stars in the summit

The Cave I love exploring new locations, and was really happy when I stumbled on this place on the west coast of Wellington, New Zealand. The photo is a 52 image panorama shot with the new Canon 6d Mk II. It’s a perfect time of year in the southern hemisphere to capture the Milky Way lower in the sky to the west, so this location was perfect for it!

When I tell people I’m really busy lately.

What they think : studies, exams, homeworks, work, assignments…

What I really meant :
- Mon-Tue : Hwarang, 1st Kiss for the 7th time, Kpop Star 6.
- Wed-Thu : Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo, Legend of the Blue Sea, Oh My Geum Bi.
- Fri-Sat : Goblin.
- Sunday : Abnormal Summit, Running Man, Infinity Challenge.

Such a busy schedule. 😂

The Signs as Elements of Nature

Aries: Wildfire; unmistakable in its beauty, life and infectiousness. Runs in any direction it pleases and blazes it’s own trail, but destroys everything in its path if not tamed.

Taurus: Soil; the very fertile, dependable element from which many beautiful things grow. Lifeless blossoms that fall upon it will be taken back into the earth, as will other dead things. Holds underrated importance.

Gemini: Wind; free and undeterred, carries the call of birds on its own light wings. Capable of annoying people with its mischief, and dangerous when it blows up a gale.

Cancer: River; healing and cleansing, winding between different dwellings and through forests. Sometimes made use of, it’s muddy banks are reminiscent of smeared mascara.

Leo: Volcano; stands out, often attracting people with the proud beauty of its danger. Prone to unexpected eruptions that can bring much destruction; even when it’s over, remember that the volcanic ash left behind is toxic and needs clearing.

Virgo: Trees; elegant, they stand tall and stately while providing many functions for other living things. Always taken for granted and cut down, they hold their branches upwards guardedly.

Libra: Steam; rising from hot springs or bodies of water in the summer; it can be pretty to witness shifting invisibly through air, and comforting during colder weather. Can be smothering if too warm and heavy.

Scorpio: Sea; large, mysterious, and necessary to cross. May be downright terrifying during stormy weather, but absolutely beautiful during the calm. Men fear the depths beneath it, and the creatures it shelters.

Sagittarius: Sunlight; warm, full of life in an understated way, and welcomed by most. May burn on hot afternoons, causing people to retreat beneath shade, and plants to wither.

Capricorn: Mountains; amazingly grand, steady, awe-inspiring. Reaches into the clouds but never to the stars; icy at the summit but beautiful and much admired by most.

Aquarius: Mist; hangs over lakes and ponds, permeates the air as suspended water droplets. May send chills to the bone, but can be felt as pleasant moisture on skin, and is found from the depths of rainforests to the tops of mountains.

Pisces: Snow; lovely and enchanting, is adored by many people and especially children. Cold and freezing to the touch, people cannot stay in it for long unless its cold ice has melted into tears of purest renewal.


Reaching the summit of Mt. Sinai is surprisingly fulfilling, and that’s coming from someone who doesn’t have the guts to climb a real mountain before. I’m the last person you’ll ever convince to hike because I’m the laziest banana. 

We started the climb at 11pm-ish where we took a camel ride up to 1/3 of the mountain. Can’t even describe how amazing it felt to be that close to the stars. The view is breathtaking 😳 The remaining 700 uneven steps to the summit, and the most strenuous part of the hike, we continued by foot. 

We reached the top at around 3am (?), then started the climb back down at around 4am, reached the ground at 6:30am, made it back to the hotel at 7am, took a quick bath and breakfast, then straight to the bus to leave for Cairo at 7:30am. Team no sleep, but definitely worth it!

28. mulder

When the sky goes black, Mulder doesn’t even notice.

Since everyone else left they’ve been holed up inside an old hunting cabin, waiting for a reckoning, the doors shut and barricaded against anyone — or anything — that might want them. He’s been saying it for two years now: the waiting is the worst part.

Well, he hasn’t been saying it out loud. That seems like an invitation for the world to prove him wrong.

Last night the thunder was constant. Rain fell once, for just a few minutes. Toxic: it burned tiny holes in the roof that they’ve patched imperfectly and left scorch marks on the ground outside. The air is toxic too, he’s sure. None of them are eating anymore. Everything they swallow comes back up again.

Skinner’s asleep on the floor and Will is sitting with his back to the wall, eyes closed, long legs stretched out in front of him. The light coming in through the window is dim and tinged blue, and when it disappears entirely Mulder isn’t surprised. Probably another storm. Thunder rumbles off in the distance.

Will speaks from across the room. His voice sounds like an echo. “They’re here.”

Mulder narrows his eyes, questioning.

His son goes to stand in front of the window. The outline of his shadow is barely visible in the darkness. “Look.”

Without another word, Will leaves the cabin. Mulder follows him. In tandem they turn their faces upward, to where the sky used to be.

Over the past forty-six years Mulder has had this dream thousands of times, in a thousand different variations. The ship comes and returns his sister; the ship comes and takes him instead; the ship comes and destroys the world. The aliens are human or monstrous or liquid, neutral or desperate or aggressive. Every abductee he’s ever met described their ship differently; he’s cataloged them all. Years of sci-fi movies and a lifetime with an overactive imagination have primed Mulder for this moment.

Or they should have.

The world is dark as far as he can see, a night with no stars and no moon. The ship hovers a few hundred feet above the summit and blocks out the sun entirely. He could not have imagined that something could be so massive.

He hears a thin, metallic whine. Across the bottom of the ship, hundreds of tiny portals slide open, flashing bright colors in rhythm.

Mulder stares up into the blinking, impossible lights.

From the doorway to the cabin, Skinner’s voice: “The lights are a code. If the facility were still here, this is how they would communicate.”

It comes out as a growl, low in Mulder’s throat. “Communicate what?”

Will breathes the toxic air in deep, lets it out on a long exhale. “I have to go.”


“I can fix it. All of this, I.” Will trips over his words, knits his brow like he’s trying to figure out how to explain. “Dad, I — I’m getting stronger all the time. You can see it. You remember what I did, with your arm, with the soil, you saw — you know what I can do.”

High above them, it starts to snow. At least that’s what it looks like: tiny white snowflakes floating down from the portals.

“Inside,” Will says. “Now.”

“What is that stuff?” Mulder asks, watching through the open door. Will grabs the handle and yanks it closed.

“It’s going to kill everyone,” Will says. “Everyone who’s left. This is it.”

Will still has his hand on the door, like he’s about to rush out into the unknown. Mulder grabs him by the shoulder.

Will doesn’t shake him off. He looks at him long, then shrugs like it’s nothing.

And hasn’t Mulder always known this would happen eventually?

Upright with his shoulders back, Will is taller than Mulder now. Something catches in his throat. He’s lost so much time. He spent years seeing everyone else reflected in his son: Scully, Samantha, Matthew. Now, finally, it’s so easy to see himself: the stubborn set of his jaw, the flash of recklessness in his blue eyes. Mulder remembers being invincible, he remembers believing that he was the only one who could save the world. And maybe, some of those times, he was.

Maybe Will is.

His son says, “You told me. You told me we can always fight.”

“This isn’t what I meant,” Mulder says, but he knows it’s done.

Will’s eyes flicker down. “I know. But it doesn’t change anything.”

“I’m going with him,” Skinner says. “If it’s any consolation.”

“I can go—”

“You can’t.” The older man’s voice is firm. “It had to be me or Scully.” He leaves the rest unsaid. Mulder wonders if he even told her. He wonders who Skinner is doing it for.

Will licks his lips, the same way Scully does when she’s nervous; he pushes his hair out of his eyes the way Mulder does. All of those familiar gestures, all the best parts of him and Scully. And all the things that are Will’s alone, the man he’s become, the battles he’s already fought. The sound of the bullet that killed the Smoking Man, a job Mulder never managed to finish. I should have protected you, Mulder thinks.

Out loud, he just says, “Tell me what I can do.”

“When it’s over,” Will says, and then it takes a moment for him to get the rest of the words out. “When it’s over, come find me.”

There aren’t many things that have ever left Fox Mulder speechless.

Will turns to go, and the sight of his son turning to leave for — it can’t be the last time, he won’t let it be, but what if it is? — startles him into speech.

“Wait.” Mulder digs around in his pocket and pulls out the chain. The darkness is almost absolute, but the pendant still catches what light there is to catch.

Will takes it from him, holding its slight weight in his cupped palms. “Is that—”

“She stopped wearing it that winter,” he says. “I’ve been carrying it around since.”

“Why didn’t you give it back to her?”

“Because I’m selfish,” Mulder says flatly. “Look, I’ve spent my entire life searching for evidence of all the things I say I believe in. But your mom — there are things she just believes in, without ever asking for proof. Without ever needing it.”

“I don’t know what that’s supposed to mean.”

“You might. Later.”

Will fastens the necklace around his neck, tucking the cross under his T-shirt. He grabs Mulder in a quick, tight hug, and for one fleeting moment it feels like Will is twelve years old again, waking up from the throes of a nightmare and looking for comfort.

But this — this is Mulder’s nightmare, and there’s no waking up.

Will doesn’t say goodbye. Skinner follows him into the dark.

And Mulder waits for the proof he always wanted.

i drew one of my dragon species again, but this time gave a character to them!!! this is summit and he’s a nubes montem [which are the mountain dragons]

the story for him so far is that he’s being trained to be like, the leader of the cloud snakes [thats their common name; nubes montem is scientific, cloud snakes are common names] which is why he has such an important name, but he’s pretty spunky / hotheaded which is sorta not how cloud snakes roll. he’s got to learn a lot about calming down and controlling his temper, despite what the stars say about his destiny

anyways!! summit, its been awhile since i made a character

Berlin gives celebrity welcome to 2 giant pandas from China

BERLIN — Two giant pandas — Meng Meng and Jiao Qing — received a celebrity welcome Saturday in Berlin from the German capital’s mayor and the Chinese ambassador after they safely weathered a long flight from China.

Meng Meng and Jiao Qing flew the animal equivalent of first class, getting royal treatment on their 12-hour-flight from Chengdu in southwestern China. Their entourage included a Berlin veterinarian, two Chinese zookeepers and a bunch of journalists.

“They slept a bit, munched on their bamboo and nibbled on some cookies,” veterinarian Andreas Ochs told reporters at Berlin’s Schoenefeld airport shortly after the arrival. Medication for motion sickness was not needed.

“They did just fine,” he said.

The German capital is going nuts over the impossibly cute bears, who will be presented to the public at Berlin Zoo on July 6. Chancellor Angela Merkel and Chinese President Xi Jinping are also expected to visit the new animal stars ahead of the Group of 20 summit in Germany in early July.

“It was my personal wish to come and welcome our new residents,” Mayor Michael Mueller said. “We are delighted that Berlin has gained another fantastic attraction with these bears.”

Jiao Qing, which means “darling,” is a 7-year-old male and weighs 108 kilograms (238 pounds). Female Meng Meng, which translates as “sweet dream,” is three years old and weighs 77 kilograms (169 pounds).

The pandas were taken from the airport to the zoo with police protection so they didn’t have to stop at any red lights. They also brought their own food on the plane — one metric ton of bamboo from China. Once they’ve chewed up all of that, the zoo will start importing special bamboo from the Netherlands.

The furry couple will move into a ritzy new nine-million-euro ($10 million) compound, furbished with Chinese-style pavilions, red lanterns, a climbing area and a mountain landscape. They will be the only pandas in the country, the German news agency dpa reported.

Expectations are high the two will have babies soon, even though Ochs warned that Meng Meng is not yet sexually mature.

The arrival of the black-and-white bears was preceded by yearslong bilateral negotiations, since giant pandas are unique to China and sent abroad as diplomatic envoys.

“In China, pandas are regarded as a national treasure,” Chinese ambassador Shi Mingde said. “Therefore the breeding and conservation of these animals is a top priority for us.”

The pandas will be on loan from China for 15 years — a deal for which the Asian country is charging 1 million euros ($1.1 million) each year, dpa reported.

Berlin’s last panda, Bao Bao, was sent in 1980 as a gift from then-Chinese leader Hua Guofeng to West German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt. Bao Bao died in 2012.

Berlin’s most famous zoo animal, the polar bear Knut, died of a sudden illness in 2011.


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Kirsten Grieshaber, The Associated Press

TDA Orlando 2017 - Best Dancers and Runner Ups

Mini Female

Winner: Hailey Bills - Prodigy Dance and Performing Arts Centre
1st runner up: Dyllan Blackburn - Project 21
2nd runner up: Mariella Saunders - Jean Leigh Academy of Dance
3rd runner up: Cameron Voorhees - Evolve Dance Complex

Mini Male

Winner: Stefano Bonomo - Elite Danceworx
1st runner up: Nicholas Bustos - Stars Dance Studio
2nd runner up: Luke Barrett - Dance Attack

Junior Female

Winner: Bella Klassen - YYC Dance Project
1st runner up: Jezzaeyah Slack - Joanne Chapman School of Dance
2nd runner up: Brooke Judge - Dance Town

Junior Male

Winner:  Brady Farrar - Stars Dance Studio
1st runner up:  Jackson Rolof - Stars Dance Studio
2nd runner up: Hans Anderson - Summit Dance Shoppe

Teen Female

Winner: Quinn Starner - Stars Dance Studio
1st runner up:  Kelis Robinson - Elite Danceworx
2nd runner up: Vivian Ruiz - Stars Dance Studio
3rd runner up: Anessa Zivic - Denisse Wall Dance Energy

Teen Male

Winner: Findlay McConnell - Elite Danceworx 
1st runner up: Joziah German - Prodigy Dance and Performing Arts Centre
2nd runner up:  Julian Lombardi - Canadian Dance Unit

Senior Female

Winner: Payton Johnson - Jean Leigh Academy of Dance
1st runner up: Jessy Lipke - Elite Danceworx
2nd runner up:  Sidney Ramsey - Columbia City Jazz

Senior Male

Winner: Wyeth Walker - Denise Wall Dance Energy
1st runner up: Michael Novitski - Vlad’s Dance Company
2nd runner up: Benjamin Peralta - Britney Boyd Dance Company
Inspired by Sanders, activists push Democrats to the left — or out of the way
While Sen. Bernie Sanders used his star power to unite activists behind the Democrats at a progressive conference, some debated whether the party could ever be fixed to their liking.

It was the first day of the People’s Summit, a progressive conference organized by groups connected to Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), and an organizer was showing hundreds of activists a video demonstrating right and wrong ways to “build a movement that will win.”

The wrong way: Clinton’s caught-on-video response at a 2016 fundraiser to a Black Lives Matter protester demanding she apologize for having used the term “super predators” a decade earlier, during her husband’s push for tougher sentences for violent criminals. Groans turned to jeers as the video showed the protester being removed.

The right way: Sanders’s tactic in an August 2015 appearance of standing back and letting activists who interrupted him at a Seattle rally take over the event. Cheers filled the McCormick Place meeting room, where the People’s Summit had convened, as Sanders was shown on the screen talking to BLM organizers.

“That’s one way to link different issues up to one movement,” said Erin Evans, an organizer at one of Sanders’s biggest backers, National Nurses United, who was giving the presentation. “There is a way to bond people through a common vision while at the same time acknowledging that forms of structural violence that some communities undergo are important.”

Sanders was introduced by NNU Executive Director RoseAnn DeMoro as a politician who had “been rejected by those who control the party and their moneyed interests.” Onstage, he congratulated the Labour Party for its gains in the U.K.’s elections, and recounted the wins of his campaign — 2.5 million individual donations, 46 percent of the primary vote, landslides with young voters.

“We may not have won the campaign in 2016, but there is no question that we have won the battle of ideas,” Sanders said. “Brothers and sisters, that is no small thing.”

Nearly a year after effectively conceding the Democratic presidential nomination, Sanders was the star of this year’s People’s Summit, which has quickly become the country’s largest progressive political conference. At least 4,000 people trekked to Chicago for a weekend of teach-ins, panels and dance parties. In a Saturday-night speech, Sanders planned to tell activists to charge ahead because “ideas that, just a few years ago, seemed radical and unattainable, are now part of Main Street discussion.”

But as Sanders used his star power to unite activists behind the Democrats, some debated whether the Democratic Party could ever be fixed to their liking. Faced with unified Republican control of Washington, progressives were less interested in simple unity than in a purity that they believed could win.

Much of the discussion at the People’s Summit focused on the need to leave “neoliberal” politics in the dust. But there was disagreement about how to do so

.On Friday night, activists cheered at a clip of the NNU’s DeMoro telling California Democrats not to “assume the activists in California and around this country are going to stay with the Democratic Party.”When Clinton’s campaign was mentioned at all, it was as a cautionary tale.

“A billion dollars, and they set it on fire!” said CNN commentator Van Jones in a passionate speech. “A billion dollars for consultants!”

There were also comparisons to the surprise surge of the Labour Party in Thursday’s British election. Like Sanders, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn did not win. But Prime Minister Theresa May lost her majority, and Labour made gains that defied conventional wisdom.

Naomi Klein, an author promoting a book on how the anti-Trump resistance needs to advance, said at a Saturday panel that the collapse of “neoliberalism” and the unpopularity of the Trump administration has driven the political conversation.

“We’re seeing that we were lied to — we’re seeing that radical ideas are popular,” Klein said. “What’s next? Reparations for slavery and colonialism? Worker co-ops at the centerpiece of a democratic economy? Who knows?”

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