Cataa dear <33 I have so many great memories with you! I’m so happy that we were able to become such close friends and do collabs together >w< Your artskills are amazing and you keep on improving them day by day, yes I notice it all the time *w* 

We both love Shishio a hell of a lot!! and that’s why I wanted to give you this draw! I took my chance to secretly draw for 3 hours when my dad wasn’t home hahaha I personally think that it’s my best draw of him fufu~

So I wish you a Happy Birthday !!!!

Hope you’ll have one amazing day full of sparkles and daytimeshootingstars!! :D

Old Stormtroopers! New Stormtroopers! Casting diversity! Forest Freakin’ Whitaker! STARRRRR WARRRRRSS NOTHIN BUT STARRRRR WARRRRSSS ok it’s fine we’re calm we’re totally calm

The Rogue One Trailer Is Super Short But Is Packed With Star Wars Goodness