SO a lot of my followers already know pissed I am because of this but because Toranoana basically is screwing me over with the way they’re taking money out of my account when I could have SWORN they took stuff out already (did they just put it back idk) and the temp agency I’m still technically employed with ROYALLY messed up my last paycheck, I need help again.

The Starry Sky After Season games are the Animate Special editions and each season’s game comes with everything you see for the spring box.

All prices are negotiable but do not include shipping.

Starry Sky games: $40 each, $12 per figure, $100 if you want all 12 figures together

UtaPri Onpu-kun Curry Bowl/Spoon set: $25, $40 if you want both in case you want to use one and/or something happens to one of them.

Artbooks: $35 each, $90 for 3 (I’m still trying to get rid of these) If you would like sample pictures, please let me know.

And while the other Amnesia artbooks have already been sold, I have a Murasakibara figure and some UtaPri doujinshi still available HERE. If you’re interested in any gen, PrincexHaruka or SenpaixHaruka doujin let me know and I can see what I have for you!

If I can make it to $100 I should be set and I can only pray that the company hires me away from the temp agency soon because this is not their first mistake. (this one just happens to be poorly timed and I’m afraid I’m going to overdraft when I wake up tomorrow)

please message me ASAP if you’re interested and I’ll get back to you as soon as I humanly can!


The Exquisite and Dreamy Beauty of the Czech Republic by Bára Vávrová

Young and talented photographer Bára Vávrová considers herself to live in the most beautiful part of the  Czech Republic, the Rychleby Mountains. Infinitely impassioned by inspiration, nature, humanity and its dreams, Vávrová captures the beauty of the sight’s atmospheric presence and sublime passage.

Although most landscape photographers exclude human subjects from their images, the photographer’s aim is to capture the connection between humanity and the surreal and ephemeral entity of nature.  Vávrová  shoots her subjects under Auroras Borealis to unite the magic and fantasy found in human dreams. The surreal portraits are testaments of the beauty found within both muses.