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70s space capitalism: I have ennui because I want to go to school and have an exciting career but I’ll probably have to inherit my parent’s farm.  Unless I get drafted.  Throwback technology, vintage fashion, space donkeys.

90s space capitalism: I am a highly skilled laborer with unlivable wages and no social mobility.  I live with family.  CGI frog-man, wealth disparity, urbanization, cults :(

2016 space capitalism: I am a garbage-picker with a graduate degree in engineering.  I speak seven languages and live alone in dirt. Please give me food.  Cults? :)

[DOWNLOAD] Ensemble stars on stage english sub file

I have finally finished the ensemble stars on stage subtitles!!!!!!

Woah so it was a long path but I got there in the end haha

I didn’t sub the songs as it is a stage play not a musical so they weren’t needed for the story plus (apprently I don’t play the game) they are all songs from the game so when I’ve looked on the wikia for names the songs were already translated so I didn’t see there a need for me to translate.

Again like I’ve mentioned I don’t play the game so some names might be wrong if that’s the case please kindly tell me so I can correct them. Same with any translations or timings too.

This time I had the help of Paocchi_ on twitter who was a great help with the timings so thank you so much there! You were an amazing help!

So without further ado:

Please tell me of any problems and no reuploading. Enjoy ^.^

(Oh and btw I don’t own the raw file SO PLEASE DO NOT MESSAGE ME FOR THE RAW PLAY AS I DO NOT HAVE IT. It can be found on tumblr and on the livejournal tenimyutopia community)

The Helix Nebula in Infrared : What makes this cosmic eye look so red? Dust. The featured image from the robotic Spitzer Space Telescope shows infrared light from the well-studied Helix Nebula a mere 700 light-years away in the constellation of the Water Carrier Aquarius. The two light-year diameter shroud of dust and gas around a central white dwarf has long been considered an excellent example of a planetary nebula, representing the final stages in the evolution of a Sun-like star. But the Spitzer data show the nebulas central star itself is immersed in a surprisingly bright infrared glow. Models suggest the glow is produced by a dust debris disk. Even though the nebular material was ejected from the star many thousands of years ago, the close-in dust could have been generated by collisions in a reservoir of objects analogous to our own solar systems Kuiper Belt or cometary Oort cloud. Had the comet-like bodies formed in the distant planetary system, they would have survived even the dramatic late stages of the stars evolution. via NASA

Why Lee Joon Gi Won Our Hearts During The Drama Awards.

He is very polite. 

When other teams just greeted from their seats with a smile when the MC was introducing them to the viewers. Lee Joon Gi led his team, he stood up and together they bowed to the viewers. 

He shares the glory. 

Every time he won an award, he hugged and gave high-five to all his Scarlet crew. 

He is full of consideration. 

During the best couple award session, Lee Min Ho had to receive the award with Shin Won Ho since Jeon Ji Hyun was still shooting. Knowing that the male couple might be awkward, Lee Joon Gi approached them first to give a little encouragement. 

He shows his love. 

When Baek Hyun said that he loves his brothers and sisters in the Scarlet crew, Lee Joon Gi immediately shot a heart at him and he’s happy. 

He never forgets to thank his fans.

On the way to the stage for receiving the Top 10 Stars Award, Lee Joon Gi turned back for a while and waved to his fans first before proceeding to the stage. He is so lovable. 

He is naturally chic. 

You could tell that he’s so confident, comfortable and that he enjoyed every moment of the show. 

He is friendly with his junior. 

Though Lee Joon Gi is older and 8 years more senior in the industry. He still automatically greeted Lee Min Ho with a slight bow and friendliness when they met on stage. He is everyone’s favorite senior. 

He respects his senior. 

When Kim Sung Ryoung arrived on stage, Lee Joon Gi welcomed her with a bow and smile. He is such a fine young man. 

He is a gentleman. 

Lee Joon Gi thought that Kim Sung Ryoung was the last one in the Top 10 Star Awards. Being a gentleman, he let her to slide to the inner side, so he could stand on the outer side in line. 

He overcomes obstacle. 

He won the Hallyu Star Award that night which means he is the most popular overseas. So the MC tested him to deliver his thank you speech to his international fans in English, and he managed to deliver it well. 

Click to watch his English speech. 

And that would be all the reasons to love Lee Joon Gi. His acting was brilliant in Scarlet Heart Ryeo and he deserved more awards. May the humble actor return to the dramaland soon in 2017 with a new exciting project! You can look for him on Resident Evil: The Final Chapter movie this January 2017 and don’t forget to follow his Instagram @Actor_JG 

BTS, First Comeback Stage At Seoul Concert..First Reveal of New Songs

(Boy) Group BTS will reveal their new album ‘WINGS Side Story: YOU NEVER WALK ALONE’ stages for the first time at their Seoul concert.

At BTS’ upcoming '2017 BTS LIVE TRILOGY EPISODE III THE WINGS TOUR’ which will open at Seoul Guro-gu Gocheok Sky Dome, they will reveal 'Spring Day’ and 'Not Today’ as well as other songs from their new album to their fans for the first time.

Big Hit Entertainment stated, “the 'WINGS TOUR’ is the last in series of the 'BTS LIVE TRILOGY EPISODE’ that started in 2014, and will show a performance that completes a part of the storytelling that has unfolded until now” and continued to explain, “(BTS) will reveal their new songs at the concert so that it can become an even more meaningful gift to the fans.”

For the fans who gave BTS’ second full album, 'WINGS,’ a lot of love last year, BTS has decided to reveal the first stage for this new album at their concert and are now busy with final preparations.

On the other hand, BTS will reveal their new album 'WINGS Side Story: YOU NEVER WALK ALONE’ through online music sites on the 13th at 12AM.

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Happy Birthday Martina Arroyo! (born February 2, 1937)

American operatic soprano.

Portrait of soprano Martina Arroyo. Printed on front: “Robert C. Ragsdale, f.r.p.s.” Stamped on back: “Robert C. Ragsdale Limited, photography. 21 Avenue Road, Toronto, M5R 2G1, (416) 967-3326. Please credit Robert C. Ragsdale, F.R.P.S.”

  • Courtesy of the E. Azalia Hackley Collection of African Americans in the Performing Arts, Detroit Public Library