stars print skirt

obsessiontale  asked:

blueberry is male to fem trans! think of all that, she'd dress up in dresses and act even cuter-- imean-- its cute ! !!

dude,, you don’t understand how much I love this. also maybe because I have a weak spot for trans girl/trans feminine UT Paps, and this is along similar lines. But consider:

Normally brave Blue is too scared to tell Paps that she’s a girl because he’s always called her ‘bro’ and talked about how proud he is of his baby brother. So Blue is horrified and decides to simply not tell him. But that is really, really stressful, bottling something so important up and not telling any one - not even Alphys - Because she’s afraid she’ll tell Papyrus. Until a particularly rough day where Blue is feeling dysphoric after hearing Pap bragging at Muffet’s about his strong little brother and she just. has a breakdown. Because she physically cannot do this anymore.

Pap is really accepting after said breakdown. Switches pronouns without a trouble, tells the towns people of Snowdin so Blue doesn’t have to stress about doing it all herself. He takes her clothes shopping and lets her pick out anything she may be comfortable in, even starts bragging about his cool little sister. Blue gets really dysphoric about how deep her voice is and Pap is always really helpful and supportive on especially bad days, reminding her what a ‘beautiful, strong independent woman who don’t need no man’ she is, which always makes her laugh.

Alphys and Undyne are, of course, right on top of that too. They really make sure that she really feels like one of the girls and that she knows that they genuinely see her as such. Alphys will kick anyones ass that dares to purposely misgender her. (Which, has never happened. There’ll be a slip from a towns person every now and then, but nothing with a malicious intent. Blue is a guardswoman after all, they gotta respect her.)

Blue really loves star print things and skirts. Especially like, really comfy flowing skirts that allow her to move around freely. She goes through a fashion phase right after she comes out where she dresses in exclusively frilly tops, skirts, jewelry - just because she’s wanted to do this stuff her entire life but has been too scared, so she just goes absolutely batshit crazy after she comes out and will only dress in traditionally feminine things. She does mellow out after awhile and will usually just wear regular old shirt and shorts or a skirt if she feels like it for her daily wear. (She also fancies an ecto bod sometimes just ‘cause it’s fun. and she thinks her chubby body is super cute and makes her feel really euphoric).