stars and sparklers


Tamed star by Dina Belenko
Via Flickr:
Counting Stars Series

listen: when girls learn how to play dirty, it turns this whole town to revolution. stars turn to / sparklers turn to / fire turn to / riot turn to / chaos turn to / war turn to / she knows blood better than he does. you’ll faint and she won’t even falter.
—  excerpt of Princess, Hold Your Head High, Angelea Lowes
Summer 2017 Prompt List

Day One: Night Time

  • July 8th
  • Could be star gazing, sparklers, hanging out by a fire, catching fireflies, it’s up to you. 

Day Two: The Heist

  • July 9th
  • Max and Johnny are preforming the biggest heist of their lives.

Day Three: Detention

  • July 10th
  • The boys have gotten caught and are put in school jail for their crimes.

Day Four: Meet the Family

  • July 11th
  • They’re introduced formally to their family.

Day Five: Pokemon AU.

  • July 12th
  • Anything Pokemon themed, be it au, them with the cards or the games, or Zack’s own Pokemon shenanigans. 

Day Six: The Festival/Fair

  • July 13th
  • It’s festival time or wait, is the fair in town? They go to it!

Day Seven: Older

  • July 14th
  • Age them up! Highschool au! College au! Grandparents au! Dad au!

Remember kids, July 7th is Bullymagnet Day and is a wild card! If one of the prompts did not get the popularity, you can use this day to share your ideas!