stars in night
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Chapter Four is up now, a little longer than the others

Did I post this here? I don’t think I did. 

Here’s a very special General Syndulla inspired tooka doll that I made for Vanessa Marshall at SWCO! I made it the night before I travelled inbetween packing, and finished her off on the flight over to Orlando. [x]

his eyes leak night // acomaf

his eyes leak night
stars collide when he blinks
worlds shatter when he moves
moons spill from his gaze

her heart leaks sorrow
he holds her close when she cries
until universes tremble when she breathes
and fire and ice spill from her fingertips

she heals his gaping wounds
and he uplifts her until she is new
and they are a force of nature
their love could make the world crumble

and when darkness comes to claim them
their heads are held up high
their fingers are entwined like their lives
like their souls, their existences

when she is ripped from his grasp
when all forces try to split them apart
when he feels his soul ripped in two
they will survive

but barely

“until we meet again -
because we must;
because you are the only force
that ties me to this earth”

“i will always come back to you
you are my salvation
you are mine
and i am yours”