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Fanfiction authors are people who write as a hobby. They’re not paid, they do it on their own time, and they do it for fun. Some authors use fanfiction as a way to improve their writing, but unless they ask for critiquing comments, don’t be that person - even if you have good intentions. You don’t see the damage that you do, but damage is done.

The best way to encourage fanfiction authors to keep doing what they’re doing is to let them know what you liked about their work. I’ve seen too many fic authors get discouraged in their writing because of people who leave less than favorable comments on their work. Leave the critical comments for people who get paid to write. 

Again, I’m not asking you to lie to spare the authors feelings, I’m asking you to just refrain from leaving a negative comment. 

How your (Venus) sign expresses love
  • Aries: Wholeheartedly, forcefully, honestly, brightly
  • Taurus: Through hints, small gestures, and telling others
  • Gemini: Through physical affection and regular attention
  • Cancer: Through massive gestures and love letters
  • Leo: Through honest words and late night texts/visits
  • Virgo: By paying more attention, working on themselves and reminding you what they love about you
  • Libra: By hugging you tighter than anyone else and going out of their way to do things for you
  • Scorpio: Quietly, truly, loyaly, with fairy-tale romance
  • Sagittarius: By taking you on adventures, sharing with you what they love
  • Capricorn: By being a much happier and open person around you, by romantic gestures
  • Aquarius: Sweetly, timidly, cautiously, kindly, frequently
  • Pisces: Truthfully, undeniably, over the top, very romantic
Zodiac Signs as Gifs

Aries Woman:

Aries Male:

Taurus Woman:

Taurus Man:

Gemini Woman:

Gemini Man:

Cancer Woman:

Cancer Man:

Leo Woman:

Leo Man:

Virgo Woman:

Virgo Man:

Libra Woman:

Libra Man:

Scorpio Woman:

Scorpio Man:

Sagittarius Woman:

Sagittarius Man:

Capricorn Woman:

Capricorn Man:

Aquarius Woman:

Aquarius Man:

Pisces Woman:

Pisces Man:

Things to make daddy feel better when he's sad:

•"You’re the best daddy and I love you!“

•"Thank you for taking such good care of me!”

•"You can do anything because you’re my daddy!“

•"Let’s cuddle!”

•"I love you soooooooooooooo much!“

•"Its going to be okay!”

•"It’s just you and me against the world daddy.“