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This is the moment you’ve all been waiting for, my newest master piece ! weeeeeeeeee

This took me awhile. I’ll call this “Snusmumrikken under stjernehimmelen” and depicts exactly that for you who understand Norwegian. I’m really satisfied with this piece and it took alot of after work as well as planning in regards to how it was supposed to be painted. I hope you’ll enjoy it as well!


SOME GODTIER EYE HEADCANONS based on @evil-tricksterness‘s beautiful creative tags on @blackoutballad‘s beautiful and pretty art! Some of these turned out better than others, but I really really wanted to try my hand at illustrating these headcanons,,,

Artists on the internet being like

Oh that was just a quick sketch, took me a few minutes at max”

This one? A simple sketch, didn’t take too much of effort.”

THIS ONE? Oh my god no, it is just a sketch, so fugly, seriously, don’t look at it, k?”


“Yeah, that’s Bill, the painting took me a few hours, I put all my effort in it and I’m really proud of it c:”

“wow keith and lance sure have been training a lot lately!”-poor and unaware shiro, who does not deserve this