hiya ! i love all of you all thank you so much i wasn’t expecting this ! 1k is incredible and I figured that there was no time like the present to shout out all the wonderful people who’ve made this stupid time-waster of a website worth it! bold are people that mean a lot to me <3

im putting the rest under the cut cause this could get loong there’s just so much Love to give

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hello, I’m Starrle, I was inspired to start a studyblr after seeing @emmastudies (you’re really awesome and I love the way you make notes <3) Especially since I’m a student, making notes is a norm and i have a passion for making notes (although they might not be that neat or aesthetic ; v ; i am currently trying my best to learn different styles at the moment)
I may not have the neatest handwriting but I hope to improve myself
other studyblrs that have inspired me 💞: @coffeeteastudies @scholarly @sherlockianstudies @elkstudies @izzystudies


This is Magical!