starry sky ~after spring~


Hey guys, I will make it short. I’m really sorry for bringing bad news at the start of the year, but we will be dropping Starry Sky In Summer due to legal reasons.

While we still have doubts about this, we are not sure how and why everything happened, whether this is really true or just a prank, negotiating is impossible as we haven’t received a reply from the sender since, we don’t want to take risks.

Unless this turns out to be all one big joke during New Year, or we can get permission from Asgard themselves, we will no longer be making English patches or involved in any translation for Asgard’s games. Black Wolves Saga and Ken ga Kimi will be on semi-hiatus due to this issue.

Also for those who wonder why we didn’t ask for permission in the first place, you are wrong if you think contacting a developer from overseas, way over in Japan is easy. You can barely contact localization companies.

All in all, we will drop Starry Sky In Summer, and have deleted all downloads related to Starry Sky After Spring on our blog. We thank you for supporting us so far and we are sorry to disappoint you.

If there is anything you want to say or ask, just leave a message on tumblr askbox or chat function. I will not reply to any whining such as “Please continue the project” or bashing members of the group like “You people are wrong, stop making stupid patches”.

Please understand we only wanted to make you happy, to bring you translation of games you want to play and to let you SUPPORT the developer. But it might not be possible anymore. I’m sorry if I sound moody but I’m just really depressed with everything right now.

Starry☆Sky ~After Spring~ Final Patch!

Wooohooo~ Thanks to my current programmer on the team, he figured out what went wrong with the images really fast and now here we have it: Starry☆Sky ~After Spring~ Final Patch!

It now includes the main English patch, the edited images (profiles and episode titles) already inserted into the game (you don’t have to look at them separately anymore~ Thanks Quibi!), OP/ED, poems and commentary from the guys <3

——————— CASE CLOSED ———————

+ On a newer note, we’re still looking for TRANSLATORS to join us in Ken Ga Kimi translation project! +

Thank you and please keep supporting us!

Patch version 1.1

Yooooo~ Just saying that now the patch includes CG Talks translation, OP/ED kara, subtitles and some typos in Yoh’s route fixed. I got Yoh’s ending 2 already so yeah, everything’s checked XD

You can find the updated patch here: > SSAS Post <

(Note: The file size’s big ‘cuz it now includes OP/ED so bear with it…)

I also updated the credits (still temporary due to lack of image editors), password is in READ ME.txt as always, errors, questions please ask me as well. Hm… that’s it for today. Edited images will be updated later on. Sorry for the delay but 'ya know… we have our lives to attend to.

~~~ See you soon ~~~