starry sky pairing

starry sky

pairing: riley and lucas
warning: just a drabble I wrote last night while I went to bed. lucas and riley is living together, they are probably 24/25 in here. it’s a one-shot and my first rucas fic ever so I hope you guys like it and don’t mind the typos.

When Riley rolls down to his side of the bed, she is still asleep. But when the lack of warmth that was usually given to her by the body that was supposed to be there is gone, she opens her eyes instantly and starts scanning the room, until her eyes catches a glimpse of a tall shadow standing next to the bay window of their new apartment.
She watches him silently for a couple of minutes, but taken out o curiosity she calls for him.

“Lucas?” her voice is just a whisper at the middle of the night, yet his whole body shivers at the sound of it. He turns around to face the brown haired girl sitting up on their bed.
“I’m sorry for waking you, babe.” Lucas apologizes while taking two steps towards her.
“It’s okay, you didn’t.” He climbs on the left side of the bed, already making space for Riley to lay her head in his naked chest.
It’s cold, yet Lucas skin is always warm. Riley doesn’t say it, but she loves how his body heat her up immediately after they touch.
“What were you doing?” she asks, sleepy, and Lucas draws tiny little paths on her shoulder.
“I was watching the sky. It’s full of stars tonight.” Riley knows how much Lucas loves the stars and how much he misses the Texas sky.
“It’s okay to miss home…” her voice is barely audible, but Lucas hears it and can’t help himself from smiling.
“I know. But I wasn’t thinking about that.”

Although Riley is interested in talking with the green eyed boy holding her close to him, she is so tired. And before she could reply him, she fell back to sleep, but not before humming something he couldn’t understand.
He kisses her forehead and bring her body even closer to his, overwhelmed by the familiar flowery smell that comes from her hair.

He stares at her, peacefully sleeping, and he thinks to himself about the sky outside, his heart melting in realization.

Lucas has a sky of his own – he is holding it. And Riley is all of the stars he needs.