Opening Commissions!

General Price Guide-Paypal

Furcadia Portraits - 13$

Icons - 10$

Sketch - 5$

Line Art - 8$

Flat Color - 10$

Shading - 13$

My Do’s - Feral, Anthro, Human, Pony, Tasteful Nudity, Toony Gore.

My Don’ts - Robots/Mechs, Crude sexual content, Realistic Gore, Vore.

I am more comfortable doing headshot style furcadia portraits but if you have an idea for something else have no fear! Ask away and I am more than happy to attempt it!

I can be reached - MaeveAira@Furaffinity, Starr-hime@Deviantart, Here Birdieartbomb@tumblr or Mytni@Furcadia!

I will also accept Digo Items from or GD!

Prices range depending on complexity of character or concepts.


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Since I’ve been spamming Bremmis pictures without any real background knowledge…well, lets introduce everyone propery (and some more properly :D )

First Family: The McLachlins

Kara McLachlin is in her elder years. She married young, Ronald McLachlin, and they got a lovely little daughter. Since her husband died (one year ago) she started regretting heavily that she stayed a housewife and tries to support herself with her gardening skills. Luckily, she has her daughter to help her.

Liz McLachlin (made by lovely starlla) always had a talent for music. Throughout her childhood, she collected scholarships like others do with stamps and her future seemed bright. But when her father died and her mother struggled to get along, she dropped out of university, and now gives her best to earn some simoleons. She’s often seen at the Yellow daisy, playing the piano, and sometimes she has a gig or two with her buddy from high school, Juniper Dearheart, who annoys her very much…

Pinky McLachlin could have been Karas start to become a crazy cat lady. She would have been a very good cat lady cat, probably. But to this day, she’s the only pet. Which she doesn’t mind, actually. Just means more room on Kara’s blanket.