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Twilight Magic Part I

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Aaaaah it is happening, ten thousand follows kinda really snuck up on me! I’m sorry I‘m in the middle of a few different arts right now and nothing’s finished, all I have to post with this is this cloud study, but aah thank you so much to each one of you guys!! :D Truly you keep me going, I never thought I’d make it this far back when I started, it feels awesome!! Thank you again and I shall keep making art for you guys!!

I’m opening up commissions because i’d like to have some spending money when i go to my vacation on December. If interested, please fill out the Order Form and email me at …or shot me a message on tumblr :)!

Name / Username :
paypal address :
reference(s) : (descriptions are fine but I prefer pictures)
How many drawings do you?


  • Flat color with simple shading on the skin and hair
  • Chibi style up to two characters of your choosing
  • Please see the examples above :)!
  • Only $6.00 dollars (this included the paypal fee)


  • original characters
  • characters from different fandoms….I specializes in Star Wars Fandom though, but i’m cool with anything
  • ships(unless it makes me uncomfortable..i’ll let you know)
  • etc


  • mechanic robots
  • furries/ animals…(i’m okay with characters that have some characteristics  like horns, cat ears…simple things)
  • weapons
  • NSFW (i will only draw it for myself…lol)

Reblog if you can, I really appreciate it 😊

Edit: Time Frame is about 3-5 days. (A sketch can take a less then 20-30 mins but i want to make sure i can give you the best drawing. So i like to take a couple of more days just to finalize it :)! You will only get quality stuff from me….Scott’s honor.)
If you are not happy about the drawing, please contact me at anytime and i will make any possible changes that are necessary! I’m here to pleasure and make sure you like what you are paying for!

me: i love you.

you: they call me chaos.
me: that’s okay. i like chaos.
you: you say that as if you want to get burned.
me: i’ve been burned before. 
you: and?
me: i’ve learned how to burn instead of get burned.
you: you’re saying i wont hurt you. you don’t know that.
me: you won’t hurt me. i believe in you.

me: what do you dream of?
you: nothing. everything.
me: tell me all of it.
you: hold me.
me: i’m right here.

me: how did you sleep tonight?
you: no more nightmares.
me: i’m glad.
you: because of you. no more nightmares because of you.

you: how do you fight something that’s inside of you?
me: i don’t know.
you: i wish i did.
me: i wish i did too. but i can fight what’s inside of you.
you: how?
me: come here and kiss me.

you: you’re a mess.
me: i know.
you: i’m a mess too.
me: i know. we’re messes together.
you: you’re my mess. and i’m your mess.

me: i have nightmares, too, sometimes.
you: i know. it’s just hard to believe sometimes. you’re always so strong, so amazing. you hide the worst of your sufferings.
me: i know. i have to.
you: you don’t. not with me. never with me.
me: but — it’s a sign of weakness.
you: it’s not. you’re so strong. crying doesn’t make you any less strong.
me: i can’t fight the nightmares.
you: i know. i can’t fight mine either. but i can fight yours and you can fight mine. that’s what a team is for, isn’t it?

you: i knew. i knew as soon as i saw you.
me: knew what?
you: knew that we were meant for each other.

— in the words we say // k.s.  ( for the love of my life, the one and only @courage​. )