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Favourite Books of 2016!

All of these books (with the exceptions of Vicious and Emmy & Oliver) came out in 2016.
Honourable mentions to This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab which I didn’t include because there’s already 2 other Schwab books in this set, and My Lady Jane by Cynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton and Jodi Meadows which I left out because it’s currently on loan to a friend. 


I saw her, once.

She passed through our village, through fields littered with dead soldiers after her forces overwhelmed the nation of Dumor. Her other Elites followed and then rows of white-robed Inquisitors, wielding the white-and-silver banners of the White Wolf. Where they went, the sky dimmed and the ground cracked  —the clouds gathered behind the army as if a creature alive, black and churning in fury.

 As if the goddess of Death herself had come.    

If Stars turns out to be a third version Alola game, here’s some things I’d like to see:

-More styles of clothing for character customization. Compared to all the styles the XY protagonist had–dresses, coats, stockings, different styles of shirts and skirts, hats, and various accessories–it doesn’t feel like we got as much this time. I mean, it’s not like a tropical region like Alola has much use for coats besides on Mt. Lanakila, but it’s kinda hypocritical of our protagonist to ask Kukui if he’s cold while running about in a halter top and capris.

-Bring back Supertraining, even if it’s something you’d only get postgame. Grinding for BP for Power Items can be a pain, especially since the Battle Tree seems to be a step up from the Maison, and the Pelago takes a while.

-Plaza/PSS hybrid. While I like the Join Avenue aspects, it can be annoying trading with friends who live states away or in another country, It took me and my friend from the UK quite a bit to figure out why we weren’t showing up on each other’s Plaza.

-Our two story-mode cameos, Colress and Grimsley, should get more of a role, likely helping Nanu do some investigating of Skull/Aether. I’ve already brought this up in a prior post, but Nanu’s very vaguely implied not to trust the Aether Foundation/Team Skull, but is supposedly a lazy dude–he didn’t want to be a kahuna, Acerola pretty much gives us the impression Nanu told Kukui to piss off when he offered Nanu a spot in the Alolan E4, and he lets Team Skull run amok on the island, even to the point where they’ve taken over an entire town. But the Acerola brings it up that he’s the one protecting the wild Pokemon from TS, and instead of relying on Aether for help, just does it himself. Maybe he might’ve suspected a connection, since we do later find out he knows about the UBs and was in the International Police. Maybe he could’ve used his connections and had them send over Grimsley (a E4-level trainer would be of use in battles) and Colress (having been arrested sometime within the two year timespan for abusing a legendary Pokemon, but worked out a deal to escape prison if he helped investigate? Also, he is a scientist, so he could’ve been useful investigating the UBs)? I imagine Unova is not terribly far away from Alola, as both are part of Pokemerica.

-Plumeria and Gladion accompany you and Lillie to the UB’s world, and have the four of you come across a possessed, unhinged Guzma. (However, I think Plumie should be the one to battle him, or be the one trying to get him to come back to his senses.) Just for the additional creepiness factor. :D

-Necrozma gets more of an explanation, and possibly another form. (The fact its idle animation is beating itself in the head implies there may be something wrong with it. Like, it’s….broken or something.)

-We get more of an idea on just what happened to the pre-Gen6 dimension, because Anabel’s being in this new dimension and muttering defending the Battle Tower is incredibly vague, but still pretty disconcerting. Seriously, even if the dimension wasn’t outright destroyed like a lot of people had theorized, I have to wonder just what the hell happened there and what the full outcome was.

-Also, the possibly additional Looker from ORAS? Is he a Faller? I would presume ORAS happened recently enough since we also get Wally in the Battle Tree and he looks like he hasn’t aged a day. What’s become of possibly-Faller Looker? Did I miss something? (…Or will we find that out in a Sinnoh remake/next Gen?)

-Guzma and Gladion get a role in the postgame. (I mean, the entire mess with the Ultra Beasts was Gladion’s mother’s fault. It surprised me that he never got any major plot scenes past the raid on the Aether Foundation. Also, Guzma’s a Faller too, and was even possessed at one point.)

Things from the AMA

If you didn’t know this, Marie Lu had a Q&A on Reddit last night. So in this post, there is a summarization of the AMA :D (WARNING: there are many things that contain spoilers from both Legend and The Young Elites)

•Marie has a scheme in her head that Legend, The Young Elites, and Warcross are all set in the same universe.
•Marie states that Legend was easier to write since TYE was a bit more challenging.
•She had four manuscripts rejected before Legend.
•She visualizes her characters first before writing since it helps her develop their personalities and profiles
•Some of Marie’s favorite books are: Six of Crows, Watership Down, Redwall series, Illuminae series, Proxy, Furthermore, Harry Potter, An Ember in the Ashes, Ready Player One, and The Martian.
•Her favorite games are Assassin’s Creed 2, Journey, Sonic 2, and The Last of Us
•She is currently playing Overwatch and League of Legends
•On a typical day, Marie can write about 1500 words; on a good day, she can write around 3500 words, and on a bad day she can write about 500 to none.
•While she writes, she usually snacks on potato chips and Flaming Hot Cheetos
•If she could date one of her characters (if she were a teen girl), she would date Day or Magiano
•Legend was inspired by Les Miserables while TYE was inspired by history, the Renaissance, Assassin’s Creed, and villains in pop culture.
•There MIGHT be a Legend epilogue someday
•There will be no Legend movie at the moment, but that might change in the future
• BUT she would like it to be a TV show so she, along with other people, are trying to make that possible
•SPOILERS: If John had survived, he would’ve joined the resistance with his brothers
•June doesn’t have a middle name
•Ages of some characters in TYE: Gemma is 15, Lucent is 21, Maeve is 20, and Magiano is 18.
•There are two versions of the ending of The Midnight Star but Marie decided to go with the “less dark one”
•TYE was meant to be mythology (that is why she always put quotes in the epitaphs before every the beginning of every chapter)
•They are also, however, actual events that occurred in their world
•Raffaele, at some point later in life, meets someone (*cough* a guy *cough*) who makes him happy
•Speaking of Raffaele, Marie did not had any inspiration for Raffaele. According to her, “she just wanted a character who was beautiful and incredibly perceptive)
•Marie’s favorite crossover ship is Metias x Raffaele
•FOX currently owns rights for The Young Elites
•The second draft for TYE movie screenplay has been finished
•She would love to do a Legend/The Young Elites coloring book if it were an option
•If her main characters had favorite TV shows: June would watch Sherlock, Day would watch Firefly, and Adelina would watch Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones
•Marie states that Batman would totally get along with June, bicker a lot with Day, and be mortal enemies with Adelina
•There will be no characters from Legend in Warcross, but there might be a distant character of a character
•Marie will be posting Warcross art next year
•Warcross will only have one POV

  • Raffaele: Imagine if someone handed you a box full of all the items you have lost throughout your life.
  • Enzo: It would be nice to get my sense of purpose back.
  • Teren: Oh wow, my childhood innocence! Thank you for finding that.
  • Magiano: My will to live! I haven't seen this in years.
  • Sergio: I knew I lost that potential somewhere!
  • Adelina: Mental stability, my old friend!
  • Violetta: Guys, could you lighten up a little?

fave books read in 2016 - 8/8  
the midnight star by marie lu

To those who, in spite of everything, still choose goodness.
After a lifetime of darkness, I want to leave something behind that is made of light.