I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night - Sarah Williams 

Although many think it was said by Galileo

Request 2/11 for July 2015 -  Requested by book-book-books

A lot of the detail in this is lost in the photo, I will be doing a vector version of this which will look pretty great I hope. 


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Polar Mapping of Structures in the Universe.

This image represents a flight through Space and Time. We start (from top to bottom) at the most distant Galaxies seen when the Universe was very young (Hubble Deep Field), then an interacting pair of Galaxies, the Magellanic Cloud, a Star Cluster, two Planetary Nebulae (Helix and Cat’s Eye) and finally at the bottom a Human Eye. Polar mapping is used in order to ‘unwrap’ Spherical objects into a horizontal band. Each pair of objects is joined together by a similar Structure represented as a bright horizontal band. The three bands then correspond to the Galactic Center of a Galaxy in the Hubble Field and the Interacting Galaxy, the Center of a Bright Star in the Magellanic Cloud and a Star Cluster and the last band corresponds to the White Dwarf in the Helix and Cat’s Eye Nebulae.