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Art Class- Jamie Benn

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Ok so hockey player plus painting equals no good, right? Right! Awesome! So enjoy Jamie’s attempt to paint!

Warning: none!

@yourbestmistakes Request: Hi! I LOVE your writing, I can’t stop reading! Well, I’m graduating in Arts this semester, I’m gonna be an Art teacher, so I though about you, writing something about it, maybe with a bunch of kids, and painting and a confuse hockey player that knows nothing about colors and kids! It can be funny and fluffly, you can choose between Tyler Seguin or Jamie Benn…. Love You!


              You couldn’t contain the giggles pouring out of your mouth.

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When you have your main teams you support but you also love specific players in the other teams and because you love them you kinda love their team too, so you're stuck loving all the teams like the hoe that you are