Beautifully Dark Icelandic Photography by Petr Hricko

When Czech photographer Petr Hricko  was diagnosed with cancer in 2003, thanks to a dear friend who brought him a camera to the hospital, he decided to capture every interesting or beautiful sight he witnesses. 

His favorite subjects are nature and cityscapes. On December and January he took these beautifully introverted photographs on  Snæfellsnes, western Iceland and Westfjords. The results are an enigmatic, yet powerful story of isolation and beauty.


The Divine Beauty of the Northern Lights by Neil Zeller 

Canada-based photographer Neil Zeller reminds us of the powerful beauty of Northern lights. He captures the auroras stretched over the sky against desolate and deserted backgrounds, which beautifully juxtaposed between the marvelous and the ordinary. Usually, the northern lights are photograph against vast and extravagant landscapes, which demonstrate a grandiosity far beyond human reach.


The Exquisite and Dreamy Beauty of the Czech Republic by Bára Vávrová

Young and talented photographer Bára Vávrová considers herself to live in the most beautiful part of the  Czech Republic, the Rychleby Mountains. Infinitely impassioned by inspiration, nature, humanity and its dreams, Vávrová captures the beauty of the sight’s atmospheric presence and sublime passage.

Although most landscape photographers exclude human subjects from their images, the photographer’s aim is to capture the connection between humanity and the surreal and ephemeral entity of nature.  Vávrová  shoots her subjects under Auroras Borealis to unite the magic and fantasy found in human dreams. The surreal portraits are testaments of the beauty found within both muses. 


Western American Photography by Yohan Terraza

French photographer Yohan Terraza travel to Western America to capture the silent and less popular isolated beauty of the country. Capturing vast spaces in the day and night, Terraza  often portrays the grandeur of nature by inserting a man’s silhouette, which is small.

The mountains, the desert and the dunes appear contemplative in rich from afar.