mouth in a hard line, fists clenched tight.

“What’s going on?” Joe breathed, his eyes darting between his family.

His mother looked up at him, eyes glossy, “Oh, darling.” She wiped her face gingerly. “Welcome home.”

“Don’t ignore me.”

“Please, Graham, not now. Joe just got home.”

“Just tell me!”

“Can’t this wait until lat-“

Tell me!”

“It’s Robert!” She cried out, her hand covering her forearm, tears streaming down her cheeks. “It’s him.”

His father was still as a statue. The silence was so thick. Time almost felt like it had stopped. And, then without warning, Joe’s dad left the room, door slamming behind him.

The rest of the day was a blur in his memory, but he remembered that night clearly. To distance themselves from the arguing and heart wrenching sobs coming from their parents’ room, Zoe and Joe grabbed their sleeping bags and slept out in the garden under the stars, like they used to do when they were younger.

The stars twinkled while the harsh, muffled tones from inside carried out into the night air. The irony was not lost on them.

His mother had never meant to hurt the family. It wasn’t her fault that their dad had sparked with her and she hadn’t back. There was no need to explain to anyone that it was one-sided. They loved each other regardless. But, the shock of her finding her actual soulmate was too much for their dad to bear. Shortly after, the divorce was filed.

Ever since that moment, Joe was terrified of the day when words from his soulmate’s mouth would magically appear on his skin. He avoided sentimentality at all costs, unless it was with family and close friends. He rarely left himself open to the possibility of love.

Because, what if he was just like his father? What if the exact same thing happened to him?

And, as time moved on, he worried that it would never happen at all.

Then, he saw her.

“Her name’s Y/N,” Jack’s excitement rolled over him. “I’m taking her out to dinner tonight.”

Joe couldn’t pull himself to respond properly as he stared at the tinder profile picture on Jack’s phone screen. Her eyes were mesmerizing.

“She’s well fit.” Oli’s comment knocked Joe out of his reverie.

“Yeah, mate,” Joe recovered. “Good luck with that though. She looks way too pretty for you.”

Jack just laughed, “Sounds like you’re a bit jealous.”

Shut up. “Not at all,” Joe chuckled, walking over to fill up his drink. “Just don’t want you to get your hopes up is all.” Dick.

Jack just smiled knowingly at him and continued to get ready for his date.

Funnily enough, the date was a train wreck. The food and service were awful, and Jack had somehow managed to spill half his glass of wine on Y/N’s shirt. This was why Joe was floored by shock when Jack said that she had agreed to go out with him again. Jack was ecstatic. Joe, not so much.

Why was he so jealous? He literally hadn’t even met her before.

Though after a week, it seemed like the universe was on his side. The second date was better, but at the end, the couple had agreed that it was better if they remained friends. Jack ended up inviting Y/N to one of Joe’s house parties. However, he chose not to tell him that she was coming over until he was already 6 drinks deep.

By the time Y/N arrived, Joe was beyond sloshed and quite preoccupied. The morning after wasn’t much better as he reintroduced himself with a pounding hangover and sore from his nightly shenanigans.

Regardless of his less-than-killer first impression, hers was top-notch. Looking back, she didn’t even really do anything. Not more than a hello and thank you for inviting me. But every, single, minute detail he remembered crystal clear.

The cock of her head in his direction when he walked down the stairs Her fingers brushing her hair behind her ear. A small, disdainful smile gracing her lips. Her bright eyes shining as she stared boldly back at him.

She had not been impressed, and every moment after, she remained that way.

So, as it turned out, fate was most definitely not on his side.

Joe had never been in love before, so of course, it was just his luck that the one woman that he fell head over heels for couldn’t stand him.


Though, as much as she hated his guts, it seemed like the universe played a personal part in ensuring they were always in close proximity.

He knew Y/N’s dislike for him, so he tried his best to avoid her so he wouldn’t irritate her. Which was hard, because she spent most of her time with the Maynards. But the more the coincidences piled in, he said fuck it and milked it to the fullest.

He’d tease her. He’d berate her. He even went to the extent of pranking her whenever he needed new content for his channel. Occasionally, he’d let up to see if the water had warmed any. But as soon he caught that side glare from her, he turned the heat back. He was relentless and annoying and he knew it.

But he couldn’t bring himself to stop. He loved it.

No matter what he said, Y/N always jabbed back with her sharp wit. She was stubborn and feisty. If anyone could be sassed to death, he would have been in the ground a long time ago. Every time he managed to get under her skin, her cheeks would flush, her jaw clenched and her eyes blazed with color.

He genuinely couldn’t get enough of her.

Joe was jealous of the relationship she had with the other boys though. It was so calm, and amicable and… normal. He wished it could be that casual between the two of them. But, he knew it was his own fault.

The boys always accused him of being childish and compared him to a school boy pulling on a girl’s pony tail when he liked them. Joe told them to piss off, but he knew they were right. It was immature as shit. Adults didn’t do that.

So, he toned it down. He tried his damnedest to not provoke her… as much. Joe slipped up occasionally, but for the most part, he did well. At first, he didn’t notice any difference, other than Y/N constantly looking to him, waiting for him to have something smart to say. But, when the expected reaction didn’t come, her expression turned to confusion and she left it.

But as time went on, he noticed Y/N getting irritated with him all over again. Only this time, he had no idea why. Joe felt as though he couldn’t do a single thing right.

The reality was he simply wasn’t trying hard enough, or even attempting to let her know his true feelings for her.

The truth was he didn’t plan on ever telling her. Because, admitting that he was in love with her only made him open to rejection, humiliation and the like. And that was on top of his original insecurities surrounding the whole love thing, so why even bother?

Those were the thoughts that plagued his mind as he sat in Drama. The bass, and chatter of the different club goers pounded around him as he swirled his jack & coke. He looked up. Y/N was dancing with some bloke a few feet away. A toothy grin on her face and her arms wrapped around the lucky guy’s neck. Her hips swaying to the beat.

Jesus, she looked good.

He hadn’t been keeping track of how many drinks he’d had, but he knew that he should probably stop now. The room was swaying and he could hear his own, increasing heartbeat as he watched as Y/N twirled. That didn’t stop him from pounding back another. And another. And another.

Before he knew it, they were back in his flat, his arm hanging heavily on Jack’s shoulders.

“Fuck, man,” Jack groaned, setting Joe down on the bar stool. “How much did you drink, you knob?”

“Dunno,” Joe drawled, head lolling backwards as he giggled to himself.

“Too damn much, if you ask me,” Y/N said, throwing her jacket on to the work top in front of him.

Joe groaned, “What the bloody hell are you doing here?”

Y/N almost jumped at the fierceness in his slur, “Excuse me?”

“Mate, she helped me get you in the car. She’s the one that said that we needed to get you home,” Jack frowned.

Joe’s eyebrows shot up, “Well, how about tha-“ His elbow slipped from under him, his small frame tumbling toward the floor. Something warm and solid stopped him from crashing. He looked up. Y/N’s face was so close. He still felt like he was falling. Odd. “Hullo.”

She rolled her eyes, “Come on. Sit up straight. Have you eaten anything tonight?”

“I had eggs today.”

“Just,” She blinked. “Just eggs?”

Joe nodded slowly, swaying in his seat, “I was busy.”

He heard Jack chuckle behind him.

Y/N headed to the fridge, pulling out different ingredients for a sandwich.

“Oi, no mustard,” Joe slurred, a goofy smirk on his lips. It drooped when she shot him with a sharp glare. She was slightly scary as is, but now that there was two of her swishing in his vision… “Please?”

Y/N sighed, long and deep, scooting the mustard jar away from her. “You’re killing me, Smalls.”

Suddenly, he felt like his belly had fell through to his feet and his vision went white. As if through a filter, he heard Jack yell, “He’s gonna chunder!”

Drunken reality slid back and he realized he was on his feet, pushing the door of the bathroom open, launching himself to the floor. Once he had a grip on the toilet bowl, he emptied his guts. The minutes felt like hours as he continued to dry heave, his whole body trembling from the exertion.

Abrupt warmth against his forehead caused Joe to jump, his elbow smacking the side of his bathtub. He groaned in pain.

“Jesus, kid,” Y/N breathed, a small frown on her lips as she pulled back her hand from his face. “It’s only me. I was just checking if you had a temperature. Here’s some water.”

He took the glass gingerly, continuing to look at her eyes. She was so gorgeous. How did anyone manage to look that perfect? She stared back at him, confusion etched into her brows. Christ, he was drunk.

“Thank you,” he finally answered.

“No problem.” Y/N cocked her head to the side. God, he loved when she did that. “Did you hurt your arm?”

“Ah, on the tub? Yeah, I hit my elbow.”

“No, I mean your other arm.”

Joe looked down. He hadn’t realized his right hand had been squeezing his left forearm so tight that his knuckles were white.


“I can look at it for-“

“No,” he almost barked.

Joe’s face softened when he saw Y/N flinch at his tone.

“No, I’m fine,” he recovered. “Thank you though.”

She nodded sharply, “I’ll be in the other room then.” And with that, she was gone.

Joe let out a long exhale, his hand finally loosening its grip on his arm. Slowly, he lifted his palm, knowing exactly what he would see. And dreading it.

In fine, dark, script font etched into his skin read:

You’re Killing Me, Smalls

It had finally happened. He was just like his dad, but worse. His soulmate didn’t even like him.

He flinched when a drop of wet smacked against his wrist. It took a few seconds to comprehend that he was crying.

“Oh, Jesus Christ,” he roughly wiped at his cheeks, taking in a deep breath. “Don’t be more pathetic than you already are, Joseph.”

After some time, he came out and ate his sandwich. He said goodbye to Jack and Y/N. The rest of the night was a blur. The rest of the week was a blur. Almost the whole month following was a blur.

The one thing that he had been so scared of for all his adult life happened and he didn’t know how to function.

He tried his best to be happy. To smile. To put everyone in good spirits. But he knew he wasn’t in a good way.

But then it happened. They Sparked.

Her tattoo appeared. She was confused, but she smiled. He remembered walking away from her, from his denial, his shame. Yet Y/N followed. She pursued him. She always was one who liked to have her own way.

His stubborn, feisty girl.

And when they finally kissed… it was the most fulfilling moment of his life. Y/N accepted him. He finally belonged.

He still remembered the light searing within him as their marks transformed into constellations, and looking into her eyes. They had never looked so bright.

Now he looked into her eyes again. The skin around them were slightly wrinkled from time slowly taking its toll on their youth. Their hands were linked together. Bright grins on both their faces.

She’s still as beautiful as the day I first saw her.

They both gazed down at their matching tattoos and smiled. The marks were stark white and the skin was raised, outlining a perfect star constellation, with one, dark dot in the middle.

“This is us,” Y/N’s soft voice carried over him.

Joe nodded, thumb caressing her palm. He leaned down, placing a kiss on her lips.

“Yeah, it is.” He brushed his lips against her temple. “We’re from the same stars.”

“No.” She looked up at him, her eyes glittered as she smiled. She gripped his forearm. “We are two halves of the same star.

And, finally, we’re whole.”


(aka the best friends to lovers fic that ate my soul)

Peter Parker x Reader

A/N: If anyone has any feedback, esp on the ending, that would be great

Warnings: Swearing/It’s really long? Might not make sense as a cohesive unit? Weirdly balanced sections? Is the brainchild of a week in which I didn’t get a whole lot of sleep?

Word Count: 3,692

Your name: submit What is this?


You’re lying with your head at the foot of your bed, staring peaceably up at the glow in the dark stars you put on your ceiling when you were younger. The sound of rustling fabric comes from your phone, indicating Peter’s return on the other end of the line.

“So what’s the verdict? Is the old takeout in the back of the fridge actually too old?” you ask, lips tugging upwards into an amused smile, even though your best friend isn’t actually there to see it.

“Ugh,” Peter’s laugh comes through the speakerphone as a burst of static “Yeah definitely. I threw that shit out. I was worried it’d grow legs if I didn’t put it out of its misery”

“Wise decision, buddy. I’m pretty sure that Chow Mein was there like, a month ago, or something.”

“I’m pretty sure you’re right. Don’t know what I’m gonna do for dinner though,” He remarks, sighing. There’s a momentary lull in the conversation, but the silence is an easy one.

“You could come over and eat the old takeout from my fridge. Or even new takeout. Mum and Dad left money for dinner before they headed upstate for the weekend, so I’m feeling pizza,” you suggest idly.

“Have I ever told you you’re the best?” Peter asks gratefully, and you snicker.

“Not often enough. If I put a Dominos order in now, it should get here not long after you do. I assume you’re cool with my usual?”

“For sure. I mean, I’d probably eat anything, as long as I didn’t have to cook it myself.” He sounds sheepish and you supress a laugh, remembering a few of the highly memorable times Peter tried to cook.

“Yeah, you not cooking is probably best for like, the world at large, not to mention the sake of your kitchen and your own health.” You agree, reaching blindly over the end of your bed to pull out your laptop. “I’ll order drinks with the pizza and put on the Lord of the Rings.”

“You’re the best. I’ll see you soon”

You smile up at your ceiling, tracing nonsense patterns into your quilt cover with your fingertips. “I’ll see you soon, Peter.”

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with stars in our wake → 2

Pairing: Min Yoongi / Reader.

Genre: Celestial!Yoongi. Fluff.

Prompt: When you discuss a time of your life when Yoongi was still a star, and he interjects with a memory of you from when you were younger, though he has still not told you yet of the fact that he has watched over you since you were born.

The kitchen is overwhelmed by the mouthwatering aroma of roast beef, steaming away while you continue to marinate vegetables in olive oil and herbs, tossing them in a tray to join the sizzling meat in the oven. Yoongi, all the while, follows you at the heels like a lost puppy, watching with amusement and interest as you cook for the pair of you, showing him how to cut an onion, peel a carrot. In the meantime, you speak of a past that he knows all too well about after having watched over you since you were a little baby, but that is something you are still yet to learn. You only know that he had granted your wishes, sprinkled you with pinches of luck, not that he had clapped his hands in a nebula when you took your first steps, had watched you through happiness and hardships.

“God, my parents were close to putting me up for adoption at that age,” You sigh, continuing your story about how you were the definition of Satan at the age of four, embodied in little limbs and a constant scowl. “If I was not having a tantrum at the centre of a supermarket, I was either breaking something or wreaking havoc into the sunset.”

Yoongi chuckles, leaning against the counter and staring up at the splintering cracks in the ceiling, recalling the fond memory. “I remember that you were a tiny storm. But although you made yourself out to be the reincarnation of the devil himself, your parents still loved you.”

At that, you halt the process of wiping your hands on the tea towel, instead staring at your silver haired boy with sudden scrutiny, eyebrows pinching together. Realising what he just accidentally spilled, Yoongi snaps his eyes away from the plaster and averts his gaze to you, wide like a deer caught in headlights.

You place your hands on your hips and he tries to not laugh at how ironic the posture is, resembling the child of the story you were only just sharing. “How do you know that?”


“What did you just say?”



He pinches your side as a method of distraction, making you yelp and bat him away with a floundering hand, a pretty pout forming on your lips that he wants to kiss. So he does, a much more efficient procedure to take your mind off the reminiscence that had fallen from his tongue, the memories he supposedly should know nothing of.

“Yoongi,” You groan into his mouth, feebly attempting to push his roaming hands away. “Confess your sins.”

“Right now,” He grins, flicking open the button of your jeans and quickly unzipping them. “I am sinning right now, little human.”

You should stop him, attempt to weasel the truth out of the stardust boy. But when he is touching you like that, making you quite literally see galaxies painted across the backs of your eyelids, oh – how could you ever hold him back?

When we were young -Scott Mccall Imagine

Originally posted by teenwolfcharacters

Anon: A Scott McCall imagine? Where you two dated freshman year but moved away, the reader comes back senior year and all the feeling Scott had for you come back but the reader is scared because he’s a werewolf and the dangers he’s faced and is going to face. Based on the song When We Were Young by Adele-the song is based on Scott’s point of view

A/N: I’m sorry that it’s taken a while but I really wanted to make this perfect. Hope you like it! 

Pairing: Reader x Scott Mccall

Word Count: 1986

Warnings: None

A/N: Based on Adele’s song “When we were young” I do NOT own the lyrics.

Everybody loves the things you do
From the way you talk to the way you move
Everybody here is watching you
‘Cause you feel like home
You’re like a dream come true

“So I was thinking that we could all get together and do something fun this weekend” Liam said and leaned his back against the lockers. Scott looked over at him and nodded. 

“Yeah, that sounds fun” he replied, while searching through the bag for his homework. 

“Dude, who’s that?” Liam suddenly asked, which caused the alpha to stop with what he was doing. He turned in the direction that Liam was looking and he could almost feel his heart stopping at the sight of her. Making her way into the school was Y/N Y/L/N. She was dressed in a black skirt matched with a white t-shirt and a thin grey cardigan. She looked even more gorgeous than Scott could remember. He noticed that everyone had stopped with what they were doing before and were now watching their former friend. Y/N smiled at everyone and waved , not bothered by the attention. She had always been confident like that. 

“That’s Y/N” Scott answered Liam. “She moved away after freshman year. I didn’t think she’d come back” he admitted. 

“She’s pretty” Liam said. 

“She is" 

But if by chance you’re here alone
Can I have a moment before I go?
‘Cause I’ve been by myself all night long
Hoping you’re someone I used to know

“She’s here dude, Y/N’s here” Stiles said and pointed at the other side of the room where Y/N was talking to Lydia. The music was really loud so he almost had to shout. “You have to talk to her” Scott placed his empty cup of soda down on the table. 

“I don’t know man, what if she doesn’t want to?” His question made Stiles roll his eyes. 

“Why wouldn’t she want to? You guys were besfriends! You even dated for 2 years!” Scott sighed. 

“We left things pretty bad.” 

“Come on, that was a long time ago. Of course you have to talk to her! Look Lydia is leaving” He said and nodded towards the girls. He pushed Scott towards her. “Fetch!” He commanded which caused the alpha to shake his head. 

“Enough with the dog jokes” he said but smiled. 

“Come on, I know you thought it was funny” Scott chuckled before making his way through the crowded room. Y/N looked up at him when he approached her and she smiled. 

“Scott is that really you?” She asked, her eyes lighting up at the sight of him. He nodded. 

“Hi Y/N” 

You look like a movie
You sound like a song
My God, this reminds me
Of when we were young

“So how have you been?” Scott asked, sitting down on the lawn outside the house. She took a seat next to him. 

“I’ve been great” she said but Scott could hear her heart skip a beat. He gave her a knowing look to which she sighed. “It was awful” she admitted and looked down on the ground. 

“Why?” Scott asked, concern written all over his face. She bit her lip and shook her head. 

“Because you weren’t there” she whispered. Scott took her hand and she looked up at him. 

“It’s been awful here without you too” He smiled and Y/N giggled softly. He found himself smiling even bigger when she laughed, memories of their past flashing through his mind. She hadn’t changed at all. She was still the same girl that he fell in love with and even after these years, he could feel himself falling for her all over again. Y/N smiled and laid down on her back, her eyes watching the stars up in the dark sky. Scott did the same. 

“Remember when we were younger and we used to lay in my garden at night and just watch the stars?” She asked. Scott smiled at the memory. 

“You would always say that stars where diamonds caught in the sky” 

Let me photograph you in this light
In case it is the last time
That we might be exactly like we were
Before we realized
We were sad of getting old
It made us restless
It was just like a movie
It was just like a song

“What are you doing?” Y/N asked and laughed when she saw Scott holding his phone in front of her. “Are you taking pictures of me?” She swatted his hand away. 

“I want to remember this” he smiled and she shook her head, a smile playing on her lips. 

“You didn’t tell me what you’ve been up to” Y/N said when he put the phone away. 


“Yes you! What’s up with Lydia? And Allison? Damn I haven’t talked to neither of them for so long. And how’s your mom? Does she still make that delicious lasagna?Scott frowned and she immediately stopped talking. 

“Scott?” she asked, now it was her time to look concerned. 

“Allison is dead” he mumbled. Y/N gasped, she couldn’t believe it. How could Allison be gone? She who had been so full of life. Tears began making their way down her face and Scott pulled her into a comforting hug. 

“What happened?” she asked, her voice breaking. Scott bit his lip. What was he going to say? That an Oni killed Allison, who in fact were a huntress. Oh and by the way, I’m a werewolf. Surprise! “Scott?” She tried again and he let go of the embrace. 

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you” he said, while looking down at his hands. 

“Come on Scott, what is it? It can’t be that bad can it?” He took a deep breath, he was going to tell her. 

“I’m a werewolf. Allison was killed by an evil Oni when she was trying to save us” Y/N stared at him for a moment before looking mad. 

“Scott this isn’t funny! You can’t just make stuff like that up!” She snapped and got up on her feet. “You can’t just do that to people it’s cruel” she said before storming off. 

“No Y/N wait, I can prove it!” He called after her but she ignored him. Scott sighed before chasing after her. He caught up her and grabbed her arm, forcing her to stop and turn around. Tears were falling from her eyes and she angrily pulled away from his grip. 

“Why Scott? Why would you joke about something like that?” she asked while wiping the tears away with the back of her hand. 

 "I’m not joking Y/N. I know it sounds weird but I really am a werewolf. Just, don’t get scared” He said and turned his face towards the ground. 

“What are you-” Y/N began asking but stopped midsentence when Scott looked back up. His eyes were a bright red color, his teeth long and sharp like razors and instead of nails he had claws. Y/N screamed terrified and stumbled backwards. It couldn’t be true. Scott changed back and took a few steps towards her holding out his hands in front of him. 

“It’s okay Y/N it’s just me” he said but she kept on moving. The way she looked at him made his heart break. The fear in her eyes were just too much for him to handle. 

“Don’t come any closer” she said shakily. 

“Please Y/N, I’m not going to hurt you!” He pleaded but Y/N was to shocked to listen. Scott tried to walk up to her again which caused her to move further away.

“Stay back” she shrieked. To Scott, it felt as if she had just stabbed him in the heart. He hated to see her this afraid, and he knew it was his fault for dropping the news like that.

“Please” he whispered, but Y/N was already making her way towards her car.

“Don’t follow me! I have to go- I’m sorry” she said and ran off, seconds later Scott could her her car leaving the driveway. He sighed in defeat. 

It’s hard to admit that
Everything just takes me back
To when you were there
To when you were there
And a part of me keeps holding on
Just in case it hasn’t gone
I guess I still care
Do you still care?

Y/N laid in her garden, her eyes focused on the sparkling stars in the sky. Her mind was going crazy with all these questions and she didn’t know what to believe anymore. Scott turned into a werewolf right in front of her and apparently Allison was dead. Did this mean that her other friends were werewolves too? Or were they something else? Y/N sighed and tried to think about something else. She remembered those nights from years ago, Scott would always show up at her house and drag her outside, so that they could watch the stars. 

One time it had been really cold outside but neither one of them bothered to get a jacket, which caused both of them to get sick. Looking back, it was kind of funny. Another time when Y/N was 10, she tried to climb the tree so that she could pick down one of the stars, however she ended up falling down and broke her arm. Scott was the first to sign the cast. All these memories they shared, was it really worth throwing them away? She had known Scott for so long, did him being a werewolf really change anything? Or was she just being silly? 

“When are you going to ask that boy out?” Her grandmother once asked after Scott had left her house. They had spend the evening watching movies together on the couch, while eating too many snacks. 

“Grandma” Y/N blushed. “I’m not into Scott” Her grandmother just smiled. 

“That look in your eyes is saying something else” She smiled and walked to get some coffee in the kitchen. Y/N remained seated on the couch, realizing that she was right. She was into Scott Mccall, her bestfriend.

“Y/N?” A voice brought her out of her thoughts and she sat up and turned around, her eyes landing on Scott. He sent her a weak smile. 

“I’m sorry for dropping the news like that. I never wanted to scare you.” he said and she closed her eyes. 

“I’m the one who should be sorry.” she whispered. Scott walked over to her carefully and sat down next to her. “I’ve known you basically my whole life and I know you would never hurt me. I think I just got so shocked that my mind didn’t know what I was doing. I’m sorry for running off” 

“No it’s okay, I understand. I would probably had done the same thing” 

“You mean running away screaming like a little girl?” she joked and he chuckled a little. 

“Probably yes” This caused Y/N to giggle. 

“Will you forgive me?” she asked. 

“Of course” Scott smiled. “Do you forgive me? Am I still your bestfriend?” 

“Yes and No” Y/N smiled. 

“No?” Scott asked confused, his eyebrows furrowed. 

“I want you to be my boyfriend” 

It was just like a movie
It was just like a song
My God, this reminds me
Of when we were young

Y/N parked her car outside the school and stepped out. “Morning beautiful” A familiar voice said from behind her. She smiled and turned around. 

“Morning Scott” she answered and leaned in for a kiss. He smiled as she pulled away and he sneaked an arm around her waist, the two of them making their way inside the school. Although it had been 2 years, the feelings they had for eachother were still there. They were back together and it was exactly like when they were young.

Count the Stars in Her Eyes

A/N: Here is my contribution for Royai Week’s third prompt, ‘Stars.’ Warning: I’ve moved away from my trend of fluff this week, and there is angst ahead.

When his master’s daughter, Riza, hadn’t returned from her short trip into town Roy had grown worried, despite his teacher’s passive claim that it was a common occurrence for her to not immediately return. He had searched for her for well over an hour, stumbling blindly through the dark brush and calling her name. But just as he was about to give up his search and head back to the Hawkeye household with the hope that she would be there, Roy managed to catch sight of a small, dark shape sitting atop a hill situated near the edge of a farmer’s field. Taking a few steps toward it, he narrowed his eyes. Without the moon’s glow that night, it proved difficult to identify, but from what he could tell it was at the very least a person.

“Hello,” he cautiously called. “Is someone there?”

The form turned its head and held its stare with him for a few moments before reluctantly raising a hand. It wasn’t exactly an invitation, but he would think of it as one. After jogging up the hill he carefully approached the individual, who was still watching him. And once he had gotten closer, and had a clearer view of them, he instantly recognized her.

“Hey,” he said as he slowly eased himself down onto the ground beside his master’s daughter. “What are you doing out here so late at night?”

She turned her dark eyes away from him and set her gaze back on the sky above them. “Just looking at the stars,” she mused.

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Not Love At First Sight- Baekhyun (Part 1)

Part 2

You let yourself fall back onto your bed, sighing as you kicked your legs in the air, staring up at the ceiling while you listened to your best friend, Baekhyun tell you about something stupid he had seen a boy doing while he was on holiday.

‘And he literally jumped off the roof! He didn’t even look down, Y/N, he just jumped! I didn’t know the pool was there! I thought he was trying to commit suicide in a holiday park! It was so embarrassing when everyone stared at me when I screamed’ He explained and you could hear the embarrassment in his voice and imagine him covering his face with his hand right about now. You couldn’t help but laugh at his antics. He was always like this.

'You’re so silly, Baek, you know that, right? I wish I was there to see your face when you realised’ You laughed and Baekhyun groaned at how you were not feeling sympathetic towards his mishap. 'As if someone would jump to their death in a holiday park surrounded by people! A young boy at that!’ You finished, still laughing and imagining your best friend screaming at the top of his lungs as he watched some poor innocent boy jump into the water.

'It’s really not funny, everyone looked at me like I was insane! I’m so glad that we are only here for a few more days, I can’t wait to come home’ He sighed. Baekhyun had been on holiday with his family for nearly a month. He had asked you to come, but you were so piled up with work that your boss would have never allowed you a month off, so instead you had to pretend you were there with Baekhyun and his family, enjoying the hot sun as Baekhyun sent you pictures of practically everything he was doing and attached little notes to the photos like 'Remember this?’ or 'This was so funny, wasn’t it?’ As if you were actually there with him, while you were really sitting in your apartment, listening to the rain beat down on your bedroom windows, filing paper work and sending countless emails for your boss and his company.

'I can’t believe it’s been a month already, It’s been so quiet without you here, maybe you should stay there forever’ You joked. You had missed your best friend more than anything. You had known him since you two were young children in a day nursery and some little girl had came along and stole your juice carton, making you cry. That was until the little boy who told you his name was 'Byun Baekhyun’ came over to you with that infamous rectangular grin on his face that you loved so much and let you share his juice carton and his food. You couldn’t remember it, but both your parents and Baekhyun’s never ceased to remind you two of the day you both came home from day nursery squealing because you had made a friend. You two had been inseparable since. You went every where together, did every thing together, spoke for hours on end and then when you got home, it would never be long before one of you called the other to talk until ungodly hours of the morning even though you both had to be up early and even when you had been together during the day, there was always more to talk about when you weren’t together. It drove your parents insane sometimes because you were so alike and to quote your mother 'It’s bad enough having one of you!’ But of course your parents loved him just as much as you did, and his parents loved you too.

'Hey!’ Baekhyun whined down to phone and you could practically see him pouting his lips at you, as if he was sitting right in front of you trying to make you smile with his adorable charm that he knew you couldn’t resist. 'You know you’ve missed me!’ He broke into a giggle and you couldn’t help but laugh too

'Of course I’ve missed you, Hyunie. Though I have got so much more work done with you not here’ You replied honestly. Baekhyun was the biggest distraction when you were trying to do work and the more important work it was, the more he would try to distract you to go out and do something fun with him instead, and it always worked. It was impossible for you to resist that cute smile of his as he tugged on your arms or clothing. You had been fired from your last job for this exact reason, so had made a commitment to yourself to not get distracted. It had been easy while Baekhyun was away but you were certain that the moment he returned, you would be behind on work as if he had never left.

'Well, we’ve got a lot of catching up to do, so you probably should get as much work done as you can, because as soon as I see you, we are going out to eat down by the lakes and I’m going to tell you everything that happened so it will be as if you were here with me and never missed anything!’ He chimed and you couldn’t help but smile

'You’ve already told me everything Baekhyun, you’ve probably spent more time on the phone with me than you have exploring!’ You replied and he hummed in agreement 'But, a few days after you come back is a full moon so we do have to go to the cliffs, like always’ It had been a tradition of yours since you two were allowed out of the house by yourself. When you two were still children, you would walk up to the cliffs that overlooked the city and sit on the big rock on the edge as you watched the moon rise and the stars light up the sky. Of course when you were younger, neither of you were allowed out after dark, so you were never out late, but when you two were a bit older, 16  and 17, you would stay up on the cliffs until the early hours of the morning, watching the moon rise to its peak. It became better when you and Baekhyun learned how to drive so you could drive up to the cliffs in your car and sit on the bonnet, huddling together in blankets, sipping the hot chocolate you had made while you told Baekhyun about the constellations in the sky and all the lore and knowledge you knew about the full moon. It was your favourite thing to do with Baekhyun, and you hoped that it would never stop.

'Ah, yes! I’ve bought so many sweets that we can eat and I found some very expensive Spanish hot chocolate that the lady who was selling it said was the best there was…Not sure if I believe her or not, I think things may have got a bit lost in translation’ He chuckled before you heard him yawn. It was the early hours of the morning where Baekhyun was and even though you told him he could tell you everything about his holiday when he got back, he never listened and insisted on calling you

'I’m sure it will taste fine, but you should really sleep, Hyunie. Get some rest because it seems like you’ve had quite an eventful day’ You laughed and you could hear moving in the background which sounded like him getting into bed

'I should, I’m exhausted, but you know I love talking to you, especially last at night because you start talking with no filter’ He chuckled but sighed and you could tell he was falling asleep

'Well, it’s not night time here, so I’m not going to get all emotional’ You giggled 'Get some sleep, Baekhyun and you can call me in the morning, okay?’

He hummed in agreement 'Okay, Y/N-ie, I’ll talk to you in the morning, have a good rest of the day’

'Sleep well and try not to embarrass yourself any more’ You teased and you heard him groan into the phone

'I love you, Y/N’ He whispered

'I love you too, Baekhyun’ You replied, smiling even though he couldn’t see you. You hung up the phone and placed it on your bedside table. You still had a lot of paper work to do for your boss tomorrow so you went to finish it as it was only a few more days before you’d see your best friend again, so it meant it was only a few days before you would be piled up with more work than you had now and none of it getting done because of Baekhyun.