stars nail art


I loveee this artwork by @zandraart so naturally I needed it on my nails. I had a hard time making a decision on which piece of art because they are all beautiful, seriously seriously beautiful. I know it’s not fall but there will be fox nails in my future I know that much. lol

For product I used Essie Lillacism and China Glaze Swanky Silk, the rest is acrylic paint. My thumb was the same color as my index finger so I just didn’t include any shots of it, I was being a little lazy. :P


a couple of ( finally ) age appropriate Tarkin studies. 

panel below is based on a small part of the Tarkin novel.  Tarkin gets some piloting action <3  i really need to practice Vader more often.

i’d like to do a short comic this way, if time allows in the future and after i’ve fulfilled some other obligations! 

and HOLY SHIT why is tumblr so bad at resizing shit