stars from city

and in the end,
you will be you
and I will be me
the sun will still set
and the morning will still rise
coffee will still taste bitter
cities still live through the night
the earth will keep turning
and the stars will still shine bright
—  stop waiting

I’ve lived a hundred lives, I’ve loved a hundred loves, and I’ve walked in distant worlds… all thanks to Voltage.

Hi! I made a Voltage gif, better late than never XD 

Gahhhhh I forgot A Knight’s Devotion! Sorry!


*watches entire kdrama within a day*

*googles lead and second lead and entire cast*

*searches for hashtag of said drama on tumblr*

*reblogs favorite moments for the rest of the life*

*watches every drama of pretty flower boy lead*


My favorite actors and the ones I’ll be watching out for in 2015. No particular order. 

Actor and favorite role:

Gong Yoo - Coffee Prince
Won Bin - Mother
Lee Jong Suk - Pinnochio
Lee Sun-Kyun - Pasta
Lee Min Ho - City Hunter
Kim Soo Hyun - Love From Another Star
Ji Chang Wook - Healer
Song Joong-ki  - A Werewolf Boy
Sung Joon - Shut Up, Let’s Go! 


And I loved every minute❤️ 

Let Me Help

Fandom: Moana
Words: 3360
Category: Gen
Relationship: Moana & Maui
POV: Maui

Summary: Strong as she is, even Moana cannot forget the time her best friend looked her in the eyes and told her that she was not enough.

There are gonna be two parts to this: one from Maui’s point of view, and another from Moana’s. Just, y’know, for extra feels.

A quick headcanon that I’ve shoved into this fic: Mini-Moana’s linked to Moana, as a literal representation of her. Which comes in super handy when Moana’s having a nightmare, because Mini-Moana can just poke Maui until he wakes up like “hey, Moana’s having a Bad Time™, might wanna help her”

Also, cookies to anyone who gets the fandom reference in the title.

When Maui jolts awake, there are clouds blanketing the sky. Readjusting to the lack of light is a process of several minutes, of rubbing eyes and yawning and wondering what, exactly, woke him at such a late hour. There is no one around him, not in his fale, so Maui’s laying back down to go to sleep when his shoulder itches. Tentatively, too. Like the movement is unsure.

“What is it,” Maui slurs, shifting himself more comfortably on the ground. If it’s another kite malfunction he’s going right back to snoring.

Then the itch happens again, but this time not on his shoulder. Right over his heart.

It takes a couple seconds for Maui’s sleep-addled brain to process the movement, but when he does, he springs to his feet. There’s only one reason his little tattoos would be waking him so late at night. “Moana?” he asks the air in general.

On his chest, Mini-Moana nods, rubs her arms uncomfortably. Maui pauses only to grab his hook - it’s gotta be a nightmare, going by Mini-Moana’s expression, but he can never be too prepared - and pushes out from his fale. He kinda stumbles a bit as he goes, weariness still clogging his reflexes.

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Look at all these cinnamon rolls.

When I die, my kids will inherit my mass fortune… Of Voltage Inc games… Because I spent the mass fortune buying Voltage Inc games😅😅😅

Julian: I’m not sure what I think about the Flash. I didn’t like him or trust him, but then he stopped me from killing a kid, so maybe he’s not all bad. Barry Allen, though? He’s awful. I hate him, and don’t trust him at all.


Julian: Well, now I’m in the Flash’s prison. I’m liking and trusting him less and less.

Barry: You don’t trust me?

Julian: Not sure, but probably not.

Barry: I have an idea!

Cisco: No.

Caitlin: No.

Iris: No.

Joe: No.

Wally: No.

HR: No.

Oliver and Team Arrow, shouting from Star City: No!

Team Legends, crashing through the roof in the Waverider: NO!

Harry and Jesse, darting over from Earth-2: No.

Kara, flying over from her Earth: No!

Nora and Henry Allen, Leonard Snart, and Hunter Zolomon, from beyond the grave: N! O!

Laurel Lance, literally rising from the dead: Absolutely not!

Meghan Trainor: I have a song for you! It’s called “No!”

Obama: Seriously, though. No.

Barry: My name is Barry Allen, and I’m the fastest man alive. I need you to trust me.

Julian: …

Barry: …

Julian: ….

Barry: …

Julian: So, you’re trying to get me to trust you, by saying you’re someone I trust even less than the person I already knew you were?

Barry: … Yes.

Julian: Okay, just checking. I totally trust you now, man.

Everyone else in existence: Wha-?

Secrets Revealed - Julian Albert

- Y/n = Your Name

- Y/L/N = Your Last Name

Prompt- Could you write a Julian Albert x reader fic where the reader is Barry’s sister and Barry walks in on Julian and the reader cuddled up on the couch maybe asleep? Thanks! -anon // “pls write more julian albert x readers-anon


Word count - 1,371


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Is your fan art ready for the red carpet?  Submit your TV & movie fan art HERE and you could be featured on the official Tumblr Fan Art Red Carpet at the Critics Choice Awards on January 17th, 2016! 

Above: Stars from shows like Broad City, American Horror Story, Vikings, The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Bates Motel, and more pose on the Tumblr Fan Art Red Carpet at the 2015 Critics Choice Television Awards.


Father: You’re Never Having A Boyfriend!

Uhhhh…. I Have 50 And Counting Of Them…
Im Making Out And Getting Freaky With All Of Them While Im Married To ¾ Of Them… Your Not Stopping Me… 😋😍☺️