achocha and other seeds

hi friends! we have an abundance of achocha/caigua seeds and would love to share them. it is also known as the bolivian cucumber and has edible pods and leaves. the bees absolutely adore the flowers, which are also edible.

i also have some potimarron seeds from our dear pierre, who is the mother-father and whose seeds are doing exceptionally well. this favorite french chestnut pumpkin/squash has exceptional flavors.

ps send me your addresses and i will mail them to you.

starryowl5 replied to your post: Wild Swan and Mallards

the fields down the road from us have quite a few pairs of swans right now…I love it….like a fairytale :)

I know, I love it too. These are just a few miles from where I live. I finally convinced my hubby to stop so I could get a photo. I want to try to get some more, before they all leave.