starry tree

worrisomeme  asked:

For the anon looking for Bucky with a stutter, I have one on ao3! ^_^ It's works/8604307

thanks for writing in man!

Stutter by worrisomeme

“So I’ll see you same time next week?” Sam asks him, a hand on his shoulder.

Bucky nods from where he’s standing in the doorway, hands shoved in his hoodie pockets. “Always. S-see you next w-w-week,” he says quietly.

That’s when the pair catches his eye. Two blonds, hands moving like lightning as they sign to each other. He notices the hearing aids in both of their ears. They’re both cute, but the smaller one is absolutely stunning. Perfect crescent moon on a clear, starry night gorgeous. Trees mid-turn in the fall gorgeous. Flowers blooming in the spring gorgeous.

He gives Sam a last wave and forces his feet to move.

He texts Natasha on the train home.

[Bucky: So I saw an actual, honest to god angel today. I think I’m in love.]


Milky Way over Windmill, Big Bend National Park, Texas