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Sunflowers (Steve Rogers x Reader)

Request: Hi. I´ve been in recovery after depression and self-harm. Can you maybe write a fanfic with Steve Rogers? You don´t have to if it´s too much for you

A/N: I hope you´re doing great and because I´ve been there myself I´m going to write this for you <3 

! If Self-harm or depression trigger you please don´t read further. If you deal with those or other things please seek help.!

Warnings: Recovery from Self-harm. Steve being as cute as always

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It was a normal Sunday morning in the Avengers tower where Steve would get up at 6am to go for a run and later have breakfast with all of the Avengers and as usual the first thing he did was going inside the kitchen to grab a drink as he suddenly saw you sitting on the floor of the living room, your back facing him and your head hanging low. 

Normally you would never wake up earlier than 12am which worried Steve and so he walked towards you and as soon as he reached you he saw that you were wearing short pajama pants with your legs stretched out and a huge collection of colors and paintbrushes next to you. 

“What are you doing?” He asked catching you completely of guard as you looked at him for a short second before you turned your attention back to your leg, dipping the paintbrush into dark blue paint and doing the first line. 

“When I told my therapist that the only thing I really enjoy doing is painting he said that every time I have the urge to cut my skin I should grab my paintbrushes and start drawing on my skin. And that´s what I´m doing.”

When Steve met you a few years ago you were in your worst state. Back in the 40´s he never saw someone hurt themselves on purpose and being confronted with a young woman that still had her whole life in front of her thinking about death and hurting herself was something that broke his heart leading him to always keep your company and make sure you were fine and how lucky he was as he saw you smiling more often. It was a hard recovery but it was going step by step and if it would take years Steve promised to never leave your side.

“Can I paint the other leg?” He pointed at your leg as a soft smile appeared on your face and you simply nodded leading him to grab the paintbrushes dipping them into the yellow paint and drawing all over your upper leg looking at your scars that told stories about your deepest thoughts being memories of a war you had with yourself and now everything Steve wanted to do was show you that this was nothing you had to be ashamed of.

You both sat in silence with the record player playing some old tunes in the background. You never knew why but for some reason everything was just easier when Steve was around. His smile was as bright as the sun and could turn your darkest days in something beautiful. His touch send sparks through your whole body and let´s not forget the way he cared for you. You loved him with all your heart and promised yourself to get better just for him,although it was one of the most difficult things you had to do. 

It took one hour of both of you drawing on your legs as you finally finished and stared at both of your results. You drew Van Gogh´s starry night which was one of your absolute favorite paintings while Steve drew some sunflowers which was like a little joke between the two of you because on one of Tony´s parties you mentioned that a guy could win your heart by simply giving you a bouquet of sunflowers and as Steve heard your little conversation he placed a fresh bouquet into your room every single week. 

“If you don´t mind I would love to do this more often. It´s really fun plus I get to spend more time with you.”,he said which caused you to chuckle as he looked at you with such adoration in his eyes that caused your cheeks to turn red. 

“Yeah. we definitely should do that.” He smiled and stood up stretching his hands out which meant that you should grab them so that he could pull you up. “Let me go on my morning run, while you get ready and after that we´ll have breakfast together in that small café you showed me a while ago. Let´s say..a little breakfast date?” He raised his eyebrows with a really dorky smirk on his face as you took his face into your small hands and pressed a soft kiss to his cheek. 

“Don´t forget the sunflowers.” He grinned and walked towards the door, turning around one more time to look at you. 

“I could never forget something so important.” With a wink he jogged down the hallway and you started to pack up your paintbrushes and the paint a huge grin spreading on your lips. 

Looking at Moana and saying “It’s just the same story that Disney’s made before” is like looking at Starry Night and saying “It’s just a picture of the night sky.”

Yes, Moana is the story of a girl who wants to leave her home and controlling father and sneaks off with an animal sidekick to meet a magical companion and go on musical adventures before living happily ever after. And yes, Starry Night is a painting of a town and stars and a moon and a…mountain? Tree? The descent of the Dark Lord Chernabog in a plume of black flame? 

But Starry Night is a night sky revered for its beauty. It’s a mix of dots and swirls of pigment, all woven together into one picture that ultimately ends up being Exactly What It Says on the Tin. Technically, anyone could replicate it with a late-night roadtrip and a Polaroid camera. Moana doesn’t use oils or pigments, but instead computer-generated images and an all-Pacific-Islander cast to tell the same story we’ve heard before. It’s a tribute to a culture, an inspiration to children, and a message that says “Hey, you’ve seen this story, but have you seen it like this?” 

Yes, if you’ve watched Hercules, The Little Mermaid, Return of the Jedi, Lord of the Rings, Prince of Egypt, Pocahontas, Aladdin, The Neverending Story, Mad Max, Jaws, and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, you’ve pretty much seen this movie. But you haven’t seen all of their story elements picked out and swirled back together like this before, using the oils of a Polynesian Disney Princess upon the canvas of a full-length feature.