stars & stripes

On September 5, 1945, Japanese naval forces under the command of Rear Admiral Nisuke Masuda stand at attention as the Stars and Stripes are raised over Jaluit atoll. While this ceremony was taking place, a pair of VMB-613 PBJs provided air cover.

A few months later Admiral Masuda was charged with war crimes for ordering the execution in 1944 of three captured American aviators.  Ultimately, Masuda escaped execution by committing suicide before being brought to trial, although he left a letter in which he assumed full responsibility for the executions.

{Here are my #IndependenceDay / #4thofJuly #nails!} I used Sarah’s (@chalkboardnails) tutorial for her Sugared #starsandstripes #mani.

@essiepolish: Blanc
@chinaglazeofficial: With Love
@zoyanailpolish: Liberty