It’s been too long since we’ve found some fabulous space-themed nail polishes, don’t you think? Live Love Polish to the rescue with these options from Starrily



Orion’s Belt

Milky Way


- Summer

To those rare times when you somehow manage to fall asleep early and have a long and plentiful sleep without a single interruption, especially without dreaming of falling and suddenly waking up. To those nights where you eventually wake up from such a perfect to a peaceful morning, feeling absolutely refreshed. 

To those VERY rare sleeps… which I never get anyway 😭💤


Like satellites
And shooting stars;

Like a star that has seen the sun.

(click on thumbnails for closeups!)

I recorded my process with detailed commentary over at Mosaic Art! I’ve submitted it to their non-profit zine, incomplete: the WIP zine. Ten projects will be selected for the actual publication, so I’d really appreciate it if you could cast me a vote when the time comes! :D

Even if you don’t want to make an account and vote, I still recommend you give the site a peek. It’s a relatively small community, but everyone leaves each other such nice comments. It’s quite lovely. ^^

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