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Persona Series DJ Performance on February 11 to Feature P3D and P5D Music

Game Party Japan 2018 (Tokaigi TV) is an annual Niconico event dedicated to video games, taking place on February 10 and 11 this year at the Makuhari Messe convention center.

The event will be hosting the “Game Music Stage” series of live video game music performances. This year, the Persona related performance will be “Persona Dancing – Tonight 2018” held by DJ WAKA, who has performed in past Persona concerts.

The performance, held on the second day of the event, will include music from Persona 3, Persona 4, and Persona 5. Additionally, music from Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night and Persona 5: Dancing Star Nightwill be performed.

The performance will be live streamed on Niconico, however the page for it has not been released yet.


In a land far away, unknown to mankind, lived a young girl in complete solitude. The story of her life was indeed tragic. Years before, on a cold Sunday night, she had lost everything dear to her heart. Her mother was a noble woman, her father the captain of a ship, and together, with their little girl, they cruised the whole world. That Sunday, a storm came across their path. It was like all the sea gods took it upon themselves to wipe out that family from the face of the Earth. Unfortunately, after hours of fighting and persisting, the ship had sunk to the bottom of the deep, dark sea. All died but one. As luck would have it, the little girl somehow managed do swim to the top. Grabbing hold of an old barrel, she fell asleep and let the calming waves take her to the horizon. She woke up in a state of delirium, on a shore in the middle of the ocean. Days passed. Then months and years. No one came to her rescue. The little girl was devastated, but she lost no hope. What kept her going was her loyal companion, Stella. Every night, religiously, the little girl layed on the warm sand and gazed upon the stars above her. All shined, shimmered and hypnotized with their beauty, but there was this one star, tiny in comparison to others, that shined the least. The little girl named her Stella. “If I can notice you in a sea of stars, insignificant as you appear to be, maybe someone will notice my absence and come looking for me”, said the little girl every night. Every night, she would ask Stella to help her. One day, years after the shipwreck, the little girl saw a ship, miles from the shore. After lighting a fire, the crew saw the smoke darken the sky, and came to the little girls rescue. That night, laying on the deck, the little girl was staring at the sky. She saw Stella, but this time, even though she was the smallest one, her magical light shined as bright as a diamond. “Thank you, Stella”, said the girl one last time, to her loyal companion.
You are as significant as every star in the universe. Keep on shining.