scanning boe farm at 5:40pm, 6.10.14

it’s hard to believe how vibrant and generous nature is.  the colors and textures of all this goodness:  red velvet lettuce, waldmann’s dark green lettuce, chocolate cherry tomatoes (thank you starryowl5!), rattlesnake beans, scarlet runner beans (this plant is from last year’s stump!), meraviglia di venezia beans (from last year’s one and only remaining seed), potimarron squash, dino kale, romanesco artichoke, sage and purple carrots.  

the satisfaction grows ever more as we have grown all of these from seeds, except for the artichoke and sage.  we continue to learn from the earth.

© desixlb 2014

achocha and other seeds

hi friends! we have an abundance of achocha/caigua seeds and would love to share them. it is also known as the bolivian cucumber and has edible pods and leaves. the bees absolutely adore the flowers, which are also edible.

i also have some potimarron seeds from our dear pierre, who is the mother-father and whose seeds are doing exceptionally well. this favorite french chestnut pumpkin/squash has exceptional flavors.

ps send me your addresses and i will mail them to you.

boe happenings - 07.20.14

the chocolate cherries are ripening, starryowl5!  can’t wait to bite into these lovely baubles.  

to my delight, the harlequin marigolds reseeded and have come back with a splash.

all of a sudden, we have native california poppies.  no complaints.

pierre the potimarron’s brood is growing.  we probably shouldn’t count our squashes before they set but we are aiming for 9.

we can squarely eat one head of red velvet or waldmann’s green lettuce a day until who-knows-when.

we have more shiso than we know what to do with.  for now they’re going into salads.  will explore pickling them.

and we truly are full of beans!  the scarlet runners have adopted boe and settled down.

nature is amazing.  all of these were grown from seeds or scattered by wildlife.

be well my friends.  grow, create, live and love.  most of all, be like water.



lots of activities are abuzz in boe farm.  

the rattlesnake beans have begun flowering, baby astia zucchinis are forming, mulberries are ripening, chocolate cherry tomatoes (thank you starryowl5!) are growing a foot a day, oregano is partying hard, while the brassicas flower and go to seed.

the air is thick with the fragrance of warm zucchini leaves and oregano.

i am grateful.

© desixlb 2014