starry night cake

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Hi, I'm Claire. I saw your Van Gogh cupcakes post and I am very, very, very interested in knowing how exactly you did the dye on the cupcakes to make them look so lovely. I'm a baking and pastry student and if I could figure out how to replicate it that would be so awesome. So yeah, big fan of your lovely cupcakes, hope to hear from you soon, and thanks in advance! :)

Hello, Claire! I’ve gotten a lot of questions about the cupcakes, and I’ll explain them to the best of my ability. I’m actually a Fine Arts major getting my BFA in Contemporary Sculpture and Installation, so I’m by no means a professional baker. My best friend loves Van Gogh (as do I), and I whipped them up at the last minute on her birthday. You can do them with any white or yellow cupcake recipe, or with a boxed mix (these were a butter cake, but I’m sure vanilla would be delicious). Mix the batter up normally, line your pan with cups, etc. To ensure the Starry Night occurs throughout the cake and not only on top, pour about ¼ of the cup at a time. Add 1-3 drops of blue food coloring, marble around with a toothpick. Add some yellow sugar sprinkles to act as stars. Repeat this in layers until you’ve filled the cup enough (a little over half full). Follow the baking directions from your favorite cupcake recipe (or from the box). The icing is a chocolate/vanilla mix. I used Pillsbury chocolate fudge and Pillsbury yellow vanilla simply for the colors. The mixture is a perfect yellow ochre, but it could definitely be homemade. I was just in a crunch for time. When the cupcakes finish baking, add some more yellow sprinkles to the tops. Let cool. Pipe the icing however you like. The sunflowers are made of sugar, and I actually picked them up at my local Wal-Mart (I’m sure they’re available at any store with a decorative baking section). If you have more time than I did, you could also hand-make the flowers with fondant or ice them with the yellow ochre and chocolate. These cupcakes are actually incredibly simple to make! I hope this helps some! ♡

aesthetics for the signs

Aries- drawing over pictures in yearbooks, long boards, sour gummy worms, lava

Taurus- ferns, doodling spirals, greasy foods, geraniums

Gemini- dog noses, yellow cars, cherry slushies, jean shorts

Cancer- jam on toast, chewed straws, van gogh’s starry night, wedding cake icing

Leo- poppies, white cats, chipped nail polish, the smell of leather

Virgo- telescopes, chapped lips, paper cuts that hurt more than they should, sharpened pencils

Libra- cat eyes, icicles, blowing bubbles, conspiracy theories

Scorpio- succulents, pyromania, breaking glow sticks, murder mysteries

Sagittarius- callused feet, running fingers through your hair, stick and poke tattoos, sugar cubes

Capricorn- cootie catchers, mismatched socks, bonzai, novelty license plates

Aquarius- curly ribbon, biting your nails, found feathers, summer camp games

Pisces- iridescence, yin yang, patchouli, shivering when it’s not cold